Hana was the only one that wore black to the wedding.

In the back sat Yuki - eyes wide, clenched fists, but in a navy suit - and Kagura right next to him, doubled over like someone had punched her, eyes rimmed red and a soggy handkerchief in her right hand - but in a pale blue dress.

Even Hatori, who was still secretly grieving, was dressed in navy blue, face stern and bangs hiding his one unseeing eye.

And Tohru - oh, lovely Tohru, bedecked in a sugary white confection of a dress (which of course was made by Ayame), her hair stacked on top of her head, pink roses braided into the heavy ropes of it! Glowing, smiling, beautiful...Hana stared resolutely at her, sitting on her hands, breathing heavily.

Tohru on Kyo's arm, and the ceremony was over. The combined families rushed with them, leaving behind a trailing few: Yuki cajoling a silently sobbing Kagura to get up, Kisa sitting quietly with Haru as the two of them cooly looked on until they, too, got up and walked away. Hana sat.

And when, finally, Kagura hobbled away with Yuki, walking unsteadily on her heels, with the effeminate boy helping her out the door, Hana was still there.

Sitting. Sitting.

"Ah, are you just going to sit there all night, like some rock?" Uo walked in, an easy smile on her face.

"I suppose not."

"Come on, then, they're about to serve food. You want to pay your respects to the bride, right?"

Hana got up. "Sure," she said faintly as Uo pulled her along. "Sure."

And so, Hana sat at the reception, wordlessly picking at her food as insults and jokes, laughter and shouts, volleyed back and forth all around her.

And then they left, because it was over. Hana left, too.

And in the dark of her apartment, the cool purple light of a lamp shining on her, Hana began to cry.

Hana was the only one who wore black to the wedding. To Hana, it was a funeral.