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The next morning Jericho drove Stephanie to her hotel and dropped her off. She told him she'd see him at the show in the next town and she declined when he offered her a ride.

That night at the show, Stephanie went to her meetings with the creative team and watched the show while Jericho did his thing. She was so happy just to be part of the team again even in if she wasn't on TV. When Jericho returned from his match against Christian, his on stage nemesis, off stage friend, he was very upset to see that Randy Orton was standing outside his locker-room, banging on the door, yelling at screaming for Stephanie to come out.

"Can I help you?" Jericho spat out at Randy.

"Yeah, tell your little girl friend to get out here, I have a message for her." He spat back arrogantly.

"First of all, Stephanie is NOT my girl friend, and secondly she doesn't want to hear your stupid message so just get the hell out of here and leave her alone!"

"Well fine Jericho, if your going to be such a stubborn ass, you can tell her yourself to watch her back." He said promptly and then left.

When Jericho entered his locker-room he wasn't at all surprised to see the bathroom door shut tight and locked.

"Steph," He knocked, "Its me, you can come out now."

Stephanie slowly opened the door and Jericho waved her over to the couch. She was once again in a shaken state.

"He kept following me. I couldn't get away. Eventually I just ran here and slammed the door, he wouldn't leave… I…"

"Its ok Stephanie its no biggie. Have you eaten anything yet?"


"Good, lets go get some food and get away from these crazy ass-clowns." He said going in to character a bit which made her laugh.

Jericho escorted Steph to his car where they decided to go to a small café downtown called Bunky's. Once there they chatted over coffee and Jericho tried to ease her mind a bit with lighthearted conversation.

After they were served their food, they were so involved in their conversation they failed to notice 3 men get out of a sleek black car that had been sitting in the lot since they had arrived. Before they new it the 3 men approached their table, none other than Ric Flair, Randy Orton and you guessed it, Hunter.

"Well, well, well Jericho, I see your finally getting your chance to ride the community bicycle." He chuckled. Jericho's faced hardened.

"What do you want Hunter?" He asked flatly.

"Nothing, isn't it ok to stop by and chat with a friend?" He grinned smugly.

Jericho stood up at this.

"We," He pointed between them, " are not friends. And if you don't leave this woman alone… I swear I'm going to kick all three of your asses."

"You see Jericho, that's what I like about you, you come right out and say what you feel. See, I came here to tonight to make an example, and that's what I'm going to do," Hunter, Ric and Randy all closed in around Jericho. " An example, to show little Stephy here," He sent her a little finger wave, "Just exactly what we kind of damage we can do."

Jericho decided it would be to his advantage, considering who was surrounding him, that he make the first punch. As soon as he did that they were on him. Stephanie watched in horror as Hunter, Randy and Ric pounced on Jericho. She was outraged now and quickly jumped to her feet and kicked Ric flair in the balls, then in the stomach once he fell to the floor. At least then Jericho had a better chance of defending himself. Once Hunter realized what Steph had done to Ric, and that the café owner was calling the cops, he quickly gathered up his men and hightailed it before Jericho could gain his bearings.

"Oh my god, Chris, are you okay?" She asked as Jericho slowly collected himself off the floor.

"I'll be okay Steph, here put this on the table." He handed her a twenty. "Lets get out of here, you can drive." And with that he passed her the keys.

"Where are we going?" Stephanie asked Chris once they were safely in the car.

"Your hotel, my hotel, it really doesn't matter. I just need to sleep. Make sure we're not being tailed." He said, groggy. Soon after he fell asleep.


"Chris, Chris wake up, we're at your hotel."

"Hmm? Oh, ok."

Stephanie decided to bypass getting the bags out of the car and looped an arm around the groggy Chris as they slowly made their way to his hotel room. Where soon there after they fell asleep.

Another day had passed and more threats had been made towards Steph. The drama of Jericho's life was just heating up.