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By: Lugga

Chapter 1: Bummer

Hel-loooooo, I'm Yagami Taichi. I lived in Odaiba for all my life and yes, my life is boring. I go to Odaiba Boys Academy and there are absolutely no girls. What's the point in going there if you don't have any ladies to look at? I was put in here for my actions, which was breaking into my old school and set the books on fire. But I'm glad I'm not alone, my friends were also in the act. Daisuke, Ken, and Koushiro joined me. I had to convince the guys but except Daisuke, he's always there for me.

It was the middle of March when we all went to the Academy. The guys and I fortunately got rooms that were close to each other. Except for Daisuke, and me we shared one. Koushiro was so mad at me because the act that we did will go to his permanent records. Big deal, Daisuke and I have several and we turned out all right.

"Why did I do this? Why did I let Taichi talk me into it?" Koushiro said in a low voice.

I rolled my eyes, "C'mon Shiro; it was just one time for you."

Daisuke looked up from his luggage and commented, "Look in the bright side, you learned how to break in and you love learning right?"

"Yes but not in a bad way."

Ken stayed quiet by the window as he stared at Daisuke put his things in the dresser. "Are you all right Ken?"

He jumped when he heard his name being called. Ken replied nervously, "What did you say Taichi?"

I smiled, "Are you all right?"

"Oh yeah, yeah. I don't mind this whole thing being here with you guys," he laughed as he placed his hand behind his head.

I studied him as he anxiously looked away. O.K. and I should leave it at that. I turned my attention to Daisuke who apparently appeared to be struggling with opening his closet. "Do you need help Daisuke?"

"Nah I'm ok I could open it."

"With those girly hands you're not."

Daisuke turned around angrily, "What did you say?" A grin crawled up my face. "What are you smiling about?" he asked.

"Nothing...just don't slap me," I raised my hands in self-defense. Once I said that, a huge thump was heard on the door. "What was that?"

"I'm not getting that," Daisuke stated. "Hey Ken it's your room."

"It's yours and Taichi's," he corrected him. Ken stood up from his spot and headed towards the door. He turned the knob and opened it. From behind the walls, two blonds and a brunette (he somewhat looked like Jude Law) jumped out and threw eggs at poor Ken. Ken stood there without being angry or showing any expressions.

"Hey you bastards!" Daisuke yelled as he ran towards the blonds and the brunette. He pushed Ken out the way and took a swing at the brunette. Daisuke punched him in the lips and it busted. I joined in along with Shiro. I took the taller blond and Shiro took the small one. The brunette fled while the blonds stayed behind. "I'm not done with you!" Daisuke ran after him.

"What's your problem?" I asked.

"Our newcomers deserve the best quality in eggs," the blond answered coldly.

"That's stupid. I'll eat the eggs."

He glared at me, "Let's go Takeru," the blond said referring to the other guy.

I looked at Shiro and he had a blooding nose. Ah great. The guys left while Shiro ran to the restroom. I glanced over at Ken who just stood there taking off the shells. "Are you ok?"

"What do you think?" he answered a bit furious. Daisuke came back with his knuckles bruised. He closed the door behind him, "Well that was something." He remembered about Ken's incident and walked over to him. "I'm sorry about that."

"It's not your fault..."

Shiro came out of the restroom and glared at me. "Hey, hey, I didn't convince you," I said.

Ken went next into the restroom and didn't come out for a while. Daisuke glanced at me and said, "So..."

"I think we might have a problem here. Hey, it beats time."

The next day we all went to our classes and none of us had the same room. I walked in my classroom and all the guys looked up at me. The teacher came towards me with a huge smile on his face, "You must be Yagami Taichi." He turned to the class, "Everybody, this is our new student, Yagami Taichi."

Whispers crawled around the room; some were even loud that I could hear. "Look at his hair..."

I raised my eyebrow, Yes, hair...better than being bald.

That guy looked a bit offended once I said that. I think I said it out loud. "Please have a seat."

I walked to the back of the room and took an empty seat by the window to the far-left corner. I placed my book bag on the floor and waited for anything to entertain me. The table next to me was not taken. What to do? What to do? Just then, the door opened and a blond walked in. "You are late again Ishida. What's the excuse this time?"

That guy...he's the one from yesterday. Ohhhhh man, I am going to have a blast in this class. I secretly smiled. "I got no excuse, is that good enough?" The teacher sighed and pointed to the table next to me. Wow, this is too good to be true. The blond turned his attention to his seat and noticed I was sitting next to his table. I waved my hand back and forth in order to get him mad. His eyes grew wide and I could sense the anger.

He headed towards his seat while still glaring at me disgustedly. "I'm good to look at right?" I grinned.

"Who told you that lie?" he whispered and sat down.

Ok, time to get busy. How should I start? "Hi I'm Yagami Taichi. And you are?" I asked cheerfully. The blond ignored my question and stared at the front of the room. "Ok...so how are you doing?" Once again, no answer. "I'm doing fine. My friends and I stayed up all night yesterday. It was fun." I laughed, "You won't believe what happened to my friend yesterday. He was egged badly. I wonder who did that to him? I wonder?"

He quickly turned his gaze at me and said, "Are you that stupid? Did you lose your memory? Or did your hair grow into your brain in order to forget?"

"Ohhhhh, so it was you?" I acted as if I didn't know.

"Yes you pathetic loser. Who else could it be?"

"I thought manly guys would pick on the others, not bishounen ones."

"What did you say?!" He got up and knocked his chair down.

"Ishida! Take a seat or get out of the classroom," the teacher raised his voice.

"Don't worry Yagami, I would make sure you get special treatment," he threatened.

"I can barely wait."

Ishida walked out of the classroom with his fist clenched.

Lunch came around the corner and all of us met in Ken's dorm room. "Let's go already!" Daisuke complained, "I'm starving!"

"All right, all right," I agreed.

We all left the room and headed towards the cafeteria. I stood there with my mouth open, "It's packed..."

Ken looked around and said, "I see a table by the far right corner," he pointed.

Ken led the way and the three of us followed. "I'll stay here so no one can get this table." Daisuke, Ken, and Shiro left to the lunch line. I sat down and waited for their return.

"So I see you are all alone?"

I looked up and spotted a pair of blue eyes looking back at me. Whoa, too close... "I see you can't get enough of me?"

He backed away and said, "Please, don't make me choke."

"Why did you come here?"

"I'm sorry for being such an idiot."

I studied him, yeah, right. "Very funny, now really, why are you here?"

"Fine don't believe me." He looked behind me and gave a little nod.

I glanced at him confused, "No one's behind m-" just then someone poured tomato sauce from behind. That bastard! I slowly got up and stayed quiet. Ishida stood there laughing at the sick joke. I faked a smile, "So this was planned?" There are probably two guys in back of me. I only have a chance with one and I'm taking it. I quickly grabbed Ishida and pulled him down to the floor. I sat on top of him and started swinging at his girly face.

The two guys came and pulled me up. The other blond helped Ishida up, "Are you ok Yamato?"

"No one gets away with anything," the brunette stated.

"Hey, hey!" A familiar voice came towards me. It was Daisuke.

"What happened to you?" Ken said as he placed his tray on the table. Shiro did the same.

"Why don't you loser brains leave us alone all right? Or else, I won't be happy and your face will be all ruined by the end of today," Daisuke backed me up.

"Let's go guys," the brunette said as they left the scene.

I looked at Shiro and he was smiling. "What's so funny Shiro?" I raised my voice.

Shiro covered his grin and replied, "You look like Daisuke."

I glanced at Daisuke and he was still staring at the guys that left. I then turned my attention to Ken and he was looking to the floor smiling. I guess I do.

"Hey Taichi, I'll go with you to the lunch line so those guys won't bug you," Daisuke insisted.

"It's all right, I need to clean up. Thanks anyways. I'll come back in a while," I said as I left the table and headed to my dorm room. So your name is Yamato? Ok, just be careful Yamato, I'll think of ways to get you back. Just watch me...

Once I got to my room, I quickly took a shower and changed my clothes. The bathroom was covered with the scent of tomato sauce. I looked in the mirror and all I saw was a hot guy with his hair all down. I studied my hairstyle and it looked kind of messy looking. Sweet...it would so definitely get the girls attention or in that case, guys. Thinking of guys liking me gave me the chills. If it comes to that, so be it. No one can resist me.

I got out of the room and was heading towards the water fountain to take a sip of water. I then heard footsteps coming to my direction. "Mr. Yagami?"

I backed away from the fountain and gazed up at a man with a beard. "What do you want?"

He was shocked by my rudeness and replied, "Is that the way to talk to the principal?"

It took me by surprise, "Oops...so...what do you want?"

"I see you don't get it but anyhow, please meet me in my office," with that, the bearded guy left.

I followed him to his office and soon came across a door that led to the place of the meeting. He opened the door and signaled for me to enter first. I did so with my eyes looking at the floor.

"Please have a seat next to Mr. Ishida."

Mr. Who? I looked up at the blond who seemed to be glaring at me. I sat next to Yamato and asked the principal, "So what's up?"

The bearded man took a seat at his chair and sighed, "Why don't you tell me what's up?"

"Well, I wasn't the one who asked to be here."

"Idiot," I heard Yamato whisper behind his hand.

I glared at him, "Hi Yamato, I didn't see your feminine body sitting there."

"Enough, I heard what happened in the cafeteria today. You, Ishida Yamato, poured tomato sauce on Taichi. And you, Yagami Taichi, you restrained him down and punched him. What do you think I thought of when the fellow students told me that information?"

"That Yamato wears a bra?"

I could sense Yamato glaring at me coldly. The principal tried to hold back his laughter, "I haven't taught my students to get along to be exact," he corrected me.

I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Hey I just moved in yesterday."

The principal started getting an idea. Ohh, no. "I'm afraid you are right Taichi." He glanced at Yamato, "Mr. Ishida, you are now in charge to show Mr. Yagami here the whole school and our activities."

Yamato stood up, "What?! I don't want to be near this freak."

I smiled to myself, all I have to do is be near him and he'll blow up. "I think that is a brilliant idea."

He glared at me and took off. "Thank you Mr. Yagami; it is isn't it?"

Sure... I left the room and looked around the halls for Yamato. I laughed at the idea. "I think Taichi is getting insane," I heard Shiro's voice.

I turned around and saw the guys there. "Hey guys."

"Where were you? You said that you were going to clean up?" Daisuke asked.

"I did but the principal pulled me into his office."

"What happened?" Ken asked as he crossed his arms.

"He wants Yamato to be my guide and all. Just so we could get along."

None of the guys said anything. I sort of hated the idea but then again, it was a good way to make Yamato mad. "Bummer," Shiro said. We all glanced at him with an expressionless face.

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