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Chapter One: Trouble follows Jack Sparrow like a shadow

Jack moaned lowly as he put the telescope down and found a seat on a box.

"Not a merchant vessel I take it?" Ana Maria asked from his side, looking at the Spanish flag that flew high.

"No such luck. This is the part I'm not crazy about when it comes to Norrington's and my little deal."

"Nice profit though."

A grin spread across Jack's dark features. "Very good point, Ana, luv. On we go!"

Ana smiled as he bounded up from his spot and barked orders to the crew to be ready to take down the other pirate ship. Norrington had held true to his word, which was something Ana had never truly expected. He'd held true to it for seven years, and for seven years the Black Pearl had kept the waters around Port Royal, Jamaica safe. Well, unless they were off somewhere else where they could raid, pillage, and plunder their weasely black guts out.

"You think they'll put up a fight?"

"Nah," Jack said. "They almost look like they're avoiding us." A grin spread across his lips. "I'm daring to hope that it really is a merchant ship. We could always 'accidentally' take one, what do you think, luv?"


"That's why ye love me."

"Very true."


The vessel was anything but a merchant ship. She was a heavily armed, very skilled pirating ship that was ready and willing to take on the crew of the infamous Black Pearl and her so called daft captain. Explosions echoed around the area as Jack shouted orders over them.

"Jack! Watch out!" Ana Maria yelled from where she stood.

An explosion rocked the deck, sending the pirate captain flying into a stack of storage boxes and burring him beneath him. Ana ran to him, shouting orders to pull out. A draw would be called between the two ships as they would both limp off in opposite directions. The battles very rarely ended in that fashion.


One tanned hand poked through the boxes as Jack Sparrow shoved them off. Ana helped pull him out and over the mess. "You all right?"

"Oh just peachy, luv."

He was limping. That was never a good sign. Ana sighed as she pulled his arm around her shoulders. "We pulled out."

"For the best," he mumbled.

"I know. Should I tell Mr. Gibbs to set a course for Port Royal?"

"Aye, luv. Do tha', would ye? I'll be in me cabin if ye need me."


Ana Maria made her way down below deck to the cabin's quarters. She knocked once before opening the door, finding Jack sitting on his bed and fingering his left knee gently. She frowned as she stepped over. "Let me take a look."

"It's fine, Ana. Don't fuss."

"I'll fuss if I please, Captain Sparrow, now move yer stubborn hand and let me see." She swatted at his hand and peered closer. The skin had all ready turned a darker colour, promising an ugly bruise for later as time passed. She reached forward to touch it carefully when a hiss of pain made her pull back. "I'm sorry."

"S'okay, luv. We're close in to Port Royal. I'll stay off it until we get there an' I can rest up at the Turners', deal?"

"I'd rather you not walk all that way from the docks to their home with it that way, but I guess we don't have much of a choice."


"You'll stay off it until we get there."

"'course, luv."

"Why do I not believe you?"

"Dunno, luv."

She grinned as she closed the door behind her.


With the repairs started, Jack and Ana started towards the Turners' home. It had been some time since they'd been there, and they were eager to get back. Ana was eager to have Jack get off of his hurt knee.

The flames that were leaping up in the sky were the first thing that caught the two pirates' attention. The fact that they were coming from the Turner home was the second. Ana let out a started gasp as Jack took off running, best he could, for the home. He was met by a very frightened Bill Turner. "Uncle Jack!"

Jack scooped the six-year-old boy up in his arms in mid stride and continued toward the house. "What 'appened, lad?"

"It was terrible, Uncle Jack! Men came in while we were sleeping and took Momma and Papa."

"Did they take Katherine too?" he asked the boy.

"No. Sister's with Grandfather."

Jack nodded at this as he approached the house enough to see Commodore James Norrington standing next to the governor and the four-year- old little Turner girl. She turned her dark eyes over to where they were approaching and lit off faster than anyone could follow. "Uncle Jack!"

Jack eased Bill down before catching his nearly flying sister. "'allo, poppet," he greeted her as cheerfully as he could. "How be you?"

"They took Momma and Papa!"

"So I've been told," Jack said as easily as he could. No reason to scare the girl more. "Now down ye go, luv, I need to talk with yer Uncle James, savvy?"

The little girl giggled. She'd found a strange fascination with the word that the pirate captain used often.

"What 'appened?" Jack asked the two elder men.

"Pirates," Governor Swann growled. "They took Elizabeth and Will."

Norrington laid a hand on his shoulder, quieting him so business could be done. "We've been trying to get the flames down for near half an hour. No such luck."

"Did anyone get a look at the people that took 'em?" Jack asked, his voice serious.

"No, but I've been hearing that a ship came into dock for only a few hours, and was gone by this time. They flew under a Spanish flag, I believe. The harbormaster said the ship looked almost too battered to sail, but sail it did."

Jack stared at the commodore for a couple of long moments. "My word..."


"Tha's the ship we ran into on our way here. We got into a bit of a scrimmage, both limping away. I had no idea...."

"Uncle Jack, do you know who took Momma and Papa?" Bill asked, tugging on his "uncle's" shirt.

"Yeah, lad, I've a pretty good idea."

"Are we going to go save 'em?"

"Aye, lad, we're going to go save 'em."


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