Author's Note: Aye, I just got back from two weeks of camp yesterday, and I got to see The Village afterwards and I absolutely loved it. Hence the writing of the fanfic. I'm working my ass off to get my other two stories updated, but in the meantime, enjoy the first multi-chapter The Village fic…


Prologue: The Woods

"I prefer not to think of such grim business…"

—William, 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

A frozen gale of a breeze swept through the confides of the sleepy town, traveling through all corners and in-between the homes, the meeting hall, and all of the buildings that made up the tiny, isolated village. This wind rippled a young, fragile-looking teenage girl's cream-colored skirt as she sat on the porch of her family's home. Near the place where the beautiful fabric ended in a lacy pattern had been tainted by the soot in her father's forge. He was a blacksmith in the town, a well-respected man that went by the name Lucius Hunt. The girl was rather fond of her father, unlike many of the young women near her age of fifteen.

The North wind was a sign that displayed in nature that meant Harvest was nearly over, and winter was well on its way, and another gust blew, her long, dark red hair blowing in the air. A sprinkle of freckles still remnant from the days of summer graced her nose and cheeks, standing out against her pallid skin. Her eyes were a pale, grayish blue, inherited from her mother, but unlike her mother, she could see as well as any member of the community, if not better. She was a quiet, rather sullen girl, and that was one of the many traits her father passed onto her.

Lillian Alieke Hunt was her given name, but those who actually took their name to get to know her called her Lil, or, more commonly, Lily.

So here Lily sat, her eyes transfixed on the woods, ominous thunderclouds looming over the treetops.

"Lily?" a hand interlocked with her shoulder, and she felt her whole body convulse at the person's very touch.

"I am sorry Brennan, it's just—you gave me a fright." She explained herself, her voice still thick with her horror that lasted less than a fraction of second.

The young man, her older cousin, smiled in response, but then his smiled faded. "You have a worried look about you." Brennan observed as he, too, took a seat on the seemingly ancient planks of the porch. He tousled his dark brown hair in his fingers and listened intently and patiently. He was usually reserved, but Brennan was one who loved to consult and hear of the village residents' troubles.

"Do you ever wonder?" Lily began, her eye contact ending with her cousin, and returning to the woods. "What is beyond our borders… other than what our sight tells us?"

His complexion suddenly turned completely serious. For a mere boy only two years her senior, he acted more like a man than most of the adults in the town did, but that was just Lily's opinion. "Lillian," he said seriously, and she knew his, for he nearly ever called her by her birth name. "You know that only death surrounds our borders… if you were to ever go into those woods…" Brennan shook his head. "Lily, you know of the truce as I do… what thought in your head would prompt such a question, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Nothing," she answered distantly, her eyes still focused blankly on the forest.

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