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Title: We Shouldn't

Author: rembrandt77

Genre: Romance/Angst

Pairings: Inuyasha/Sango

Description: One-Shot for now

-- This is my first Inuyasha fic, so be easy on me! I took the hard route and made it an Inu/Sango so only constructive criticism please!

We Shouldn't

Dark clouds hung low in the sky, creating a dense fog as Inuyasha swung the Tetsusaiga through the air victoriously. "Take that Naraku! No one can stand up to me and my sword!" The baboon-cloaked man had left some time ago, but Inuyasha still couldn't shake the feeling that he was out there somewhere. Sifting through the latest victim's remains, another minion of Naraku, Inuyasha smiled smugly as he pulled out a bloodied jewel shard that was surrounded in a light pink aura. The victory was short lived, however, when he heard Kagome whimper as Miroku helped her to her feet. "Kagome!" With his demon speed he was at her side in a second, checking for wounds or breaks. When he grabbed her hand she howled in pain.

"Don't do that it hurts!"

Inuyasha snorted. "Stupid girl, it's not supposed to feel good when you sprain your wrist. Will have to take you to Kaede, come on." He knelt down and adjusted her on his back, this time staying clear of her hand.

Sango stood a few feet away from the group, wiping off her sullied katana. No one had asked if she was alright yet. Then again, she was a demon slayer, so naturally she would be just fine. Isn't that what they always thought? Sango guessed she was alright, despite the few gashes she had on her lower arms and legs. She almost cringed, knowing that she would be carrying Hiraikotsu, which would put added strain on her muscles that already felt like jelly. Complaining would only give someone else her burden, or a reprimand from Inuyasha, and she wanted neither. Sango sighed and wrapped pieces of her only kimono around her wounds. A few were already bleeding through the fabric. She hoped no one would notice. "Come on Kilala." Sango whispered to the small demon and picked her up from the ground. Poor thing, she thought. There were multiple cuts along the cat's body, prohibiting her from being their usual transportation.

"You coming Sango?"

Sango pulled a small bag from where she kept it hidden beneath her clothes and looked up. Miroku was walking toward her, she noticed, with a slight limp. If she could help Kilala heal faster, then maybe she could carry him.


"I'm coming Houshi-sama." She opened the small bag of paste and rubbed it into the cat demon's wounds as the monk watched her.

"What is it? A remedy of Kaede's?"

Sango nodded as Kilala's healing took over. Maybe now the small demon could transform. "Here, use this on your arms. It should aid the healing process." Sango motioned to Kilala who was now her full size, yet still had not gained her full strength. "Sit on her until you're healed. She's strong enough for one passenger."

Miroku's eyes roved over Sango's arms and then her legs. "What about you?"

Sango dropped a small wad of paste in his hand. "Don't worry I'm fine. I used it earlier." She lied, knowing that if she had used it, there wouldn't be enough for everyone else. "I'm taking some over to Kagome."

Miroku carefully climbed on Kilala and watched Sango as she walked over to the young miko. Sure, she had said she was fine. And other then the few visible wounds she received, she didn't appear to be too injured. But the monk wondered what the slayer was hiding from him.

"Here Kagome-chan, I brought some of this along just in case." Kagome looked down from where her head rested on Inuyasha's shoulder. "That was a good idea- Oh Sango you're bleeding!"

Sango stared down at her body nonchalantly. "Yeah I know." She had felt the blood dripping down her leg for some time. "Don't worry about it. The medicine should take affect pretty soon anyway."

Kagome nodded, but still stared at Sango's legs. And Inuyasha, who had been quiet through the entire exchange, secretly sniffed the air. That remedy had quite a sharp smell to it, and the only alike sent he could detect on Sango came from her fingers.

"There's a little more left Inuyasha." Sango said, eyeing his bloodied arm.

"Feh. There's no way I'm using that human crap." He stared at her from the corner of his eye heatedly. "It reeks."

Sango gave the rest of the package to Kagome defiantly, as if disobeying the hanyou for not using the rest on herself. He knows I didn't use it. She thought. With his sense of smell…

Inuyasha urged the group to move on, with him of course in the lead and a drowsy Kagome on his back who drifted in and out of sleep. Sango wished she could sleep, as she brought up the rear. Hiraikotsu seemed heavier then she remembered. And her breath seemed to run away from her. She tried not to pant too loud, scared that Inuyasha would hear and berate her for slowing them down. Sango's eyelids remained only half open as she struggled to ignore the heat of oozing liquid that covered her leg, while the rest of her wounds screamed for recognition. Come on Sango you can do it. You're a demon slayer. You're strong. She tripped over a stone and lurched forward which made Hiraikotsu slam into her back

"Sango." Miroku called from atop Kilala causing Inuyasha and Kagome to turn and look back.

"I'm fine, I'm fine." She tried to reassure, but Inuyasha wouldn't buy it.

He shrugged Kagome off his back and walked over to the weakened exterminator. "Quit acting like you're okay and gimme that stupid weapon."

Sango stared at him, then at Hiraikotsu, and back at him again. "But you have to carry Kagome-"

"Don't worry Sango-chan. I can walk." Kagome smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes. Inwardly she was jealous of Sango, jealous of the attention she was getting from Inuyasha, even though she knew she shouldn't be.

Sango reluctantly handed over her boomerang and watched as Inuyasha easily swung it over his shoulder. "Thank you Inuyasha, it was getting a bit heavy-" She was silenced by the hanyou as he swept her up in his arms. "What-What are you doing?! Put me down!" Sango struggled against him and flinched as the rough material of his haori rubbed against her injured skin.

"Calm down or I'll drop you!"

Sango sent him a steely glare. "I would love nothing more."

"Um…" Miroku cleared his throat. "Sango could sit up here and I'll walk-"

"With that crappy leg of yours? You'll just slow us down. I'm carrying her and that's that." The monk eyed him suspiciously. "It's not that I like it or anything! So quit lookin' at me like that Houshi!" Inuyasha spat as he tightened his hold on the squirming girl in his arms. Leaning over her, so only Sango could hear, he whispered roughly, "Settle down. It'll be faster this way."

The taijiya, who was starting to hate the way the hanyou talked about her as if she was non-existent, stopped moving and glanced at Miroku and Kagome. They were worn out. She hung her head in shame. If anything happened to them it would be her fault for slowing them down. My fault…Kohaku…

Inuyasha shifted Sango in his arms and checked her wounds. "Alright guys lets move. We'll have to make camp soon. It looks like it's gonna rain."

Kagome lowered her pace to be even with Kilala's. She cradled her wrist to her chest and couldn't help the tightening of her throat at the sight of Inuyasha and Sango together. She looked up at Miroku, trying to read his thoughts.

Slowly the monk became aware that he had an audience and glanced down at the lonely miko. He smiled softly. Poor Kagome. While it was true that he felt jealous of Inuyasha, and wished that it was he who held Sango so close, Miroku knew it wouldn't work. His leg prevented anything of that sort. And Kagome…

The young woman dragged her feet through the dust, kicking rocks as she went. Miroku figured Kilala was strong enough for at least one more person. He leaned down to tap her shoulder, and when she looked up at him, he offered her his hand.

"Thank you." She mouthed, and with her good hand, allowed him to help her up.

Miroku situated her in front of him and took a chance by putting his arms around her waist. He was surprised when, after some time, Kagome leaned back against him, asleep, allowing the back of her head to rest against his neck. The monk willed his hands to behave and slightly smiled as the girl snored softly.

Inuyasha had been watching the entire display from the corner of his eye, and felt the muscles of his hand clench at the thought of Kagome in the arms of that lecher. For a moment he had forgotten all about the other girl in his arms, but when she shifted to get more comfortable, everything came crashing back into reality. Inuyasha frowned. It had been he who pushed Kagome off his back to help the demon slayer. He abandoned her, not the other way around.

Sango nestled her face into the half demon's chest, asleep. One of her hands was unconsciously clenched in the material of his haori. For just a moment Inuyasha thought she looked completely innocent, like a little girl. But didn't all people look like that in their sleep? He wondered if his demon senses had detected this childlike innocence in her, and made him suddenly so protective. But even that made little sense. What demon did he know that took in little children because they detected a 'childlike innocence'? Sesshoumaru. Inuyasha fought to suppress a chuckle. His half brother was the last person on earth to do that, but then again how would anyone explain the little girl with him. What was her name? Rin? Inuyasha sighed inwardly. Maybe he was looking too far into it. Sango fought with him against Naraku. She would risk her life just to save his. Why shouldn't he be protective of her?

Why shouldn't I be? He questioned himself, though already fully aware of the answer. Sango sighed lightly and pressed her head further into his chest. Inuyasha unclenched the slayer's hand from his clothes and watched as her tiny fingers closed into a fist on her breast. I can't be so protective.

Because I've already promised to protect someone else.

Author note:

Hello there and thanks for reading my fic! I plan on making this a little longer, so I can actually get some romance in it. But there were a couple of things I wanted to discuss first.

1. Inuyasha does NOT love Sango (not yet anyway): In this chapter he noticed changes in the way he treated her and Kagome. It's going to be a slow relationship (though not too slow!).

2. Sango is completely oblivious: The only thing she has been aware of is the fact that Inuyasha is carrying her because of her injuries. She has no feelings for the hanyou yet either, except deep friendship, which we all know can blossom into more.

3. Miroku and Kagome are NOT in love: Right now they're just friends. If any of you want them to be more then that just tell me. Right now the both of them are a little jealous and seeking comfort in each other's company.