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A week had gone by and Nita still refused to speak to Kit. Ronan spent most of his time in the hospital, having some of his college friends take notes for him. Kit came to visit Nita at night when no one was awake and would sit and watch her for awhile before he would leave. Her father and sister were constantly there but Dairine had to go to school so she would come to the hospital after school.

In that week Nita's conditioned got worse and she was starting to slip in and out of consciousness. The doctor said that this would start to happen more often and then she would fall completely into unconsciousness and into a coma. Dairine and Ronan were quickly trying to come up with plans to save Nita's life, they wouldn't let her die.

"Ronan, we need to get to her kernel. Where do you think we would find it?" Dairine asked her sisters boyfriend. They were sitting in the hospital cafeteria eating dinner while her father was watching over Nita. They only left the room to eat after they were told that they would be paged if anything happened.

"Wouldn't it be in the same place your mom's kernel was?" Ronan asked.

"No," Kit answered from behind them, making Dairine jump.

"What are you doing here?" Ronan snarled.

"Look, I know Nita hates me; I know she's mad at me. I'm here to help you, OK?" he answered.

"How can you help, Kit?" Dairine asked nicely, Ronan glared at her.

"I've been inside one of these worlds before, remember? Neets and I went into one to look for your mom's kernel. I can help you; I can teach you how to work a kernel, faster than your manual will. Please let me help you," Kit answered, standing next to their table now.

Ronan looked at Kit hard and finally nodded. Kit then pulled up a chair and sat down. Ronan watched Kit pull out his manual and open it up to a certain page. Ronan really didn't want Kit to help; after all he was the one that caused her to be angry. Ronan finally decided that he would let Kit help, mainly because Kit knew what he was doing and he didn't. If Dairine and Ronan were to be of any help to Nita, they needed to learn how to work a kernel soon or else it would be too late.


Another week had passed before they knew it and Nita was finally on the brink of unconsciousness. Dr. Jenkins decided that he was going to have a group discussion with everyone the next time Nita woke up. It just seemed to happen that Kit was there when she did wake up.

"Hello? Dad? Mom? Dairine? Ronan? Kit?" Nita asked slowly as she woke up from her most recent state of unconsciousness.

"Hey honey," he dad said as he came up to her bed and held her hand, "how are you?"

"Daddy?" she asked quietly.

"It's me, honey," he answered.

"Dair?" she asked quickly.

"Hey, big sis," Dairine said from next to her dad, "you're missing a lot of math homework."

Nita smiled softly. "Ronan, oh gods how I must look horrible," Nita said as he realized Ronan was sitting on the other side of her bed, opposite of her dad, holding her other hand.

"Love, you could never look horrible," Ronan said; he then raised her hand up to his mouth and he kissed the back of her hand. Nita smiled softly.

"Neets," Kit started from behind Ronan, "I'm sorry about everything. I never want to lose you as a friend, and if that means losing Emily, oh well. Please get better, Neets, I miss you."

Nita smiled at Kit and nodded her head. She then started to look around the room frantically.

"Nita," her dad said, "what's wrong?"

"Dad, where's mom?"

Everything in the room got quite and everyone exchanged the same look with each other. Obviously Nita was out of it and couldn't remember that her mom had passed away a few years ago.

"Nita, sweetheart, your mom," her dad started, "she passed away a few years ago, from cancer."

Nita's eyes started to tear up and before she could say anything Dr. Jenkins jumped into the conversation.

"Nita, I need you to answer me some questions," Dr. Jenkins said.

"Ok," she answered.

"What's your name?"

"Nita," she answered.

"Your full name?" he asked her.

"Uh…Nita…" everyone exchanged worried looks.

"It's ok, Nita. How old are you?" Dr. Jenkins said.


"All right, Nita. I need to talk to you and your family, OK?" he asked her and she nodded her head.

"Mr. Callahan, your daughter seems to be taking a turn from bad to worse but we can only hope that her brain will stop swelling long enough for us to try and slow it down-" Dr. Jenkins was cut off by Nita's heart monitor flat lining.

A group of 5 nurses rushed into the room and escorted her family and friends out of the room. They could hear Dr. Jenkins commanding orders to the nurses and the next thing heard was them yelling 'clear'. This occurred twice before they could hear the steady beating of her heart monitor again.


Ronan was pacing the waiting room and Kit was tapping the floor with his foot. Dairine was playing with her hands and Nita's father was flipping through a magazine, not even looking at the story titles or pictures, he just needed to keep his hands busy.

Dr. Jenkins finally came into the waiting room and allowed them all to return to Nita's room after she was cleared by a few other doctors and specialists.

"Mr. Callahan, Dairine, Kit, Ronan, I don't know how to tell you this but we are giving Nita a week, two at most. She is currently in a coma and we don't expect for her to wake up again," Dr. Jenkins said sadly.

"NO!" Dairine screamed as the tears started to pour down her face. Kit wrapped his arms around her and she started to cry into his chest.

Dad? Dairine? Ronan? Kit? Why are you so upset? I'm right here! I'm alive! I'm not dying! Why do you guys all look like something's wrong! I'm perfectly fine! See? I'm talking to you! Daddy, please don't cry, I love you. Dairine, nothing is going to happen, stop crying. Kit, I miss you Kit, we have things to do, stop crying and let's go! Ronan, I love you, don't leave me. Nita was saying this in her head but sadly enough no one could hear her. She was lost in an abyss and the only chance she had was for Kit, Dairine and Ronan to save her.


A/N: ok I know I took forever and I'm sorry. I had a bit of writers block for this story. Anyway, I am taking my feeling of an a coma state from an experience I had during surgery. I could feel and sense things around me, I could talk in my mind, I would try to talk out loud, but my brain wouldn't listen to me. My body wouldn't function, and my mouth wouldn't speak. I could hear people talking around me, I just couldn't tell them I was all right and that I was only sleeping. It was the worst feeling ever. I would start to wake up but the drugs wouldn't let me. I was having eye surgery so I couldn't see, alls I could do was hear. If this truly is like a coma, I never want to be in a coma.

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