The Valar do not belong to me, nor do I worship them in any way, besides
admiring their portrayal in The Silmarillion as wonderful characters.
Professor Tolkien's creations merely inspire me to new understandings of
the Powers that I do indeed reverence.

When all was Music, my music was mourning
They say I am joyless, sorroful and weeping
For these Ages I have walked alone, all happiness spurning
I sing of death and pain, of shadows ever-creeping
Mortals do not understand why this must be so

But what if there was no pity free and pure?
What if none cried for others' sakes
Not all tears are evil, of this I am sure
There is a grief that strengthens, and a grief that breaks
A tree that is withered at times needs such watering

Elbereth, Yavanna – let the Children worship them
They bring light and life for them to rejoice and be glad
My task is be where tragedy cannot be stemmed
To comfort the dying and sigh with the sad
Sympathy is my gift, empathy my curse

Learn from me, dear thou created
Of our father, Eru Iluvatar
That in sorrow there is a beauty seldom appreciated
Autumn leaves dying, the failing of a star
I am here to walk with you in the shadows you cannot leave

For Nienna am I, and it is because of love that I grieve