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Thanks to the Reviewers

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kuro-kairi: Hey there! Thanks so much for adding me to your list of favorite authors. I feel so loved! I'm so happy you liked my story as much as you did. It always makes me smile when I go back and read the reviews and see all the positive feedback. But you stopped reading! Ahh! Ha just kidding. It was my fault anyway, but there's gonna be no more 5 month writers block for me!

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Fwoggie: What a cute name. Hehe. I love it! Thanks for reviewing the first half of my story. I'm glad that my story made you feel as emotional as you did. I'm guessing that was a good thing! It made me happy to know that someone got into it as much as you did, so thanks for everything!

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Baka-onna2003: Aloha! (gonna try and use different ways to say hello each time) Thanks for reviewing! Your one review where you twitch is actually one of my favorites. It made me laugh pretty hard for some reason. I'm just glad that you liked it that much! Thanks!

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Sakura Amiyumi: Hey Hey Hey! (No I'm not Fat Albert..) Thanks for reviewing. And for adding me to your list of favorite authors! I'm so happy! Ending the story was sad for me too! I'm gonna miss everyone so much but I'll try and review your guys' stories too! Anyway, thanks for your reviews!

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Kashuneko: Hi! Thanks for reviewing. I really liked your review actually. It made me feel really good about my writing that you thought my ending was really good, considering it is generally the weakest part. I didn't know that and it made me smile to know I was consistent the whole way. So thanks so much!

InuyashaSweet: Sorry buddy, didn't feel like making every other letter in your name capital—lol sorry! But anyway, Howdy doody! Thanks for reviewing. I'm so happy you thought my story was awesome (I love that word!), so thanks! Oh, and thanks so much for adding me to your list of favorite authors. I'm so happy!

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And Special Thanks to:

FruitsBasketCase: OMG Hi! Thanks so much for reviewing. You were the only person to review all of the chapters—well except chapter 5 but I kinda did 5 and 6 at the same time so I understand. Even still, you reviewed more than anyone else and I always look forward to reading yours. I enjoyed everyones, but yours especially! I'm so happy that you stuck with me through the writer's block because it really sucked! And don't worry, I plan on writing again soon! I'm not sure if the sequel will be the next thing I write but I definitely will sometime! So thanks so much for everything! And thanks for making me one of your favorite authors! You rock!

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