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Chapter Eight: Return

At Preventor HQ that afternoon, Heero found out that the masterminds behind the plot were actually wealthy CEOs and businessmen of multi-billion dollar companies, meaning that they could pay their way out of anything. After a lengthy discussion, they all agreed to set up security teams to monitor their actions rather than waste their time trying to keep them in prision. An hour or so later, they all left the conference room.
The doors slid open and Heero entered the elevator. As he went to select his floor, he heard the shriek from the hallway. "Hey, Heero buddy! Wait up!" Seconds later, the braided wonder was standing next to him. "To the garage"
"Yeah, yeah." Duo took a second to catch his breath. "For a second there, I thought you weren't going to hold the doors for me, buddy." He chuckled.
"I wasn't"
"Oh well... whatever"
Heero looked to Duo. He had that look on his face, like he was going to ask something-
"You alright"
Sure enough. Heero regretted not taking the stairs. "Why"
Duo smirked. "That's so you. Anyway, no, I was just wondering. I've never known you to pass up something like that. Why'd you let someone else take care of the project? I mean, it does involce Princess' safety and all"
Heero sighed and shook his head. He really should have taken the stairs. "They have to give me the finaly proposal to look over. I just didn't feel like dealing with all the paperwork." He paused, and mumbled to himself. "I have better things to be doing"
Duo's eyes lit up. "Ooooooh"
Heero gave a Yuy Death Glare.
"I seeeeee. Do tell"
Heero wanted to smack the grin from his face.
"Oh, c'mon!" He nudged Heero's shoulder. "Tell me all the juicy details about you and Rele"
Ding! The elevator opened as they reached the garage level. Heero exited smirking, ignoring the gasp of the secretary as she found the slighty-beaten Duo inside.
"I'll find out eventually"


"You really shouldn't beat him up on him so much"
Heero raised a brow at his sandy blonde compainion.
"What?" Relena raised her head from his chest and shifted to her side, using her arm to prop her head up.
"He deserved it," he defended.
"No excuse." She rolled over and laid down on her back, moving her arms to rest behind her head, acting like a pillow.
Heero smirked. He really couldn't expect the promoter of peace to answer any differently. He too rolled over and looked up at the clouds. It'd turned out to be a pretty nice day out, and Relena managed to shut up the press long enough for them to escape the building into the meadows of her estate. Blanket in arms, she led him to this spot where they'd spent the past few hours. They hadn't talked too much, just mindless chatter about their days. He had a feeling she'd push the conversation in another direction eventually. He'd spent the quiet moments preparing for it, and secretly wishing she wouldn't muster the courage, even though he knew they both had things that needed to be said. "Heero"
'Uh oh'
She continued to stare up. "Heero, do..." she stopped. She had a line planned, but now she didn't want to use it. Why did this have to be so difficult? She had a question. She should have asked it. End story. But she didn't want to ask it, because she didn't want to hear the answer. It could shatter the little dream world she was in at the moment. How he answered, or if for that matter, could make or break her.
Heero closed his eyes and took in a good deep breath before turning his body towards hers. "Relena?" This conversation couldn't be put off any longer... unfortunately. "Relena, what were you going to ask"
Relena looked over confused. Did he just initiate this conversation? She bit her lip and then sat up. "I... I won't need you to protect me now. The threat's gone. It's all been taken care of..." she paused again, before looking away and lowering her voice. She'd started off strong, but the emotion began to show through. "Does that mean you'll leave again"
He lied there, stunned. "I..." He didn't know what to say. She nodded her head. "I kinda expected that"
Heero sat up and turned her face towards his. She was crying. "Relena, I can't promise you anything. I don't know how long I'll be here." He paused as he whiped a tear from her cheek. "But I want you to know, that I don't plan on leaving. I don't want to be anywhere else."


The summer came and went, happily. Heero moved back into his old apartment, took up his old job, and things returned to normal. Their feelings remained a secret to the world, but not to each other. Heero spent relatively no time at his own place, just enough so no one would suspect anything between them. "Mr. Yuy?" a voiced called into the dark cave he called his office. "My. Yuy, sorry to disturb you, but I have a message here for you"
Heero looked up from the folder he'd been looking through. "Who is it from"
The young man handed the yellow envelope over. "Didn't say"
Heero grabbed it and looked up at the man. "Didn't say, or you didn't ask"
He looked at his superior nervously. "My mistake, sir. Sorry"
Heero shook his head. "Please. Go away." Heero sighed as he watched the man scurry away. 'You can't count on anyone these days...' He then looked down to the envelope in his hand. It didn't look suspicious, or boobytrapped. He'd had some delivered to him before. Confident it was safe, he opened it up to find a picture. Heero's temper grew hot. How the hell did anyone get a picture of this? Who the hell got this picture? 'Duo!' That was the only person he could imagine would do this. Or had the skill to slip by him. He angrily picked up the phone and dialed out.
"Hello?" the voice cheerfully rang out.
"This is not funny, Maxwell." His tone was nothing less than stern.
"Heero? Is that you?" He chuckled. "Of course it is! No one else is that serious sounding. Now what was that"
"Maxwell. How dare you"
"Wait a minute! Hold on! What's wrong, buddy"
Heero was losing patience with this game. "Stop playing around. I know it was you"
"What did I do?! C'mon, man, this isn't funny"
Heero sighed. "I got a envelope delivered to my office today. Ring a bell"
"Uh... nope. Can't say it does. What was in it"
"Damn it, Maxwell! You know what the hell was in it! I am not amused"
Duo grew more confused by the minute, he didn't know what the hell Heero was talking about. "Buddy, I really don't"
"Where the hell do you get off taking pictures of Relena and I asleep together?!" Duo's end of the phone was silent. "Well? What the hell is your problem"
"Heero... pal... I." Duo paused. "I don't know who took those, but it wasn't me. I didn't even know"
"You're a terrible liar"
"No, I really didn't, Heero. I swear. I wouldn't lie about that. Do you need some help finding out who"
Heero slammed the phone into the reciever. If it wasn't that idiot, then who else would have the nerve to send this to his office? Let alone take them.


A black sedan pulled up to the Darlian estate. Relena and Heero climbed out and walked towards the door, Heero leading the way in long strides.
"Heero?" Relena touched his shoulder to slow him down. "You okay? You've been really quiet the last few days. What's wrong? You can tell me"
Heero turned to her when they reached to door and looked at her lovingly. He couldn't worry her with what had happened earlier this week. He'd caught the guy yesterday, so there was no threat left. It'd been one of her servants. A new guy. He'd expected some paparrazi, but didn't think he was going to have any more staff leaks. Not after Larry. It had just been bothering him that his system wasn't as tight as it should be. He kept blaming himself. "Nothing," he uttered after a moment. "Let's get inside. It's going to rain soon"
She smiled half-heartily. She knew something was up, but, she wouldn't pry today.


Heero looked up at the balcony at the figure. He was surrounded by media, being blamed for the very dead Relena at his feet. He cried out and lunged at the railing above him, landing where the figure had been standing moments before. Down the nearby hall, he could hear the man running. He chased after. A few feet in, the hallway grew dark. He was in some void now. He didn't care. He was going to get whoever that guy was. The real killer! He was going to clear his name, and get his revenge! Anyone who could kill that angel didn't deserve to live!
After following for what seemed forever, the figure stopped and Heero caught up. "You coward! Fight me"
The figure turned to Heero, still in the shadows, and smirked. "You can't fight me. You can't win." He disappeard into the darkness and his words circled around Heero. "I will always win. I will always tear the one you love away from you"
Heero was enraged. Who did this guy think he was? "Who the hell are you? Why don't you face me? Why don't you fight me?" Heero plowed towards where he heard the voice last, but stumbled into nothing. "Show yourself"
"You really want that?" it taunted.
Heero clenched his fists. The figure stepped from the shadows into the lighted area where Heero stood.
Heero's fists unclenched as he stood there in shock. He was looking at himself.


Heero woke up that night in an awful, cold sweat. He couldn't do this. It was too much. No matter how he tried, he was too much of a threat around her. She'd never be safe. He got up and gave her a kiss on the forehead before he walked out the door.


End chapter eight.

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