Twelve Little Duelists

Disclaimer: I don't own any Yu-Gi-Oh characters or related items, they belong to Kazuki Takahashi. I do not own the story "And Then There Were None" (also called "Ten Little Indians"), the story is by the queen of mystery, Agatha Christie.

Summary: Twelve of them were invited to the island by the mysterious Mr. Owen. None of them will ever leave for their consciences were guilty and their pasts tainted. (AR. Rated for character deaths and language.)

Note: The yamis and hikaris are in separate bodies, it helps give the story a fun little twist. Call it a writer's quirk if you will. (On the "Cast of Characters," I will point out who's the hikari and who's the yami, naturally.) Also, I have added two more characters and two more lines of the verse, mostly for the fact that I wished to include a few other characters and extend the fic a bit, plus I like the number twelve.

An IMPORTANT note on Malik's mental state: When the POV is focused on Malik, you'll probably notice that the sentence structure changes. I'm trying to write it with Malik's childish mind set (another writer's quirk). Note that when Malik thinks of "Yami" he is thinking of HIS yami (Marik), not Yugi's yami. He refers to Yugi's dark side as Pharaoh. Remember, Marik thinks along a lot of the same lines as his hikari. I hope you don't get too confused!


---------------------- = Changing character stand point

-------------------------------------------- = change in time or place

Cast of Characters (The info next to their names may seem odd, but it will all be cleared up as each chapter passes):

Yugi Motou (hikari)- Seemingly the most innocent of the bunch, but even the Lights have their dark points.

Yami (yami...duh...)- If one can't fully remember their past are they still responsible for their crimes?

Joey Wheeler-He's reformed now, but what dark secrets lie in this teen's violent past?

Serenity Wheeler-She has constantly beaten herself up for the accidental death of a young child in her care, but was it really accidental?

Mai Valentine-She's lived all her life with lecherous comments from men, so why did she let that one get to her?

Duke Devlin-Some people will go through anything to start their dream business...

Ryou Bakura (hikari)- Although he appears completely harmless, he'll do anything for his family, anything.

Bakura (yami)- He may have a cruel streak, but he is lost without his sweet little hikari.

Tea Gardener- A simple slip-up on her part has darkened her past and brightened her future.

Seto Kaiba-He claims to be on the island for vacation purposes, but why would he carry a gun on a vacation?

Malik Ishtar (hikari)- He may seem relatively harmless and childish, but he's just a few eggs short of a basket case.

Marik Ishtar (yami)- Definitely the basket case, and with quite the murderous past.


Chapter 1: The Twelve Little Duelists Arrive


Yugi Motou watched the trees and grassy knolls speed past him outside the coach car window of the Domino Express train. He had just started planning to go on a vacation with his friends when the mysterious letter had appeared on his doorstep. It had been addressed to him clearly enough. But it had been rather vague, saying something of a relaxing sandy beach with rolling blue ocean all around, a large resort set in the center of the small island. What was it called again? Oh, right, Dragon Cove. It sounded nice enough, a perfect spot for a vacation.

Beside Yugi sat his other, his dark side, Yami. The ex-pharoah appeared to be sleeping. Yugi smiled to himself. He was glad Yami was with him. It would make the trip ten times more fun.


Yami was in fact, not sleeping. He was going over the peculiar letter in his mind. It appeared innocent enough, but something rang false. Yami did not like what rang false, it put his precious light in danger. And it was his job as a yami to protect Yugi at all cost. But Yugi had insisted upon going.

And what yami can deny their hikari fun and entertainment? He was probably just being paranoid, but Yami was still on his guard. After all, who was this mysterious Mr. Ulick Norman Owen? He didn't recall ever having met someone by that strange name. But Mr. Owen had claimed he was a huge fan of Yugi's dueling skills and wished to reward him with an all-expense paid trip to Dragon Cove. Dragon Cove, what an odd name for an island.


Dragon Cove, what a perfect name for an island shaped like a dragon coiled into a crescent shape. Seto Kaiba, on the Domino Express train, stared out the window of his first class seat. He was bored, trains were far too slow for his liking. Yet, Mokuba had insisted Seto take the train. His younger brother had been on Seto's case for months now, trying to get the teen to go on vacation and leave all his stress behind, in Domino City.

Well, the invitation had arrived at the perfect time, so Seto had decided to go. He still didn't like the idea of taking a train though, so primitive. He could easily have gotten to his destination by motorcycle or helicopter, and probably have gotten there sooner! Plus, motorcycles and helicopters were definitely more fun! But Mokuba had said one doesn't take himself to his vacation spot, he should be brought there by another. And that other was the train.

So, Seto was on the train, heading for the small town of Devon, where a boat would take him to Dragon Cove. Still, he couldn't get his suspicious mind off the sender of the letter. Who the hell was Mr. Ulysses Nicholas Owen? The name didn't ring a bell, and Seto had a memory like an elephant. Whoever Mr. Owen was, he said he was an admirer of Seto's amazing company-- of course, use flattery to win him over--and he wished to give Seto a week of rest and relaxation because he was likely under great stress running such a large industry.

Probably trying to get me into investing in his business, Seto thought to himself with a short laugh. Well, as long as he was on vacation he would be away from Yugi and that friend of his, the blonde, idiotic mutt.


Joey Wheeler sneezed suddenly, frowning. Why would he have sneezed just then? The coach car wasn't that cold. And besides, Yugi didn't seem at all effected by the temperature. Shrugging to himself, Joey resumed looking out the window. He was in a great mood, he was going on an awesome vacation with his best friends, and it was all free! Plus, that stuck up, rich boy Kaiba wasn't going to be anywhere near them to ruin the trip!

Grinning with joy, Joey reopened the already battered letter from the enigmatic Mr. U. N. Owen. Joey had discovered the letter, complete with train tickets, in his school locker just days ago. It invited the blonde to spend a week at Dragon Cove, with free rooms, games, and best of all, food! He had been about to invite Yugi along with him since he had been given two tickets, but his short friend had proudly announced that he too had been invited to Dragon Cove.

So, naturally, Joey had chosen to take his little sister, Serenity, with him. He looked across at Serenity; her eyes were focused on the green scenery outside, she was smiling to herself.


Serenity Wheeler couldn't take her eyes off the beautiful scenes outside. How could anything be so peaceful and breathtaking? She smiled softly, quite sure that Dragon Cove would be even more beautiful. She was so lucky to be going! And with her brother too!

Managing to unglue her eyes from the window, Serenity looked at her close friend seated beside her. Yes, this trip would be fun, her brother, his best friend, and her friend were all going together! She was sure that spending time with Tea and getting to know the girl better would be wonderful. Just then Tea looked up at her, returning the smile warmly.


Tea Gardener smiled warmly at Serenity before returning her attention to the letter she had found folded into a perfect little square, tucked away in her dance shoes. It had invited her to Dragon Cove for a party where a large number of scouts from extremely prestigious dance schools would be. She had wondered, at first, why Mrs. Una Nancy Owen had invited Joey and Yugi, but she later found that her pair of top duelist friends had been invited by a MISTER Owen. Apparently the Owens lived in a large house and could easily hold both a party for duelists and dancers in the same house.

At least, that's the solution Tea's mind thought up, she was far too optimistic to be suspicious of seemingly hospitable people. Laughing quietly to herself for even thinking of being suspicious, Tea turned to look past Serenity and out at the long dirt road running parallel to their train.


Driving at a steady pace down the dusty road toward Devon, was Mai Valentine. Her golden locks were flowing behind her unhindered by a car roof, she fit perfectly in the sporty blue convertible. Tucked away safely in her violet leather jacket was the letter from a Mrs. Una Nancy something or rather--the signature was very difficult to decipher. It had read:

Dear Miss Valentine:

I do hope you remember me. We met at the WinterBrooke Summer Ball a few years ago. I felt we could become easy friends quickly, we shared so much in common. I have just recently purchased a summer home on Dragon Cove, and I wished for your attendance as my guest, for I am holding a small party. I do hope you will honor my home with your presence.

U.N. -------

Although Mai could not recall having ever met anyone named Una, she was sure they had met at met at the Summer Ball. Could it have been a Ms. Oliver? Or was it Otto? She was sure the name was Oliver, but she was so bad with names. But it didn't really matter, she would just greet Una like any old friend. No harm, no foul.

She laughed softly to herself at her pure cunning. With a perfectly manicured hand, she turned the radio volume up a couple notches, startling her passenger out of his nap.


Duke Devlin shot Mai at cold glare before resettling himself in the comfortable, white leather passenger seat. Over and over he reread the letter that had been delivered to his game shop days ago. It had been sent by some Mr. Owen, begging his attendance at a prestigious party filled with powerful business men and glamorous girls.

He had not shared this information with Mai, though, he had simply said he needed a ride to Devon, seeing as she was going there as well. He had dropped hints that he had been invited to a grand party, but the girl had ignored him, lost in her own thoughts of the party she was to attend.

He did find it relatively strange that they both had been invited the same day to the same area, the far-off little town of Devon. But as he mulled over these odd facts he was thrown against the car door as Mai swerved the car to avoid a large black SUV as it careened down the road, kicking up a storm of red dust.


Bakura laughed coldly as he checked the rearview mirror and saw the prissy little sports car swerve wildly. He definitely enjoyed these modern contraptions, cars were quite amusing. Mortals would scatter in all directions when they saw a large car racing down the street. Yes, it was pure entertainment for the bloodthirsty yami.

Yet, he could not be completely careless while driving this stolen SUV, his little hikari was with him. Mustn't put Hikari in danger. But wasn't going to this idiotic Dragon Cove putting Hikari in danger? Bakura growled inwardly, he didn't like the idea of Ryou going to some party for Egyptian Archeologists, representing his father. And Bakura definitely did not like this Dr. U. N. Owen.

Shifting his cold gaze from the road ahead to his quietly napping hikari, Bakura smirked, baring a single pointed fang. If Dr. Owen wished to put Ryou in harm's way, he had another thing coming.

A loud bang suddenly sounded, startling both Bakura and Ryou. Quickly regaining control of the car, Bakura turned in his seat with a vicious growl, glaring daggers at his two other tagalong passengers.


Malik Ishtar grinned innocently as Bakura shot him a cold glare. After all, the sound had only been a small pop from a tiny little confetti popper. Plus, sleepy Ryou needed to wake up, he had been napping all day, no fun. Bakura was no fun either, only Yami was fun. Snickering to himself, Malik began to shred the letter that had been sent to him and his Yami, asking them to come for a party with Egyptian Artifacts on exhibit. Yami had said they should go with the tomb robber, and then all three could steal all the pretty artifacts and make the Pharaoh angry. Yes, making the Pharaoh angry was lots of fun, that's why Yami was so much fun.

Malik didn't care who Mr. U. N. Owen was, probably just some stupid fat man who was no fun, not like Yami. Again, Malik giggled, stuffing the shredded remains of the letter into the already used popper, along with a sprinkle of gunpowder and a lit match. Making sure Bakura was not watching, Malik repopped the confetti toy in Ryou's ear, startling the young boy.


Ryou yelped in surprise, he would have jumped out of his seat, but the seatbelt prevented him. Bakura had forced Ryou to buckle the seatbelt before Ryou had even managed to become comfortable in the passenger seat. The pale faced hikari glanced at his overprotective, and yet surprisingly cruel, yami as he berated Malik, attention diverted from the road.

Ryou immediately sought refuge behind his hands. Bakura was quite the unsafe driver, the white haired yami did not have the attention span required to drive. And Malik was not helping with his constant pestering. Marik was even more useless, not even bothering to reprimand or restrain his outrageous hikari. Ryou began to fret about the mayhem the Egyptian pair would cause on Dragon Cove, and he also knew Bakura would be just as bad, swiping anything of remote value without hesitation.

Maybe it was a bad idea to have brought the three along. But Bakura refused to let Ryou go alone. Besides, Malik and Marik had been invited, and even if Bakura had not given--however reluctantly--them a lift, the pair would have found SOME way to get to Dragon Cove, more likely then not, it would have been an illegal method. Then again, their current mode of transportation was a STOLEN car, definitely an illegal method...

Ryou glanced back at Marik, the yami was staring out the window, completely ignoring Malik and his psychotic rambling about rabid pigeons. Ryou sighed, returning his attention to the windshield and scene outside, Marik was definitely an odd one.


The tomb robber's hikari is definitely an odd one, Marik thought to himself. Marik did not like the sweet little hikari, he always seemed incapable of the simplest crime. Marik could not imagine Ryou even cursing, let alone causing harm to someone. The tomb robber and his hikari were the definition of yin and yang. None of the other yamis and hikaris were like that. Yugi and the Pharaoh were both idiotic goody two-shoes and best friends. Hikari may have been energetic and naive, but he was like Marik nonetheless.

Marik liked his hikari. So easily manipulated and controlled, well, not controlled. Hikari was far too hyper to be properly controlled, but Marik could still get his hikari to do just about anything, he just needed a little provoking. He could probably get Hikari to do plenty of damage at this party the tomb robber and his dolly light were taking them to.

Yes, indeed, Hikari was always fun to have around.


Yugi, Yami, Joey, Serenity and Tea raced as fast as they could to the Devon docks, laden with their luggage. Tea gasped for breath, shooting a glare at Joey, "We're gonna miss the boat to Dragon Cove thanks to you, Joey!"

The blonde grinned apologetically, making sure to keep a few steps ahead of Tea, "Sorry, I didn't know it was running on a schedule." He nearly collided with Yami as the Pharaoh came to an abrupt halt. "Yo! Yami, what's up?"

Yami gestured to the empty dock, "The boat isn't here."

Yugi's shoulders slumped, "We must have missed it."

"Thanks, Joey. I told you we didn't need to stop and look at the gift shop." Tea fumed, stomping around in a tight circle trying to calm her nerves. Serenity patted her shoulder reassuringly.

"The boat will be back soon, dears," an amused voice said from near the group. Looking up, they saw an elderly woman smiling at them. "It just left a few moments ago. The boat's driver said to tell anyone who showed up that he would be returning as soon as he took the first guest to Dragon Cove."

Yugi cocked his head on one side, "First guest?"

The woman nodded, "Yes, and a cute one, I might add. Though a bit distant. Said something about going to Dragon Cove on vacation." She laughed in slight embarrassment, "Well, they waited here a few moments, but the young man became impatient so the boatman said they would go to the island and he would return to get the other guests as soon as he was done."

Tea exhaled a huge sigh of relief, "Thank goodness! I thought we wouldn't get to go."

Yugi exchanged glances with Joey, "I wonder who the other guest was."

The blonde shrugged, "Search me."

"Oh, look! The boat!" Serenity called, pointing to an approaching motor boat not too far off.

Within minutes, the boat was expertly pulled into dock and the group had climbed aboard. The boatman waved merrily, "Hello! Heading to Dragon Cove?" He smiled as each one nodded. "Good, you're on the right boat. So, we'll wait a few minutes, see if any of the other guests arrive. If not I'll bring 'em to the island later." He laughed cheerfully, leaning into the large driver's seat.

Yami frowned slightly, "Other guests?"

The captain nodded, "Yes, sir. There's you five, six more coming, and the one back on the island already. Twelve total."

Joey's eyebrows rose, "I wonder who they all are. Sounds like a lot of people for one little island."

The captain laughed, "It is quite a lot. But the house is plenty big." He glanced toward the road, "Here come some more, I think."

He was right, as they all watched, a sleek blue sports car stopped near the dock and two people climbed out, walking directly toward them.

"Is this the boat to Dragon Cove?" Mai asked as she stepped lightly on the dock.

Joey blinked in surprise at the young girl and her companion, "Mai! Duke! What are you two doin' here!?"

Mai scoffed, "I was invited for a party." She frowned in confusion, "What about you?"

"Same," came the reply from everyone present.

The captain suddenly stood, "Well, we better be going. The others are probably late." He took Mai's bags and helped her climb aboard the reasonably sized motorboat. Once everyone was comfortably seated he started up the engine and pulled away from the dock.

The trip to the island was quick and uneventful. There was nothing but bright blue ocean all around. As the Devon docks shrank away, the small island of Dragon Cove grew. In minutes, they had arrived and were standing on the shore, staring in awe at the magnificent mansion on the top of the cliffs, connected to the house was a peculiar clock tower appearing out of place on the island. Yugi was the one to discover the stone stairway leading up the cliff and to the house.

As the seven climbed the stairs, the motor boat departed, making its way back to Devon and the other guests. It didn't take as long as they expected to reach the house, the cliff really wasn't as tall as it had appeared.

Joey pushed the front doors open, peering inside. Everything was well lit, no dark corners in sight. It was fairly modern, with a classic touch. A large staircase was visible in the entryway, leading to the second floor and the bedrooms.

The seven entered, glancing around for signs of life. "Hello?" Yugi called, hearing his voice echo in the empty house.

But their thoughts of being completely alone were abolished as light footfalls sounded from the stairs as someone descended. Everyone looked up with surprise at Seto Kaiba, glaring down at them with equal shock.

"What the hell are you doing here!?" Seto demanded, halting just four steps from the floor, arms crossed over his chest in his usual haughty manner.

"Damn! Just my luck!" Joey cursed.

Yugi, trying to remain on friendly terms, smiled at Seto, "So, you were invited for the party too?"

Seto arched an eyebrow, "Party? What party? I was invited here for a week's vacation."

"Well, I was invited here for a party with a bunch of fellow dancers, and scouts from dance schools," Tea stated.

"I got a letter inviting me here for a duelist party," Yugi said, blinking in confusion.

"We should ask the owner of the house, or one of the servants, what kind of party is being held," Serenity stated, using her common sense.

Seto smirked, "That won't work."

"And why not, moneybags!?" Joey questioned, glaring up at the blue eyed teen.

Seto rolled his eyes, sighing in frustration, "Because, I've explored this whole place, there isn't another person here. Not a single cook or butler, or even a damned gardener."

Yami frowned, he didn't like this at all, too peculiar for his liking.

"I believe we can explain," a quiet voice said from the front door.

Everyone turned their gaze on Ryou, standing with Bakura just off to one side of him. Malik and Marik stood behind the pair, both wore sinister grins.

Yami growled as he locked eyes with Bakura, "Tomb robber!"

"Pharaoh!" Bakura retorted.

"Malik and Marik!" Malik chirped, gesturing to himself and his yami, "Now we all know each other!" He grinned, bouncing on his heels.

Yugi quickly intervened, stepping in front of Yami and relatively blocking the Pharaoh's view of the thief, "Ryou, how can you explain?"

Ryou blinked for a moment, trying to regain his train of thought. "Oh, well, the captain told us he got a call from Mr. Owen, he said they would not be able to make it until tomorrow, and he also said the three servants he hired fell ill suddenly. He wants to express his apologies for the inconvenience." Shrugging, the small hikari smiled, "That's about it."

"It appears we must fend for ourselves for the day," Seto said, more to himself then anyone in particular. With a quick nod to the others, he began climbing the stairs, "I found the bedrooms up here, choose whatever one you want, just stay out of mine!" When he reached the top of the stairs, he entered the first room on the right, slamming the door behind him.

Malik glanced eagerly at everyone before racing up the stairs. Unable to open the door at the speed he was moving, Malik crashed into the bedroom door, falling to the ground. Marik blinked at his hikari's antics, not at all worried for the boy's safety. Thus proving how well a yami knows his hikari, for Malik was immediately back on his feet, this time taking the time to open the door before running inside.

Ecstatic giggles could be heard inside, where Malik was likely jumping on the beds or climbing furniture. Everyone exchanged glances, climbing the stairs single file--except for the hikaris, with their yamis practically glued to their sides.


Inside her new room, Tea immediately began to explore. The walls were a soft off-white color, not too bright or dark. The bed was comfortable, but not overly decorate, very simple in style and color. Sighing with pleasure, Tea walked over to the mantle, eyes roving over the simple decorations. A small glass cat, a large marble bear with a clock set in its chest. Above the mantle hung a picture frame with a poem.

Tea blinked, reading the poem:

Twelve little Duelists arrived from Devon; One wished to go home and then there were eleven.

Eleven little Duelists went to Big Ben; One lost his balance and then there were ten.

Ten little Duelists went out to dine; One chokes his little self and then there were nine.

Nine little Duelists sat up very late; One overslept himself and then there were eight.

Eight little Duelists talking of Heaven; One defied it and then there were seven.

Seven little Duelists chopping up sticks; One chopped himself in halves and then there were six.

Six little Duelists playing with a hive; A bumblebee stung one and then there were five.

Five little Duelists were finding life a bore; One played with a gun and then there were four.

Four little Duelists going out to sea; A red herring swallowed one and then there were three.

Three little Duelists walking in a zoo; A big bear hugged one and then there were two.

Two little Duelists sitting in the sun; One got frizzled up and then there was one.

One little Duelist left all alone; He went and hanged himself, and then there were none.

"Whoa, that's a bit morbid," Tea said aloud, "but it's still kind of cute. Twelve little duelists. There's twelve of us here, and we're all duelists." She giggled at the coincidence.


In all twelve rooms hung the same poem. Each guest read it; laughing, smiling, or smirking at the uncanny similarity.


At about twelve o'clock everyone felt it was time to eat. They had all ended up in the large living room within minutes of the others. For a while they all simply stood blinking and staring at the others, waiting for someone to go into the kitchen and cook some food.

Tea, grabbing Mai and Serenity's hands, headed to the kitchen, "We'll cook this time! But someone else is doing it at dinner!"

The boys sat in the living. The yamis constantly shooting the others cold warning glares, each remaining protectively at their hikari's side. Except for Marik, he couldn't have remained at Malik's side if he tried. The Egyptian hikari was running in circles claiming to be an airplane. After a few minutes of aerial dog fight reenactments, Malik became bored. It was then that he discovered a cupboard with a large number of pots and pans, it was presumably a storage cupboard.

But, naturally, Malik found it entertaining. He grabbed two pens and began striking each pot and pan. The racket was quickly getting on the nerves of even Yugi and Ryou. The less patient were on the verge of tackling and strangling Malik.

Seto was the first to do something. Jumping off the couch he had been lounged across, he stormed over to Malik, taking the pens away. With a disgruntled huff, Seto turned and headed out the room, Malik's makeshift drumsticks in hand.

Marik snickered, "Bad move, Kaiba."

Seto turned to face the yami, "What?"

"Taking those away from Hikari is," Marik shrugged, "most unwise."

Before Seto could process what the Egyptian had said, he was on the floor, Malik planted on his chest, glaring dangerously at him.

"What the hell!? Get off me, you lunatic!" Seto shouted, trying to unpin his arms from under Malik.

Malik growled viciously, "Gimme!" He held out his hand for the pens.

Seto narrowed his eyes, still struggling in vain to knock Malik off, "You have to release my arms first, idiot!"

The psychotic hikari blinked for a moment before shifting his weight just enough to allow Seto to free his arms. Which was a bad mistake. Before Malik knew what had happened, Seto was on his feet with the pale haired Egyptian in a firm choker hold.

"If you dare do that again, you will sorely regret it!" Seto growled, dangerously close to Malik's ear. He waited another moment before releasing the boy and storming out of the room, pens still held firmly in his grasp.

Malik immediately scampered to his yami, his eyes pleading. Marik smirked, patting Malik's hair as he pulled two pens from his cloak--he had swiped them from Kaiba's room earlier--and handed them over. With a delighted laugh, Malik resumed beating the cookingware.

Fortunately for the rest of the group, Serenity appeared in the doorway announcing that lunch was ready. As they entered the dining room, they found Seto already there.

But he was not eating, he wasn't even seated yet. His attention was focused solely on the small porcelain figurines seated above each plate; rather, his attention was focused on the small glass Blue Eyes White Dragon perched primly above his plate.

Tea was examining a similar Magician of Faith she had found at her seat, and Mai was running her fingers over the intricate feather etchings of the porcelain Harpie's Lady placed at her place.

Malik laughed cheerfully, grabbing one of two detailed Winged Dragon of Ra statuettes. Marik ran his hand over the twin Winged Dragon.

"Who put these here?" Duke asked, lifting the perfect recreation of a Strike Ninja.

Joey shrugged, weighing his own figurine, a Red Eyes Black Dragon.

Yugi lifted the statuette at his seat, a Dark Magician, "Our host must know us well. There's one for each of us, and it's our favorite card too." He pointed to each person and their corresponding figurine, "Yami, you got the Magician of Black Chaos, Ryou has the Change of Heart, Bakura got the Man Eater Bug, and Serenity has Marie the Fallen One." He smiled at the idea of having the Dark Magician as a pocket sized statue.

"Rrrrr!" Malik growled, making his Winged Dragon fly and tackle Seto's Blue Eyes to the table.

"Hey! Leave it alone!" Seto demanded, setting the fallen dragon back to its porcelain taloned feet, keeping his hand protectively on its glass head. He narrowed his eyes, daring Malik to make another pass at his little dragon statuette.

But Malik had become bored with attacking figurines. He had discovered the tray of varying sandwiches and was disassembling them all; remaking them with ingredients that just didn't belong together. After a few minutes of experimenting, Malik sat back proudly admiring the balogna, ketchup, and mayonnaise sandwiches, peanut butter, ham and mustard ones and jelly, roast beef, and egg creations. Grinning, the odd hikari took a large bite from each sandwich.

Duke grimaced, "I'm not hungry anymore..." He turned and left, holding his stomach.

Joey shuddered, "That's just wrong." He immediately followed Duke.

Shaking her head, Mai took the tray from Malik, "You little freak, we worked hard to make those sandwi-" Before she could finish her sentence, Malik had thrown the remains of a peanut butter, chicken and Swiss cheese sandwich in her face.

Tea and Serenity gasped as the disgusting wannabe sandwich slid off Mai's face, her eyes wide with frozen shock. Yugi, Ryou and Yami were caught between surprise and pity, planted to the ground. Seto quickly left the room in an attempt keep from laughing, but a few snickers could still be heard from him as he departed. Bakura and Marik were silently shaking with laughter, Marik giving his hikari an encouraging thumbs up.

A bestial growl came from Mai as she reached for Malik's throat, but the Egyptian was too quick. Before Mai could take a step, Malik was at the dining room door, sticking his tongue out at the irate girl. Mai lunged, Malik dodged, scurrying out of the room.

Mai cursed under her breath, storming off to the bathroom.

"Poor Mai," Tea said, shaking her head sadly, "that was just rotten of Malik."

Marik laughed, "I must reward Hikari. He did well." With another cold chuckle, he departed.

Everyone exchanged glances before going their separate ways. On the table still sat the twelve duel monsters, awaiting their owner's return.


Somehow, all twelve ended up in the living room at the about the same time. Ryou and Yugi were halfway through a simple jigsaw puzzle. Duke was examining the only painting hung in the room, it was of an angel striking down a demon with a glowing white sword. Marik was tossing pens at Malik, who was attempting to catch them in his mouth. Joey was wadding up paper balls and throwing them at Seto, who was seated in a chair attempting to read a book. Tea and Serenity were playing a game of checkers, Mai sat nearby watching the game with minor interest. Bakura was pacing the room like a trapped animal, his cold eyes always locked on Ryou. Yami sat on the couch, his violet eyes following Bakura's every movement with extreme suspicion.

An unfamiliar, hollow voice suddenly spoke with an accusing tone, "Ladies and gentlemen! Your attention please!"

Everyone froze, looking for the source of the sound, yet none had spoken.

(A/N: I do not know what year this anime is based on, so I must be vague. Also, I forgot how old Seto was when Gozaburo died, so I'm estimating that he was about twelve.)

The Voice continued, "You are charged with the following indictments:

Mai Valentine, you brought about the death of Rei Kito on November 23, one year ago.

Yugi Motou, you caused the loss of Toushi Ujio on the 3rd of April, two years past.

Pharaoh Yami, you killed Kenta Mitsuhito on the 7th of January but a year ago.

Tea Gardener, by your hands the death of Miu Kaguya was cause on August 13th, three years ago.

Joey Wheeler, it was you that murdered Taiki Aitsu on June 25th, five years ago.

Serenity Wheeler, it was by your inactivity that young Aina Tura died on the 15th of February, three years past.

Seto Kaiba, you murdered your stepfather Gozaburo Kaiba on the 5th of May, six years ago.

Duke Devlin, it was you that caused the death of Rinto Kogai on the 12th of March, less then a year ago.

Ryou Bakura, because of you that Katsumoto Taka died on December 6th, four years ago.

Tomb Raider Bakura, you killed Jido Ayumi in cold blood on September 28th, two years past.

Malik Ishtar, you took Lilia Hishinzo's life on the day of January 9th, one year past.

Marik Ishtar, you willingly stole Kinai Lobar's life on the 30th of October, less than a year ago.

All of you are accused of these crimes, what do you say in your defense?"

The silence after The Voice came to a halt lasted but a minute.

Seto was the first to respond, jumping to his feet, ignoring the book that clattered to the floor at his feet. Raising his voice to be sure the accuser could here, he said, "I did not kill my stepfather! He committed suicide!"

Duke quickly added in his own defense, "Rinto died by accident! I didn't know that virtual game was faulty!"

Serenity, held by Joey, sobbed, "I tried to save Aina, there was nothing I could do!"

Joey frowned, glaring around, "Who said all that stuff? Who else is here!?"

Bakura, moving stealthily along the wall, yanked open a closet door. He glared down at a simple stereo system set up inside, "What is this contraption?"

Seto quickly moved to see into the closet. He opened the machine, extracting a CD with the label 'Swan Song' on it, "Someone set this to go off at a specific time." He turned to face the rest, "Who was it!?"

Each shook their head in turn, facing another for a possible answer. No one confessed to it.

Ryou, huddled in a corner, slowly raised his hand, "Could someone have set it before we arrived?"

Seto glanced back down at the system, "Yes. It's easy enough to do. And if it wasn't one of us who set it, it was likely how mysterious host." With a quick flick of his wrist, he tossed the CD out the open window. "Now, we need to get to the bottom of this, who is this Ulysses Nicholas Owen?"

Mai shrugged, "I was invited by a Ms. Oliver. At least, I think that was her name. Yea, Una Nancy Oliver. Although it could have been Owen, though I doubt it." She nodded, trying to convince herself more than anyone.

Both Yugi and Joey said at the same time, "I was invited by a Ulick Norman Owen."

Most of the guests confirmed they had been invited by someone, male or female, named Owen.

Seto paced back and forth thoughtfully, ignoring Malik as he imitated the CEO's movements precisely. "Ulick Norman Owen...Ulysses Nicholas Owen...Una Nancy Owen...U. N. Owen," he stopped suddenly, Malik colliding with him. Pushing the Egyptian aside, Seto smirked, "I've got it."

Yami raised an eyebrow, "Got what?"

"If you take the first initials from all our presumable hosts, it's U. N. Then add Owen to the end," Seto crossed his arms, smirking at his pure cleverness, "It's a stretch, but try saying U. N. Owen, UNOwen, quickly." He glanced around at the others, waiting for them to figure it out on their own.

Joey, surprisingly, was the first to solve it, "UNKNOWN!"


KT: Mu fu fu! Cliffhanger of DOOM!! I would have continued, but this chapter was getting outrageously long. So, what did you think? If you've read the book then you realize I did have to change a few things, just to give the fic an original twist. I'm aware that Malik and Marik do NOT act like that in the anime, but I like to imagine them with a loony streak, it makes for some comic relief.

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