He didn't know when he had stopped thinking about Yuugi as the gum on the bottom of his shoe. Perhaps it was during one of those kind of days; serene and smooth, but with a little nip beneath the surface. Like fresh snow crunching under bare feet. But whatever it was, the fact remained that it had changed.

Their "relationship", if you will, had started off with harmless bantering, and somehow over the course of the year had morphed into deeper, more intense conversations. Soon they were talking about their past lives, and the events that had altered them, whether for the better or the worse.

It was during one of those days when it suddenly slipped out.

"You know, Yuugi, I think I like you."

The smaller boy just blinked up at the brunet. "I like you too, Seto," he replied, and began to prattle on again, but he interrupted the spiky-haired boy.

"No, Yuugi. I'm talking about a different kind of like. In fact, I even love you."

Yuugi tilted his head, and stared up at the taller boy. "Well, I love you too, Seto. I'm surprised you haven't noticed yet."

Now it was Seto's turn to blink.

And so it was done. They continued chatting, but each knew something had changed between them. It didn't make a difference, though. Both were content to keep things as they were. And you know? He thought it was more pleasant this way.



A/N: That was fun to write. Something different, ne? Short, but sweet. At least, in my opinion.

Love much,

Obscured Illusions