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Prologue: The Dream

The dream was always the same.

' A girl was sleeping in a bright green meadow surrounded by forests. She was watched over by other girls, who seemed to be her friends, but one by one, they dropped off to sleep themselves. The girl in the center awoke and walked into the forest, seeming to be in a trance. A woman appeared and followed her. She caught up with the girl and spoke a name that reverberated through the sky.


Then the man in the chariot came up through the black chasm in the Earth, and took the girl – who had awakened – back with him. She went with him willingly, not kidnapped like the myths said when they were taught in school.

Kora could never remember what happened next in the dream. Small scenes appear momentarily in her mind's eye...

'galloping horses burning river darkness all around plants shriveling red red seeds'

...but nothing stayed long enough for her to try to figure it out. It annoyed her to no end, for she wanted to know what happened to the Persephone in her dream.

The dream came only on the second of the month, and Kora would awaken from it at one minute to three o'clock, drenched in cold sweat. There had been something horribly frightening at the end, but she couldn't remember!

She couldn't remember.

As far as she knew, that was how her life had always been, with the dream coming once a month and scaring her half to death. Then, one week after she had celebrated her sixteenth birthday, one week after the February dream, everything changed.