And The Dice Came Tumbling Down

"Please?" Mokuba begged. "Please?"

"Sorry, no dice, kid," Joey said, shaking his head.

"Yeah, Duke's got 'em all," Tristan joked.

Mokuba let out a huff of exasperation. "Not all of them," he grumbled. "I keep finding them around the house."

"Oh?" Joey asked.

Mokuba smirked. "Yeah, wherever he and ani-sama have had sex. He never seems to find all of them afterwards."

Joey choked and Tristan boggled.

"Yer kiddin'?" Joey finally managed to squeak out.

"Nope," Mokuba said.

"But if Duke is dating Kaiba, then why do you want us to sign him up for the school's charity bachelor auction?" Tristan asked, finally coming back to the original subject.

"Because Duke's always complaining that they never go anywhere," Mokuba explained. "Ani-sama needs to get out more, and if he actually has to pay to spend an evening with his koibito, then maybe it'll finally get through his thick head that dating sometimes involves leaving the house."

Joey blinked. "So…Duke is…okay…with dis?" he asked slowly, obviously trying to mentally dissect Mokuba's statement to find the catch.

Mokuba's eyes shifted away. "Well…no," he admitted finally.

"Ah-ha!" Tristan exclaimed.

"Yeah," Joey added. "Like we said, no way."

"But," Mokuba cut in, "I know that the charity all the money is going to is one he supports…and I've heard that lots of girls – and even a few guys – would love to bid on him. And I know ani-sama can afford him, no matter how high the bidding goes. So please? I'll take full responsibility."

"I don't know…" Tristan said, but his resolve was definitely crumbling.

"Why don't ya just do it yerself?" Joey asked

"Because the sign-up sheet is inside the school office and I can't get in there!" Mokuba exclaimed angrily. "I told you that already. So will you please…please…do this for me?"

Joey and Tristan exchanged long looks, before finally nodding in unison.

"Okay, Mokuba," Joey said. "But if either Kaiba or Devlin finds out about dis, it's on yer head."

"Deal," Mokuba agreed. He grinned and said, "Thanks, guys!" before running off.

Joey shook his head. "Crazy kid."

"Yeah," Tristan said absently, an almost maniacal grin creeping over his face. "Hey, Joe?" he asked innocently.

Joey gave his friend a sideways glance. He knew that tone of voice – not to mention that look – meant trouble. "Yeah?"

"What do you say we sign both Devlin and Kaiba up for this auction?" Tristan grinned wider. "After all, we already have the perfect scapegoat."

Joey's smile matched the one on Tristan's face for width, whiteness of teeth, and wickedness. "Ya know, Tristan…" he said solemnly. "Sometimes ya have da best ideas!"

They both laughed.