Title: What Was Once Lost Is Now Found

By: Moonlit Sea

Summary: Tyson's Grandpa asks him to go and pick up someone from the airport, but he won't tell Tyson who it is. Who is this mystery person? And what secret is Grandpa keeping from Tyson? (I know it's a crappy summary but the story is a lot better.)

Disclaimer: Don't own Beyblade or any of its characters

A/N: just a quick note to say that in this story all Bladebreakers live in the same house.


Chapter 1 - And You Are? Or Grandpa's Request.

It was a typical normal day in the Bladebreaker household. Kai was training in the back garden, Tyson and Max were playing video games, Kenny was busy typing away on his laptop and Ray? Well Ray had gone out to get some more groceries after Max and Tyson's little midnight feast last night, which left them with virtually nothing.
All was calm and peaceful well except for the little outbursts that came from Tyson and Max every now and then. Suddenly the doorbell rang shattering the serenity of the house.

"You expecting anyone?" Kenny asked Max and Tyson.

"Not that I know of. Max?" Tyson replied.

Max shook his head as the bell rang again.
"Maybe Ray forgot his key."

"Someone really should get before Kai hears it and wonders why we haven't answered it yet." Kenny reasons.

"Too late." A voice said.

Everyone turned to the direction of the voice a saw Kai standing in the doorway.
As he looked at them, they all knew what he wanted to ask.

"We haven't answered it yet because we're wondering who it could be. None of us are expecting anyone." Tyson said.

"Here's a thought. Why don't you answer it and find out."

"If you think you're so clever Kai why don't you go and answer it."

Kai looked at Tyson as if to say 'you don't really think I'm going to do that do you.'

"I'll get it." Kenny said with a sigh.

"Works every time." Tyson said to Max when Kenny had left the room.

Max looked a little surprised and looked at Kai to see a small smile on his face.
"You mean you two do that often?" Max asked a little amazed.

"Whenever Tyson can't ever be bother to move his lazy self."

"And you know Kai never answers the door especially when we're here." Tyson adds.

"So who's winning?" Kai asked changing the subject as he walked into the room and sat on the sofa behind the two boys.

"I am." Max and Tyson say in unison.

Kai gave a little chuckle at the argument that ensued after that answer. He had mellowed out a little over the years, with a little help from the others of course.

"How comes it took you guys so long to answer the door?" Ray asked as he walked in hearing the argument that was emanating from the living room.

The argument stopped almost immediately upon hearing Ray's voice.

"Hey Ray. Why did you ring the bell? Did you forget your key?" Max asks.

"Forget about that, how much food did you get?" Tyson asks.

Ray shook his head at Tyson's little food obsession.
"As long as you and Max don't have anymore midnight feasts, enough." He answered.

Tyson and Max blushed a little at the trouble they'd cause that morning.

"What were the two of you arguing about anyway?" Kenny asks as he appears behind Ray.

"Let's just say they both lost." Kai said knowing it annoy them both.

"Kai!" they said in unison both a little annoyed as they looked at him.

"You know you both should stop doing that or you might end up reading each others thoughts. That is if Tyson has any other thoughts besides food." Kai remarked.

"Hey!" Tyson said a little offended.

"Judging from the recent conversation I'd say that's a no Kai." Ray joked.

"Ha ha very funny Ray." Tyson said a tad annoyed.

"So what's for dinner?" Max suddenly asked.

Ray, Kai and Kenny suddenly cracked up with laughter. While Max and Tyson looked at them with dumbfounded looks on their faces.

"I think they've lost it." Tyson comments amazed that Kai was even laughing. Sure he chuckled once in a while but no one had ever heard him laugh before.

Max nods in agreement just as amazed as Tyson to see Kai laughing.

"Maybe it's too late." Kenny says after his laughter had subsided a little.

At that comment Max got the joke a started to giggle. Tyson looked at him as if he'd suddenly grown two heads.

"Would someone please tell me what you're all laughing at?" Tyson asked his annoyance growing.

"Think about what was just said Tyson." Kai answers and walks out of the room still chuckling.


"Dinner will be ready in a few minutes Max." Ray said answering his earlier question.

"Thanks Ray." He says with a smile "Need any help?"


Max got up and left the room with Ray leaving a bewildered Tyson still wondering what they were all laughing at.

"Chief tell me, what were you guys laughing at?"

"Oh Tyson. Can't you figure it out for yourself." Kenny says.

"Obviously not." he replied.

Dinner had come and gone and Tyson had finally figured out why everyone was laughing earlier. He had to admit it was a little funny but at the same time it was a little hurtful as well.
They were all now in the living room watching TV well except for Kenny he was busily typing away on his laptop as usual.

"Oh Tyson I forgot to tell you that I ran into your grandpa while I was out." Ray says.

"How is Grandpa? I keep meaning to go over and see him."

"But food keeps interrupting." Max added quietly making Kai and Kenny chuckle at his remark.

"He's good; he says he wants you to do something for him."

"Now I remember why I keep away." He mumbles to himself.

He got up out of his chair, went over to the phone and dialled his grandpa's number.
"Hey Grandpa, it's me."

"Hey little dude, why don'tcha hang with ya ol' grandpa anymore huh?" his grandpa said foregoing his greeting.

"Nice to speak to you too Grandpa."

"I'm just saying that ever since you moved you've no more time to just chill with ya ol' grandpa." He went on.

Tyson sighed and hung his head shaking it.

"Anyone wanna take bets that Tyson getting an earful from his Grandpa." Max said.

"Well you have to admit that he does deserve it. I don't think he's been over there since we moved here." Kenny figured.

"Mind you if I had a grandpa like Tyson's I think I'd stay away too." Ray commented.

Both Kenny and Max nodded in agreement.

"Sounds like he's trying to get out whatever it is his grandpa wants him to do." Kai says hearing Tyson's moans and complaints.

"Okay okay I'll do it. Just tell me what I need to know." He said getting a piece of paper and a pen then began writing down all the information. "Right got it, see ya tomorrow Grandpa." And with that he put the phone down.

Everyone looked at him as he collapsed into the nearest chair.

"So…" Ray asked seeing as no one else would.

"I gotta go pick someone up from the airport and take them back to grandpa's." Tyson responded.

"Do you know who it is?" Max asks.

"He wouldn't say, just that they would recognise me when they saw me."

"Sounds disturbing." Kenny said.

"How do you mean Chief?" Tyson asks.

"The fact that they know you but you don't know them. Doesn't that worry you Tyson?"

"He's right." Kai said.

"I never thought of it like that." Tyson says now looking a little worried.

"What time do you have go and get them?" Kai asks breaking the silence that held the room.

"Huh? Oh… uh…" looking at the paper in his hand. "Eleven thirty."

"We'll go with you."

"Right." Ray confirms.

"Thanks guys." Tyson said feeling a little relived that he wouldn't have to face this 'stranger' who knew him alone.

The next morning they all headed over to the airport. Tyson was a little apprehensive about who this person was who he had to take back to his grandpa's.

"I'm sure things will be okay Tyson." Max reassured.

Tyson gave a nod, everyone was surprised at Tyson's silence they'd never seen him so quiet or worried before.

"What's the flight number Tyson?" Kenny asked.

"Huh? Oh it's uh…" taking out the paper that had all the information on it. "Flight 523."

Kenny gave a nod and went with Max and Ray to see which gate they needed to go to.
After taking a quick look around Tyson sighed forgetting that Kai was still with him.
Kai placed a hand on his shoulder making him jump. Tyson turned to Kai to see a slight worried look upon his face.

"I'm okay Kai. Just a little worried I guess."

"I haven't seen you this worried since Ray's battle with Bryan at the world championships."

Tyson gave a small smile.
"Hey I didn't think I looked that worried." He said trying to joke a little.

But Kai could see he was still deeply worried.

"Tyson!" a voice suddenly shouted.

Tyson turned round at the mention of his name and saw Ray, Kenny and Max returning.

"According to the arrivals board flight 523 landed half an hour ago." Ray informed.

"Great." Tyson said sarcastically. "Now what are we suppose to do?"

"Excuse me?" a female voice says from behind Tyson "Are you Tyson Granger?"

"Yea and you are?" Tyson said turning to face the person.

He saw a girl about the same age as him or maybe a year or two older. She had long midnight blue hair tied up loosely in a ponytail; she wore dark blue jeans and a black sleeveless top with a picture of a dragon on it.

"My names Tiffany. Your Grandpa said you'd be here to collect me." She smiled.

"Y-you're the person he wanted me to get?" Tyson asked a little stunned.

Tiffany nodded.

"Anyone else glad we came?" Ray said slyly.

"Yea." Max agreed making Tiffany blush a little.

"So… are you going to take me to your Grandpa's or just stare at me all day?"

"He's just a little surprised. You're not exactly what he… I mean we expected." Kai said giving Tyson a little nudge to 'wake' him up a little.

"Hm? Oh yeah right…" still a little dazed.
/-If Grandpa had told me it was a girl I was to collect I wouldn't of worried so much.-/ he thought.

They made their way to Tyson's grandpa's place. Although the only two people who could talk properly were Kenny and Kai. The others were still in shock, but by the time they reached the dojo Tyson had gotten over his shock well mostly.

"Hey Grandpa." He called out as he entered the building.

"Little dude!" his grandpa exclaimed making him jump.

"Grandpa I wish you wouldn't do that." Tyson said half annoyed.

"Just keeping you on ya toes little dude."

"Why didn't you tell me I was going to pick up a girl from the airport?" he asked changing the subject.

His grandpa smiled.
"So you've seen her then."

"Well obviously. Max and Ray can't seem to keep their eyes off her."

His grandpa chuckled.
"Quite the looker isn't she. So where is she now little dude?"


"Then let's go."

As they walked out into the garden they saw Max and Ray showing off their Beyblade skills.

"You two are really impressive beybladers." Tiffany compliments.

"Tiffany do you blade?" Kenny asks.

She smiles but doesn't answer Kenny's question, she then notices Tyson and grandpa and walks over to them.

"Nice to meet you again Mr. Granger." She says politely while bowing out of respect.

Kai who had been watching all that had been going on so far saw a tear appear in the corner of grandpa's eye as he smiled. No one else had noticed it Max and Ray were too busy looking at Tiffany, Kenny was busily doing something on his laptop and Tyson? Well Tyson was too confused to notice anything.
/-Something tells me that there more to this than meets the eye.-/

"We'd better get going." Kenny suddenly says closing his laptop.

"Right Chief." Tyson said walking over to the others.

It took them a while to 'leave' however as Max and Ray wouldn't move but Kai, Kenny and Tyson eventually got them to walk away. When they were sure everyone had gone Tiffany turned back to grandpa and hugged him to which he returned.

"It's been a while." She says.

"I'll say it has little miss but ya finally home." As he released her from the hug.

"Yeah and it's great to be back. Although…" she began.

"You're upset that little dude doesn't remember you."

"I guess that's to be expected." She said solemnly.

Grandpa smiled.
"Then I think it's about time you told him."

"Really? You sure?" Tiffany asked excited but unsure.

Grandpa nodded.

"Oh! Thank you!"

They both headed in.

Unknown to them Kai had stayed back to see if he could find out what 'little secret' Tiffany and Tyson's grandpa had.
/-It looks like they know each other extremely well, and what's this 'thing' she's going to tell Tyson?-/ he wondered as he headed back to their house.

so what did ya all think? would you like me to continue? (if so it might take me a little while though I've kinda got a little writer's block for this story :s )

Moonlit Sea