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By Dancing Doll

People say you can't judge a book by its cover, and they're right. I mean, just because someone chose a bad cover to the book, doesn't mean it's bad. But you can judge a book by its start. Well, so can be judged many situations on our lives. I can judge this particular situation that's happening now to me. Maybe 'judge' isn't the best word. 'Predict' is.

1º Position: Welcoming

My name is Yukina Samui. Cold Snow Flower. Poetic, huh? I'm almost fifteen years old now and I have an older brother, Hiei, who's a year older than me. No, he isn't with me now. I'm currently sitting alone on an almost empty plane, save from a noisy baby and his mother and a man who's loudly snoring on the seat before mine.

This plane is taking me to somewhere that I would die to go some years ago. Claire Arts Academy. The most famous and important academy on all Japan. There, young people like me learn how excel on whichever talents they may have. Drawing, acting, playing instruments, singing, writing, dancing etc...Besides having regular classes with subjects like math, biology, history and stuff.

CAA is located on a hilltop, far away from any populated center. The building looks like an western mansion from the nineteenth century. Have any of you ever watched 'Rose Red'? It looks just like it. Fountain and all. A large wood, more like forest, is around it, making it look even more away from everything. Hiei is there, 'mastering the guitar'. He says it's a cool place.

Now, go back to where I said 'I would die to go'. Want to know why this sentence is on the past? Because I don't want it anymore. The reasons are many. The first, I don't want to be away from my parents. Second, I don't want to leave my friends. Third, I'm leaving my boyfriend behind.

Yep, I had a boyfriend. But we decided to break up after I was forced to go to CAA. Maybe 'forced' is a strong word. I came from my own 'free' will. But the truth is, I felt like it was my duty as a daughter to go, since my parents had gone through a lot of problems, mostly involving money, to enroll me. And only because I was too ashamed to say I couldn't go.

Why I couldn't? Well, this leads to the fourth and most important (technically speaking) reason. CAA is a place for really talented kids. You know that girl who can write a book like 'The Lord of The Rings' in one month? She has all rights to go to CAA! That boy who can play all the sonnets of Mozart on the piano with only hearing it once? Send him to CAA!

I wasn't that talented. I knew how to dance. I knew how to jump, land, stays on the tip of my toes without falling or crying but I wasn't talented. Ballet is a difficult and beautiful art, no matter what some people say. I love ballet and when my brother went to CAA and my mother told me I was going next year, I felt like I could do anything.

But I couldn't. And I learnt it the hard way.

So, after I realized my lack of talent for reasons that should be kept unknown, my mother and father announced I was going to CAA. Oh, joy! Not really. I pretended I was happy, but I was crumbling inside. CAA looked like hell to me now. Too bad I couldn't avoid it.

So, here I am now. Flying to my imminent doom. Over dramatic? Perhaps.

But, seriously, who cares?


"So, Hiei, your sister is coming to study here?"

I raised my eyes to look at one of my few friends, Yusuke. I nodded silently and put my guitar on its case. Yusuke swung the case with his bass over his shoulder and smiled.

"Is she pretty?"


"She looks like you?! Damn!" Yusuke cursed mockingly. I couldn't help but grin a little. I don't give a damn for almost all people around me. However, Yusuke was one of the few persons I admired and trusted.

"She doesn't look like me." I said.

"What's her name?" I looked at Kurama, the other person, besides Yusuke and Yukina that I completely trusted.


"That's a pretty name." Kurama said, putting the microphone away.

"Che. I hope she doesn't have shrimp personality."

"Shut up, oaf." I glared at Kuwabara while he fought to put his drum in order. I didn't really like the guy, but whatever.

"When is she coming?"

"She will get here today with the new students and the ones who went to spend vacation out." I answered to Yusuke. We started making our way to our dormitories. I had decided to spent vacation at CAA so I could rehearse with our band.

Maybe I should make myself clearer. I came to CAA because I'm good at music. And when I say 'good', I mean excellent. And no, I'm not modest. When I first got here, it took Kurama at least two months to make me talk more than three words. And he only managed that because he sleeps with me.



That didn't sound right. He shares the bedroom with me. Only that. I go for women, thank you very much.

He asked me to join a band that he was forming with two other guys (Yusuke and baka-head), so we could compete at the Arts Contests at the end of the year. For lack of better things to do (and because I didn't feel like playing guitar for all the school alone), I accepted.

So, we won the contest (the musical one), everyone was happy and yadda yadda. Our band became famous among the school and we decided to keep it. Kurama leads the vocal. I play the guitar and (after much arguments and bribery) am the second voice. Yusuke take cares of the bass and Kuwabara is our drummer.

He's good, I'll give him that.

Noticed how talkative I am today? That's because my sister is coming here. I wish she was doing music too, but her thing is dancing. And I'm happy as long as she's happy. I love her, and this is one of the few feelings I'm not ashamed or afraid to admit. I can shout it to a crowd and I won't feel embarrassed.

Kurama and I put our instruments on our dormitory and I sat at my bed. Kurama walked over to the window and spoke quietly.

"She will be here anytime now."

"I know. How long until the bus arrives?"

Kurama raised an eyebrow and smirked, "Two hours or so." He sat on his bed and looked at me. His smirk widened.

"What are you looking at?" I glared.

"You look different today, sunshine." I frowned at the nickname, "Is it because your sister is coming?"


Kurama smiled, "You never got to answer Yusuke's question."

"Which is?"

"Is she pretty?"

I growled.


I sighed as the bus went past the last city. We had been for some good four hours here. My butt was flat, I was thirsty and I wanted to pee.

The Lord hates me.

Normally, I would try to start conversation with the brown-haired girl sitting besides me, but she looked a little...Angry.

"Yusuke, when I put my hands on you I'll wrung your neck after cutting your tongue out and poking your eyeballs with a burning fork and-"

Also, she was talking to herself. Murderous thoughts, to be exact. I instantly pitied this poor Yusuke-guy. The girl grabbed a paper and a pencil and started to draw an vivid figure of someone.

I wasn't very comfortable with it since the psycho had drew it after the boy had suffered all the tortures she had said. Yusuke seemed on deep pain and was covering the place where his eyes used to be with both hands.


I edged way.

"Oi, Keiko!"

The psycho looked over her shoulder. A blue-haired girl kneeled by Keiko and looked at the drawing. She sweat-dropped.

"Riiiiiiiiight...Anyway, I just asked the driver and he said we would be getting on CAA at nine. That will be..." She looked at her wristwatch "Two more hours. Then, your pain will be over."

I raised an eyebrow and turned to the window. I was getting a little nervous. Two more hours didn't seem a long time now that I realize I know absolutely no one besides my brother.

Yay. Happy, happy me.

Well, must as well try to change this.

"Excuse me." I turned to the two girls. They blinked at me, "Sorry, My name is Yukina and I'm first attending to CAA this year, so I kinda..."

"New blood!" Keiko exclaimed, clasping her hands together, "I'm Keiko Yukimura."

"And I'm Botan Harusame." The other girl smiled at me. "What are you going to do at CAA?"

"Oh, it's dance." I smiled. They looked quite nice. "What you girls do?"

"I'm at drawing." Keiko smiled. She handed me her sketchbook and I took a look at it. "Wow, you're good! I wish I could draw like that!"

"Thanks!" Keiko said, smiling at me.

"And you, Botan?"

"Well, I'm acting." Botan smiled, "Your name rings a bell, but I dunno from where..."

I shrugged "My brother studies there. He is at Music."

"Then Yusuke probably knows him." Keiko said, "What's your brother's name?".

"It's Hiei."

"What?" They gasped. Botan looked at me in amazement.

"You're Hiei Samui sister?"

"Yeah, why?" I asked, puzzled.

"He never mentioned he had a sister to us!" Botan said.

"Then again, we never were really close to them." Keiko reminded.

"Yep." Botan nodded and I raised an eyebrow.


"Midnight Demons, MD." Keiko answered, "Their band."

"Your brother alongside with three others guys formed a band last year, right?" Botan said.

"Yeah, he told me that."

"Well, lets just say that all members of this band are kinda mysterious."

I pushed a lock of hair to behind my ear, "Really? Why is that?"

"It's weird, really. They, with the exception of Hiei, talk with other people but no one seems to really knows them. Their life is mystery." Botan said.

I blinked at her in confusion and moved on my seat, "But you know them all?"

"Well, it's kinda hard not to." Keiko said "They're really popular at school. Every girl wants to..." Keiko stopped.

"Wants to?" I urged her.

Botan smiled and shook her head, "Wants to date them. But you see, Keiko here has a major crush on Yusuke for God knows how long, but she never said it to him."

"Oh, yes! Tell me, with what face would I go there and say 'Hey, Yusuke. I'm your old neighbor, Keiko. We used to play together until we were ten. I was wondering if you would go out of me?'"

"Okay, I admit it's hard but..." Botan trailed off.

"But...? If it's that easy why don't you go to Hiei and-mhunff!"

I smiled at Botan. "Got a crush on my big bro?"

Botan blushed ten shades of red and stuttered.

"Don't worry. I won't tell him."

We spent the rest of the trip to the academy talking. Botan was really bubbly and talkative, no wonder she was an actress. Keiko was more collected but was just as nice as Botan. We found out we had a lot in common and my fear of being alone dissipated. Maybe CAA wouldn't be as awful as I thought it would be. At least, I had two friends.


"Oh, it's him! Kurama-sama!"

I heard the whispers and frowned. Couldn't a guy go outside without being chased by someone? I know there are a lot of men outside that would like to be on my shoes, but believe me, it's not as good as it sounds.

Fan girls. A great pain on the behind.

No, I'm not gay.

It's just I got fed up with them. They are always following me! I can't go anywhere without them, and they just keep asking me out, no matter how many times I turn them off! But by far, the worst is...

"Hi, Kurama."


We used to date when we were fourteen, but we broke up four months ago. But she insists on trying to again, completely ignoring the fact that I don't love her anymore. I used to, but she's too hard.

"Hey, Maya."

She moved over so she could sit directly in front of me. I leaned back on a tree, hoping to put more space between us. She moved closer.

"Look, Maya-"

"Shush." She said, putting her index finger on my lips. I sighed and moved her hand away firmly.

"Why are you pushing me away, Kurama?" She asked, frowning in confusion.

"Because you are insisting on a lost cause." I tried to walk away, but she grabbed my hand.

"Why? We were perfect together!"

"Perfect for you, Maya." I said calmly, freeing my hand from her grasp and walking back to my and Hiei's bedroom. I found him leaning against the window.

"If you fall from there, you'll die." I said, throwing myself at my bed.


"Maya came after me."


"Yes." I looked at him from the corner of my eyes, "Can you give me a word of advice here?"

"Beat her up next time."

I frowned, "Thanks a lot." I said coldly.

"Just plain ignore her and act ruder. You're too soft with her. That's why she doesn't take your break up seriously."

I stared at the roof. Maybe Hiei was right. Maybe I should be firmer. I heard an engine and closed my eyes.

"Is it them?"


I stood, "Very well, let's give your sister a nice welcoming."


Yukina looked in amazement at the building towering over her. It was huger than she thought before. Botan smiled at her knowingly.

"Everyone has the same reaction." She said, tapping the smaller girl on the shoulder, "Just wait until you see it inside. Here, these are your bags, right?" Botan said, starting to pass the smaller girl some bags.

"Yeah..." Yukina said, searching for her brother over the crowd that had gathered before the school.

"Don't worry. He'll be here soon." Keiko said smiling. Suddenly, Botan gasped and moved slightly to her left, standing behind Keiko.

Yukina looked to where Botan had been looking and her heart jumped in happiness. Her brother was coming towards her, and although he had his usual stoic expression, Yukina could see that he was happy for seeing her too.

"Brother!" She said, running on his direction and hugging Hiei, "I missed you so much!"

"I missed you, too." Hiei said simply, patting her hair while returning her hug. Yukina smiled brightly at him and he gave her a small smile back.

"So you're Hiei's sister."

Yukina turned to the boy that had talked and smiled, "Yes. I'm Yukina Samui."

"Shuuchi Minamino, but call me Kurama." He said, offering her his hand. Yukina took it.

"You're my brother's friend, aren't you?"

"Yeah." Kurama said, "Do you need help with your luggage?"

"Yes, please." Yukina said turning to see Botan and Keiko waiting for her with their luggage.

"Sorry for making you girls wait." She apologized.

"Don't worry. We have very small luggage." Keiko smiled, signaling to only two bags, "We were only out for vacation, remember?"

"Yeah. So I guess I'll see you two?" Yukina asked.

"Sure. Our dormitory number is fifty-two. Drop by later to tell us yours." Keiko said, pushing Botan (who had suddenly become quiet). "See ya!"

"Bye!" Yukina waved.

"I have saw them before." Hiei said, grabbing some of Yukina's bags as Kurama did the same.

"The brunette was Keiko Yukimura and the other one is Botan Harusame." She explained, adjusting her backpack over her shoulder, "I talked with them on the way here."

"I've talked to them a few times." Kurama said, "Yusuke knows the first one. She's his old neighbor, Hiei."

"Hn. So it's her."

"He talks about her?" Yukina asked. Keiko would be happy to know.

"Yeah." Kurama smiled, "Now, let's see where your dorm is. What are you going to do here?"


"This way." Hiei said walking inside the building. Yukina followed and gasped. The interior was richly decorated with sculptures, paintings, flowers and other things. The was a double stair that leaded to the second floor and Yukina could catch a glimpse of one leading to the third.

"Dance dorms are located just one hallway after the Music ones. Of course, there isn't only one hallway to each groups." Kurama explained, "They are on the third floor."

They climbed the crowded stairs and finally got to the third floor. Hiei showed her the way to her dorm, only stopping to show his sister where he slept.

When they finally made it to the Dance Halls, Hiei stopped and looked for Yukina's name on a list attached to the wall. While he looked, Yukina examined the place.

The hallways were large with many doors. At the end of it, there was an oil painting of a ballerina putting her ballet shoes. She had fair hair and blue eyes, making her look almost like an angel.

"That's Claire Dubois. She was the founder of this CAA." Kurama explained, "She came to Japan on the Meiji Era and started this academy by teaching Japanese ladies how to dance ballet. Then, CAA owned prestige and started teaching music, drawing, acting and others..."

"I see." Yukina said, looking at the painting. Claire seemed somewhat arrogant, and Yukina voiced this aloud.

"Well, I guess she was. Claire had everything here. Money, fame, beauty, love..." Kurama said, "Maybe she became arrogant."


"Dorm 09. You'll be sharing it with a girl named Hinageshi." Hiei said, taking hold of her bags again, "Let's go."

They entered the hallway and walked until they reached the last room. "You're lucky." Kurama said, "The dorms at the end of the hallways have the best views. Specially the Dance Section's ones."

Hiei opened the door and he and Kurama put her bags on the floor. Yukina looked at the simple room. Everything there was in pairs. Two beds, two desks, and two drawers...The room was colored with soft beige and the bed sheets were of a darker shade. The curtains were more decorative than anything else, since it was made of a delicate texture.

"Do you need help unpacking?" Hiei asked.

"No. I can do it by myself." Yukina smiled, "But I want to talk with you."

Hiei smiled. Kurama prepared to get out of the room when Yukina smiled at him.

"You too, Kurama."

To be continued...

2º Position: After meeting Hinageshi and going through the awful 'Welcoming Breakfast', Yukina get to know the rest of the school and its students. But some people just aren't nice.

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