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Its Happened, Emperor!

Chapter 1


Four Years Later

"Is everything in place?" asked a dark voice as a large space station came into view. A random humanoid looking creature ran up to the dark lord and bowed down before him.

The servant of the tyrant was shaking with nervousness as he kneeled before the boss. "Y-yes sire, all systems are working and we are w-waiting for your word to open f-fire..."

Finally, after waiting for four years, it was time to come out from the darkness. The invasion would finally be complete.

The large lizard gave a smirk as he took a sip of his expensive wine. It was the same as his son had drunk when he was still in the living world. They must have had the same tastes in wine. The dark lord gave a chuckle as he set the glass down and stood up, his cape swishing as he walked on the tiled floor.

" Attacking the ship won't be necessary." The smirk never left his lips. "I'll be the one... 'Greeting' the warriors on the space station, as well as the emperor himself. I know the emperor will fall to his knees when he faces me off." He stood in the light and was handed an eight-foot blade with its scabbard and he fastened the scabbard around his waist. "They all do." His evil laugher echoed in the room and the lone messenger trembled with fear as he kept his head lower to the king.

"Prepare my ship. I want it ready within five minutes," stated the dark lord striding to the other side of the room looking out into space's blackness from one of the thick glass windows.

The messenger bowed once more, "Yes, King Cold."

"Oh, and one more thing." The creature turned to his master and waited silently.

"Make sure a ship is sent down to earth. I want him to know of my arrival." With one last bow, the messenger left.

Three Days Later...

"... It is still a mystery of what the emperor's true colors are. Even though our world has been in this alliance for over two years, we haven't SEEN him. Usually all trade and conversation about trade is taken place at Capsule Corps where a few of the emperor's advisors meet with our prime minister and leaders," lectured the teacher as she held open a textbook in her palm.

A single student raised her hand, and the teacher nodded, "Yes Videl?"

Every student turned around to face the teenaged girl as she began to ask her question to the schoolteacher. "Ma'am how is it possible for an emperor to never be at these meetings? Shouldn't he have been at the one to set up the trading?"

The teacher nodded, "Yes, that is a very good question, Videl. In the current history books, it states that no one, but the emperor's advisors and a few select humans have seen him in the flesh." The teacher took off her reading glasses, "And there have been rumors that he does go to the meetings, but he poses himself as an advisor. And another rumor states that he visits planets randomly to make sure they're safe from any threats."

"So, that might be why he doesn't come to the meetings here about trading? Because he has much to do in his schedule?" asked Videl to the teacher.

The teacher gave a nod. "Yes, that is one of the excuses used when he doesn't show up for the meetings, or so the press states."

Another hand was raised. The teacher looked up and nodded, "Yes, Gohan?" asked the teacher.

The seventeen year old was looked at by the students too as he asked his question. "How is it known that the emperor is male if the leader seems to be such a big mystery? What if he was of one of the alien races, which goes to the meetings, that could possibly be asexual?"

The teacher gave a nod. "That is an excellent question, Gohan. But I, for one, don't know the answer to that. People must have assumed that he was indeed male since the leaders on this planet are male," explained the teacher. She set her textbook down on her desk with her glasses and looked back to the class. "Which also brings us to the end of this lecture." The teacher looked up to the wall clock and gave a nod. "As for an extra credit project," started the teacher, "If anyone could find or research an article about this mysterious emperor, I will be adding ten points to your up coming history test. Did you hear that Sharpener? It could raise your test grade up by a letter!" All students gave chuckles at the jock that seemed to be sleeping in the same row as the two who asked questions.

It was then the bell rung indicating that school had ended for the day, and the students began to pack their things from the tables.

"Remember class! Your test is Wednesday!" stated the teacher as the students began to leave the room.

Gohan began to pack his things, and placed them in his school bag. As he pushed his chair in the desk, he noticed Videl waiting there for him with folded arms and Erasa trying to wake up Sharpener. He gave a grin. For some strange reason, he truly enjoyed being in High School even though all the work was review. But he did want to please his mom by fulfilling her dream of him becoming a scholar.

"Gohan, that was an interesting question you stated a few moments ago," stated Videl with a smirk growing on her face. She too had her school bag slung around her shoulder and she waited patiently for her friends.

Gohan nervously rubbed the back of his head as he chuckled, "Well, it does make you wonder!"

Videl rolled her eyes as she began to walk out of the class, her friends following. "It sounds like you have MET this strange emperor... you already know many famous people on this planet..." The girl couldn't help but smirk when she noticed Gohan's face pale ever so slightly. That was till Gohan began to laugh again.

"H-how could I know the emperor?! The person most likely has a VERY busy schedule!" explained Gohan nervously.

Videl didn't buy it. Instead she used a different approach. "I know that you go to Capsule Corps almost every day after school. I know that this emperor might so happen to drop by once in a blue moon to discuss something with Dr. Bulma Briefs..." trailed off the teenaged girl.

Gohan gulped as his smile remained on his face, "Well... I do have to admit that I HAVE seen him before when I was working at Capsule Corps..."

"Ah HAH!" exclaimed Videl as a smile graced her face. She patted her guy friend in the back. "So the truth starts to come out!" she exclaimed triumphantly.

Erasa gave a giggle, "So... if you DID see the emperor before, tell us what you saw!"

Gohan gave a laugh as his hand came back behind his head, "Well... I didn't get that good of a glimpse since the emperor just briefly passed by as he talked to two of his advisors-"

"But tell us what you know! Giving us a description of what he LOOKS like is better than not knowing at all!" explained Erasa excitedly.

Gohan gave a nod as he placed a thoughtful finger on his chin. "Well, I saw him about half a year ago... so my memory might not be that accurate to what he looks like now-"

"Get on with it! Stop with the suspense!" exclaimed Videl, clearly getting ticked off. Gohan slightly winced. Her yelling was harming his saiyan hearing. As the four made it to their lockers Gohan began to explain.

"Well... when I saw the emperor, he, she, or... it was much shorter than one of the advisors standing beside. The other advisor was just the emperor's size... He also seemed to wear strange alien clothing, most likely just coming in from a different planet. And, black spiky locks of hair too..." Gohan looked to his friends as they stared at him in awe.

"Are you serious?!" exclaimed Erasa excited.

Gohan gave a nod, his naïve self-coming back. The blonde gave a gasp.

"That is... AWESOME!" she exclaimed as she put away her books.

Gohan closed his locker, "Well... I have to get going to Capsule Corp. I have a few things I need to ask Bulma... er- Mrs. Briefs," corrected Gohan as he mentally kicked himself. 'Nice slip up...' Sharpener and Erasa waved at Gohan as he began to walk thru the halls totally unaware of Gohan's slipup. But he was stopped when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Say Gohan, when will you be teaching me to fly? You promised me that you'd start the lessons a few days ago... and I'm losing patience!" exclaimed the black haired female as she glared daggers at her friend.

Gohan gulped for the second time that day as he nervously stared at his friend. She was unnerving at times... She kind of reminded him of his mother! Gohan visibly shuttered. 'Bad thought...'

"O-okay Videl... I did give my word," stated the teen as the two walked out of the school building. "But I still have to go to Capsule Corp," added Gohan as he glanced at her from the corner of his eye. "There's actually a picnic going on..."

Videl blinked as she looked up to the teen, "Oh, well... I guess I shouldn't intrude-"

Gohan shook his head as he turned to her, "No! Not at all! I was actually hoping to ask if you had wanted to come... but I could never catch you by yourself..." The teen's cheeks began to turn the slightest shade of red. 'Is it just me... or has it gotten warmer?'

"Oh!" exclaimed Videl as a smile came onto her face. Gohan seemed to miss the pink color staining her cheeks. "Well, then, I'll LOVE to come!" She gave him a bright smile, and he grinned back.

"But I should warn you..." stated the male teen, "Some of the guys at Capsule Corp might want to try and pick a fight with you... or they might be sparing on the lawn and well..." rambled on the teen.

Videl raised an eyebrow as she looked to the taller teen, "You want me to be careful, don't you?" She rolled her eyes, "Please. I'm the daughter of the world champ! I think I could fend for myself if I ever got into a fight! I always do!"

The teen gave a nervous laugh as he looked up into the clear blue sky.

Yes, much had happened during the four years of his ruling. He tried to keep as many of his secrets in the closet, but they seemed to be slipping out... He really needed to keep quiet about his major secret. The teen saiyan gave a sigh. It was really hard to be living the life of an ordinary high school student and to be the emperor of the largest empire in the universe. Sure, he didn't like to lie around his friends, but these matters needed to be private for the time being. Gohan looked to his friend, who was a girl. He didn't want to lose her friendship... He secretly liked her, well... it wasn't a secret around his family and friends any more. But they did keep it hushed when it came to his alien advisors.

Gohan and Videl had been walking for about ten minutes in silence. It was very unnerving to the young emperor as he looked down at her. Videl, on the other hand, was very alert. She was looking around, as if expecting something wrong to happen. The saiyan had concluded that she had a six sense like he did whenever chaos showed it's face.

Videl was considered a celebrity as the school. She was the daughter of the man who 'defeated' Cell. Cell and the two Androids had ended showing their faces only half a year after Gohan came back from space. His dad, Goku, had turned Super Saiyan for the first time when Cell, in his imperfect stage, beat the tar out of Gohan when he wasn't transformed. The teen's father scared the monster away for the time so he could bring Gohan back to normal health. And in only a few days, after training in the room of 'Time and Spirit', Goku had gone in with his son, and the other grown saiyans. He was lucky that the kami of the planet had upgraded the room so five could train in there at the same time. All the men became Super Saiyans after training with Gohan for one year. But to make sure of the Earth's safety, Raditz and Nappa kept the monster busy while Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta trained. All came out at Super Saiyan level two, not really noticing a difference at the time. The only thing that seemed to change was the fact that their muscles grew larger.

Gohan gave a sigh at that memory. He was called from Earth because of some disturbance in the galaxy after he came out of the room with his dad and the prince. He had thought the two could easily take over and kill the creature.

That might have been one of the stupidest things that he had done...

After the dispute was cleared in space, he came back to earth with Zarbon. He was surprised to see dark clouds covering the planet, but he wasn't sure WHY they were there. He had only been gone two weeks!

Gohan, only at the young age of fifteen, looked around the darkened land. He couldn't see five feet before him! The weather seemed to change too. He shivered. It had dropped a few degrees. Gohan immediately powered up to Super Saiyan, his transformation blocking all of the cold weather from his uncovered skin. The young emperor noticed Zarbon power up too, and the area became more visible. The spot they were in was of Capsule Corps. The two noticed the building. It was all in ruins.

"Sire, I can sense your father and the saiyan prince not far from here," stated Zarbon as he began to take flight into the air. Gohan also powered up as he caught onto his father's ki. He zoomed as fast as he could to where they were.

And when they finally arrived, Gohan noticed his father fighting against Cell in the desert. All the Z warriors were watching the fight as if it was some sort of competition! Just as Gohan noticed the fight going on, he noticed his father's bloodied body plummet into the hard rocks not far away.

This brought back horrible memories that remained fresh in his mind about Frieza. The emperor gave a war cry as his power began to soar catching everyone's attention. Cell even looked up from his battle to see Gohan floating in the air, angry as ever.

Needless to say, Gohan was the next contestant for the Cell games.

Gohan rubbed his head. Those memories were still fresh in his mind. But after he beat the tar out of Cell, he so called 'spit up' the androids Seventeen and Eighteen. Gohan smirked at the memory of when Cell was completely destroyed. He made sure that he didn't leave a single cell left of his body so he could regenerate. And thus, the end of Cell came to be. But after all had left the site, none of the camera crew that was there knew who had defeated the evil creature, so they gave the credit to Mr. Satan. Gohan didn't mind so much, but it did get annoying after a while with the human's bragging.

But his daughter on the other hand... His smile widened. She was something special. He knew he could trust her with anything, but the thing he was fearful of was if... um... WHEN she found out all of his secrets. He just knew he would be getting a chewing.

Gohan made it to the gates of Capsule Corp and he saw a guard. The teen waved to them. The guard waved back. "Hey Gohan! I'm surprised to see you aren't flying in today..." The guard opened the locked gates.

The teen had a sweatdrop fall from the side of his face. "I've brought a friend with me." That was when the guard noticed the female standing beside the saiyan hybrid.

The guard gave a smile. "Well then, come on in you two! Bulma's been waiting for you to arrive." Gohan and Videl walked thru the gates and headed to the home part of the building.

"Hey everyone! Gohan's here!" exclaimed Krillin with a grin. Gohan gave a bright smile as he walked in to greet his long time friends.

"Hello! I've also brought in a friend with me," stated the teen with a grin. That was when they all noticed a shy looking girl walk in after the teen. Her cheeks were turning bright pink once more.

Gohan mother squealed in delight, "You must be Videl! Oh! We've heard so much about you from Gohan!"

"Yeah! So how's the crime fighting? We heard on the news that you and Saiyaman have saved a few hostages from the bank earlier," stated Bulma with a knowing grin.

Gohan gave a small cough as he looked around the room. "Say... where's dad? And Uncle Raditz... and Nappa... and Vegeta..." The teen blinked.

Chichi's smile fell to a frown, "Those men! They're outside sparing! I wish they would come in for once and act like civilized gentlemen!"

"Is there something you had wanted to ask them?" questioned Bulma as she picked up her four-year-old son, Trunks, from the ground.

Gohan bit his lip for a moment before he stated back, "Well... I had wanted to know if I had gotten word from Zarbon." The hybrid saiyan used his eyes to motion Bulma over to Videl. The scientist gave a small 'Oh' before she nodded.

"I'm not sure. But you could go out there and ask them." Gohan gave a nod as he turned to Videl.

"I'll be back in a few;" he quietly stated to Videl, "why don't you make yourself comfortable?" He gave one of his infamous grins. Videl had to stop herself from staring as she gave him a nod. Gohan's grin widened, "Great! I'll be back shortly!" And with that, he left the room.

Videl could feel her heart racing when she watched him leaving the room. But it all seemed to halt when she heard someone snapping and waving his or her hands in front of her face. She seemed to blink out of it and come back to reality. She noticed the human Z warriors snicker and the women smile brightly at the teenage female.

"I'm sorry if I haven't properly introduced myself! I'm Chichi, Gohan's mom," stated the black haired housewife.

"And I'm Bulma," stated the scientist as she carried her son.

Videl politely bowed to both of them, "I'm pleased to meet you."

"Oh, you don't have to be so formal!" exclaimed Chichi as she hugged Videl tightly. The teen almost lost her breath as she inwardly smiled. 'It's a like a happy family here...' And a happy family was something she had wanted to experience in a long time.

Gohan walked outside and looked around. He shoved his hands in his pockets as he tried to feel around for one of the saiyans' ki's. For some strange reason, he couldn't quiet pinpoint where one was. They seemed to be everywhere!

"Dad?" Gohan looked around as he walked into the grassy backyard. "Dad- ACK!" exclaimed the teen as he jumped to the side dodging a ki ball.

"Oh! Sorry son!"

The teen looked up to see his dad and Raditz pause their fight. The younger full-blooded saiyan lowered to the ground to land beside his son. His father was grinning wide as the sight of his son. He seemed oblivious to the blood falling from his fresh cuts, the bruises that covered his skin, and the torn gi that he wore. "Hey! How was school?" asked the father.

Gohan gave a shrug, "Same as usual... nothing interesting... well, except for History class..."

Goku scratched the back of his head, "Yeah? What was it about?"

Gohan began to chuckle as a sweatdrop fell from the side of his head, "The teacher had gotten into the part of where 'The Emperor' allowed Earth to join the empire that he has." Goku burst out laughing. "And it gets better. If I want extra credit, I need to write a report about... basically... myself and one of the issues I have cleared on this planet with the trading system." The male teen sighed, "I haven't heard such crazy stories... but Videl got suspicious when I stated something about... well... myself." Gohan just shook his head.

"Did you tell another lie?" asked Raditz as he folded his arms while landing on the soft grass. He knew his nephews life almost better than his own parents. Since the time Goten was born, his parents had paid more attention to the little rug rat since he was a handful. So in result, Raditz was almost like a second dad to the teen as he continued to grow. The young emperor learned much from his uncle; for instance, one thing he learned about was the saiyans and their culture. His uncle, and the other two saiyan's, at times, would go back to the station with him when he would check up on things to make sure that the other planets were safe. But it did make Gohan wonder at times why some of the planets wouldn't reply back with in a day... The hybrid saiyan needed to check up on those planets soon...

Gohan couldn't help but smile inwardly. Although he might have hated his uncle for taking his father away at first when he met him, he later proved and became the trustworthiest adult in this saiyans' young life. He could talk to Raditz about anything; he was like the best friend he had always wanted.

The teen gave a slow nod. "Yeah..." He looked to his dad and uncle, "I... um... kind of... well... stated that I've SEEN the emperor before..." stuttered the warrior as he rubbed the back of his head.

Raditz' eyes turned to slits as he glared to his nephew. That look just made Gohan want to crawl into a hole and die. He felt so small at the time. "And you want her to be your mate?" asked the older saiyan bluntly.

Gohan bit his lip as he nodded. "But I couldn't have stated that just yet! She doesn't even know I'm part saiyan!" he exclaimed raising his arms to the air, "She'll think of me as a freak. I just can't bring myself into telling her!"

Goku patted his son's shoulder, "Son, there are some things you will have to face in your life. One of them so happens to be women. They want you to be completely honest with them or they won't learn to trust you. Another thing, which only you have to face, is keeping safe your empire. I honestly don't know what that's like... but you do." The saiyan placed a thoughtful finger on his chin.

"Wonderful speech Kakarot. I think your brat will log it away for better use later in life," stated Vegeta sarcastically as he landed on the soft grass. He wasn't as badly injured as Goku, but just as sweaty. Nappa, on the other hand, looked as if he had seen better days. The teen didn't want to get into detail.

"Mom and Bulma will have a fit when they see all of you!" exclaimed Gohan. He really didn't want to be experiencing another yelling spree that his mother had every once in a while.

"I don't fear the harpy!" exclaimed Vegeta as he folded his arms. Gohan rolled his eyes. The young emperor just knew the saiyan prince would regret saying that when the frying pan was brought out again.

"Say... Gohan?"

The teen turned to Nappa. He seemed to be looking up at something. Nappa used his uninjured arm to point into the sky. "Doesn't that look like one of the escape pods at the base?" asked the bald saiyan. Looking up, all saiyans noticed the space pod coming closer, closer, closer...

The emperor's eyes widened, "That's Zarbon's ship! But... I thought he would notify me when he would be coming in; unless he informed one of you." The hybrid saiyan looked around to the others.

Vegeta shook his head, "We didn't get a single message."

Gohan sighed, "Then let's go to the landing pad, and see what's going." All powered up when that was stated, and lifted off to where the spaceship was about to land.

The women began laughing as they sat around a table. A few of the men just had smirks on their face.

"It always made me wonder why Gohan was always so proper!" stated Videl in between giggles.

Chichi smiled, "I'm glad to hear that he uses his manners out of the house."

"Say Videl, could you tell us what Gohan's been doing in school? He never tells us how the days go," stated Bulma as she took a sip of her tea.

The black haired female smiled as she thought back to later on today. "Well... I honestly don't think Gohan has a challenge at school. He usually falls asleep in class." 'Yeah, and it gives me time to stare at him.' Her smile seemed to widen. "But when I go out to fight against bank robbers and would be criminals, Saiyaman would come out to help me." Videl's smile grew, "But I found out that Gohan was Saiyaman! You should have seen the look on his face when he learned that I knew his true identity! It was priceless!"

"You found out?" asked Chichi with a smirk.

"Yeah." The girl began to eat some noodles from her bowl, and she set her chopsticks down. "I was surprised to hear that Gohan would disappear during class; it made me suspicious..." She set the bowl down on the table. "Which reminds me..." She looked at all who were around. They all continued to pay attention. "In History, we were getting into the subject of trading. The lecture seemed to turn to that emperor who's in charge of most of this universe, and made a treaty with this planet two years back. It sounded like Gohan knew much about the emperor, and I was quite shocked that he told me, Erasa and Sharpener that he had seen the emperor before!"

"Seen the emperor?" asked Yamcha blinking.

Videl nodded, "Yeah! I was surprised that he knew something of the emperor since no one on this planet, but a select few, know what the emperor is like." Videl gave a small smile as she leaned back in her chair, "He's lucky he has such good friends and family. I think his cheerfulness is rubbing off on me-"

"DAMMIT! Get the sensu's! He needs help NOW!" exclaimed a voice from down the hall. It sounded a lot like Gohan's voice.

"Yes, sir!" exclaimed another. Raditz ran into the room looking around. He looked around the room for a moment till he ran to the other side to find the first aid kit.

Videl blinked when she noticed a very well built man run into the room. She was surprised to see that he was bruised, cut, and bloodied up. She could describe that he looked as if he just came from a nonstop martial arts war! She turned to find Gohan's dad walk into the room carrying someone over his shoulder. The person had on very strange clothing! It was indeed very unusual. It also looked like he has some kind of green cape secured onto... was that armor? It looked as if it was something from the school History textbooks! Videl stood up to get a better look.

Nappa and Vegeta ran into the room next. Both seemed to be carrying something in their arms. Maybe it was some kind of files, or records... But Gohan didn't seem to be coming in.

Goku gently laid the very injured man on the carpet. Maybe very injured is an understatement... a huge understatement. The blood seemed to fall on the floor and stain it as the clothes were already. The cape that the man wore seemed to be covering the dying man's face. Videl watched this in horror, her hands covering her mouth, which threatened to drop.

Raditz came back over to the group that surrounded the injured man, and Goku gently uncovered his face. Videl's eyes widened. The man's face was green?! He seemed to be coughing up much blood from his mouth, and his hair stuck to his face from the bloodied cuts. The teen female failed to notice Gohan walking back in the room with a frown on his face.

She noticed Gohan when he kneeled down to his advisors side while his uncle shoved the sensu into the man's mouth.

"Come on, come on. Chew it Zarbon," whispered Gohan as he looked to the alien. And he was surprised that his advisor did as commanded. The teen gave a sigh as he noticed the green tinted warrior swallow. 'He still has some strength left... That's good...' thought Gohan, a smirk gracing his lips.

Videl watched in fascination as the warriors tried to get the green tinted man to, what it looked like to Videl, take some kind of medicine. But she was awestruck when the man opened his eyes, and sat up from his laying position on the ground.

Zarbon briefly looked at his hands, and balled a fist. He turned to Gohan, his face completely emotionless.

"Emperor, it's happened." Zarbon looked down shaking his head, "He's come for revenge!"

'Emperor...?' questioned Videl as she tilted her head slightly. 'Is he becoming delusional?

Gohan furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at his advisor. "Who? Who are you talking about? Frieza can't be back! He's been killed years ago! Just calm down Zarbon; you're safe here."

"NO! We aren't safe any more! He's come!" exclaimed Zarbon completely ignoring the teenaged emperor. He began to hold the sides of his head and shake his head. Gohan grabbed the older man's shoulder.

"Zarbon! Calm down!" exclaimed the teen a little too loudly. He was almost surprised at his tone of voice. The green tinted man looked up into the teen's eyes; his eyes were very fearful. So much fear they held! He lowered his gaze down as he bowed to the hybrid saiyan.

"I-I'm sorry Sire... it won't happen again..." Gohan gave a sigh at Zarbon's apology.

"Don't worry about it," stated Gohan as he stood up. "But tell me. Who came back? What's shaking you up in fear?" The teen gazed at Videl out of the corner of his eye. He inwardly growled. Just great. He could already see the disbelief and betrayal in her eyes. He could just feel the friendship break up, and it was starting to break his heart.

Zarbon shook his head as he looked up to Gohan. "Emperor, Frieza's father. He's invaded headquarters! The space station is under his control as many of the other planets!" There was a very uncomfortable pause as Zarbon continued to shake his head in denial.

"How could this have happened?! Zarbon! How could it?" asked the hybrid as his eyes widened.

Zarbon just shook his head as he looked to the floor. "I-I can't say... it must have been an inside job."

Videl looked over to Gohan and shook her head. "G-Gohan? What's he talking about?" Gohan's head began to drop. She was going to find out. She was going to be learning of his horrible past.

The male teen growled. 'Great. Chaos has to occur when Videl's here! Damn! Damn these invaders!!!' Gohan closed his eyes and asked with gritted teeth, "What. Is. His. Name?"

Zarbon gulped some of his bloodied saliva down. The advisor could easily tell the emperor was angry, but he continued. "He's after you Gohan! King Cold is out for your blood!"