One Night, One Love

- Meeko Melodie

Meeko: Yes, I know I'm suppose to update my other stories, but my ideas just keeps tumbling down on my back and I just HAD to write them down on a piece of paper. So here you go, I don't own any Harry Potter characters, only J.K. Rowling owns them...darn it!

Summery: One night can change everything, including your love. That's what happens to Ginny Weasley when an eagle owl carries a letter by none other than Draco Malfoy himself! But what does he want? Malfoy and Weasley just don't go together, or do they? DM/GW Also a song-fiction on "One Love" by Blue

{ One Love - Blue }

One love

For the mother's pride

One love

For the times we cried

One love

Gotta stay alive

I will survive

Chapter1: Great Start, Really

"Ginny," a green-eyed somebody called out. A red-haired girl turned around to face him. Oh wait opps! That would be me.

That's right. I'm Ginny Weasley, the youngest of the Weasley family and it happened to be my sixth year here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

That 'green-eyed somebody' would be my boyfriend. Who?

You guessed it: the oh-so-famous Harry Potter.

Don't get me wrong or anything. It wasn't like I despise him by using sarcasm and all. I mean, how could I? He had been my boyfriend for two years. Two friggin' years, for Merlin's sake!

No, it wasn't anything like that, not at all.

It was just -

"Hey," he entwined his fingers gently with mine. I smiled lightly at him; I really need to get back on my Potions essay for Snape. It was due tomorrow and I hadn't even started yet.

"Hey yourself," I replied, planting a kiss on his lips.

It had always been the same for two whole years of being Harry's girlfriend: we see each other, he entwined my fingers, I kissed him and we start a conversation. It was almost like a routine except for the first time we dated at a little restaurant during a Hogsmead weekend.

If I recalled correctly, and I'm ninety-nine percent sure, that was the only time he ever attempted to do more than just kissing. If you know what I meant.

"You want to come to the library with me," he asked, "I need to look for something on my Defense Against the Dark Arts class." I knew he just wanted some time alone with me. But the first thing that popped into my brain was: the library? Who in their right mind would ask a girl out alone in the bloody library? Harry Potter, that's who.

Actually, library and the Quidditch pitch were the only two places Harry and I ever hung out in and you couldn't say they were the most romantic places ever.

Let's put it this way: Quidditch pitch, I could stand, because I started playing as a Chaser last year; but library? Other than the need to research for assignments...for the love of God, just kill me and end it!

"Gin, hello?" he shook my arm slightly and I woke up from my thoughts.

"Oh, no," I replied, "I would love to but I can't. I have to do some...stuff, erm...yea."

"Oh," he sounded disappointed but only for a mere second or maybe even less than a second. He dropped my hand a bit too quickly an joined his friends in a game of Exploding Snap.

See how I feel? I always felt like a pit stop with Harry, although I would probably never mention this to him. He would drop in two or three times a day and he would be in his own life again and I in mine.

He could at least ask what I was up to.

Everyone though Ginny Weasley was always such a quiet little girl, who was too shy for her own good. But that was not true, not even close! I mean, come on, once in a while a girl got to do something exciting and well, out of order, right?
Plus, now I'm known as 'famous Harry Potter's girlfriend', which is really, quite annoying if you heard people called you that every other day, not 'the red headed Weaslette' anymore.

Okay, so maybe 'red headed Weaslette' was not the most attracting name of all time. But still, at least I was known to others by who I am, not who I've become because of someone's influence.

Sure, Harry and I have had our 'Champaign moments' for let's see, I would give it for the first three days since we dated. It was all bubbly and sweet at first, and often drown me into drunkenness, but after it had been lay for awhile, the excitement would be gone, leaving the alcohol tasteless.

Sighing, I slammed my Potions text book shut and stuffed it into my bag. I just couldn't concentrate tonight. I guessed I would just finish my essay off tomorrow morning, if I could get up, that was.

I dragged myself up to my dormitory, where I threw down my bag and grabbed my sleeping clothes and undergarments. Every girl in my dorm was already sleeping soundly. I wondered how they managed to slip into bed so early, didn't they ever have homework? Or maybe I was just not smart enough to work as fast, like everybody thought I should.

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