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"Where's that other suitcase?"

"You left it in the living room," Finley called back, smiling as Alexander came thumping back downstairs.

They had gotten home late last night after too much planning and too much worry had turned into a few almost perfect months in Europe. They had ended the trip in Greece. Finley's smile broadened. He doubted he had had such a good, easy time since he was a child. And then it had been summer vacations at his uncle's, before his twelth birthday.

Their flight arrived home just after 2 a.m. Finley didn't remember it, he had been dopey from the sedative he took to fly. They'd slept in until nearly noon and were trying to unpack a bit before going to dinner at Alexander's parents that night.

Alexander smiled back at his lover. Finley was tanned and a bit plumper then when they had left. He was still too thin, Alexander thought he might always be too thin, but Greek food seemed to have agreed with him. He looked healthier with colour on his face and more weight on his body. He was still smoking like a chimney; he had one dangling from his fingers now as he unpacked, but Alexander ignored that. It wasn't something that could change.

He bent down and kissed Finley briefly before proceeding to the kitchen. Annie and Eve had blown through, they had been fully stocked before coming home, mostly with food cooked by his father's chef. Eve was a notoriously bad cook and Annie couldn't be bothered half the time.

"Damnit, Alex, how many of these ugly statues did you buy?" Finley called from the living room.

Alexander chuckled, coming back and passing Finley a bottle of water. Finley scowled at it but drank it. Alexander had cultivated the habit overseas, making sure Finley didn't get dehydrated by carrying around bottles of water for him constantly. They had had trouble once, finding just plain, drinkable water when Finley had been edging onto dehydration and Alexander wasn't about to let that happen twice.

"I was planning to give those to my father," Alexander said. "You don't think he'd appreciate them?"

Finley snorted, amused, leaning back and looking at his lover who had come to sit beside him. "You're dad's taste isn't that bad."

Alexander laughed, "No, but he'll get a kick out of using them to horrify my mother. They'll be popping up just before dinner parties for months."

"As long as they're not hanging about here," Finley muttered but he was smiling. Alexander looped an arm around his waist as he went through the suitcase, looking for the souvenirs they had wrapped up in t-shirts to keep them from breaking.

"Fin...?" Alexander said quietly.

"Hmmm?" Finley replied, looking up at him with lazy, happy eyes.

"I love you," Alexander told him, bending close to nuzzle his neck before finding his lips and kissing him slowly.

"Mmm, you too," Finley replied, his eyes soft as he went back to unpacking. Alexander's hand continued to come through his hair slowly.

It hadn't been what Alexander was going to ask when he opened his mouth but...No. In a relationship with someone other than Finley, yeah, it would have been a good time but... He'd asked once before, asked Finley to move in with him, and been told no. Finley still needed a place of his own, he needed that piece of independence still, might need it always. He spent most of his time at Alexander's but...he still needed that little bit that was his. Alexander understood that.

"Here, I'll take this bunch downstairs," Alexander offered, gathering up all the discarded clothing. Pretty much all of it needed a good wash.

"Okay, I think there's one more thing to find in this one and then I'll bring the rest of the clothing down," Finley said, unwrapping two shot glasses from Athens. "I think it's another one of those statues. I thought you weren't going to buy all the gods."

"Changed my mind," Alexander told him, smirking, before he disappeared into the basement.

Finley shook his head, laughing softly to himself. It had become apparent their second day their that, given the chance, Alexander liked to buy lots of souvenirs, both tacky and not, to take back to people or just keep. They'd hauled about backpacks full of them and shipped some home early. Alexander hadn't had a house to clutter before, now he had one and was, finally, happily providing more than necessary clutter.

An unexpected quirk, Finley admitted, one that even Faramir, he knew, had been surprised to see. But an amusing one and one that was, Finley thought with relish, well and truly a wholly Alexander thing.

He'd hit the lump that was, he was pretty sure, the last ugly statue. He hoped it was of Apollo. He had already uncovered every other god and goddess. If it wasn't Apollo then Alexander had likely bought two sets and stowed the rest in another suitcase.

He was groaning at the sight of what was most definitely not the sun god judging by the size of the statue's breasts when the doorbell rang. It was, Finley thought, probably Annie and Eve and he wondered if he could foist the damn things off on them as he went to open it.

Standing, still holding the door and looking at the person on the doorstep made his heart leap into his throat. He didn't know why; he had never seen the young man before. Never seen the pale, thin face with dirty brown hair and green eyes before. But he knew him. Faramir knew him. Faramir was reacting to strongly, with such confusion and need and joy that Finley felt it himself, right in that moment, as if it were his own set of emotions.

The young man, boy really, still, Finley thought, looked up at him with hesitant, hopeful eyes. "Father?"

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