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Ficlet One: Cheeses?

"Cheddar?" Ron asked.

"Yup," Harry replied.

"Should've known..." Ron shook his head. "Parmesean?"

"Pff...no. What are you thinking?"

"Very nice," Ron made a note on his clipboard.

Ficlet Two: Pretty Rock?

Harry and Ron were walking across the grounds when they came across a shiny rock.

"Ooo! Prettiful!" Harry exclaimed picking it up.

"I dare you to chuck it at Hermione," Ron said.

"Right-o!" Harry hurled the rock at Hermione's head.

"Damn!" Hermione screamed. "Ow!"

Ficlet Three: Parrots are Amish?

"Haha! When you said 'Quaker Parrot,' I thought you meant it was Amish," Harry said.

"Yeah, Harry. It wears a little doily on it's head and will only stay in a cage of hand made wicker. And it prefers to be kept in a room lit with candles. It dislikes electricity." Ron snapped in arrogant reply.

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