Chapter 6 Return to Sanity

Cid lit another cigarette, lounging back happily. It had been a week since his rescue, as it were, from his Aunt Eva's. Since then, he'd gone through six packs of cigarettes, the addiction hitting him like a brick in between the eyes. He didn't care though, he liked the hardened image the smokes gave him. Furthermore, Shera hated them, and she was always fun to tick off.
Presently, he sat in a smoky bar -so the cigarette didn't matter one bit- with Reno and Rude, all on their fourth or fifth round of booze, and were already quite wasted.
They'd been there twenty minutes.
Cid couldn't remember when he had been happier, really.
Of course, he couldn't remember much of anything after two tequila sunrises, a Bloody Mary in place of dinner, one Gin and Tonic, and a shot of straight Vodka and Brandy. He'd regret all of those, plus several more brandy shots, and a few good old cold beers in the morning, when he became far more acquainted with the toilet.
But for now, he was feeling pretty damned good. Especially since he'd just heard Reno's slightly slurred account of what had happened to him with Aunt Eva just before Cid and Gene had arrived. Rude raised an eyebrow at the redhead. The stoic Turk still wore his sunglasses, even though it was nearly completely dark in the hazy bar.
"So that's why you were so pale… and speechless. Never heard you speechless before." He commented. He didn't seem very drunk, obviously holding his liquor very well. Reno glared at him lopsidedly.
"Shaddup." He growled. Cid laughed, and ordered another round of drinks merrily. He also ordered a round for the patrons further down along the bar from them. Reno was paying, after all. He'd bargained out of the paying for drinks by trading the deal with giving the stranded Turks a ride home. At the time, desperate, sore, muddy, and permanently traumatized, they had no choice but to agree.
"So… I guess if I ever need a vacation, I just have to go back to Eva's…." He commented. Both Turks turned on him, eyes wide with horror.
"Please, no! ShinRa will send us after you again!" Reno cried. Cid laughed.
"Aaw, just messin' with ya." Reno chose that moment to pass out.


Hehe. That was fun.
CID: (#$(!!!! Fun my &#$ ass!
Reno: Really. That was #&$ing sick, lady.
MRE: (just grins) Yeah, and your point?
CId: F&! you!
MRE: Not right now, Cid. I'm too busy writing other nasty little fics about you. (Winks)
CID: shit!!!!! (Looks sick)
MRE: Aww, just messin' with ya! (grins)
Cid; (weakly) you're evil....

Yes, I am! But isn't it just LOVELY?!
Watch for more fics, people! I'm always writing! =D