Figuring It Out

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Summary: AU. Slash. M-Preg. In his 6th year, Sirius finds out he's pregnant, but he doesn't know who the father is because he's slept with so many people. When the baby is born, he finally finds out who the father is.

WARNINGS: This story is an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE fic, it also has SLASH and MALE PREGNANCY! If you don't like any of these things then don't read this and save me from wasting my time by reading pointless flames.

Pairings: Sirius/?, Sirius/?, Sirius/? and Sirius/?

In this story, Remus lives with Poppy Pomfrey, his foster mother, because his real mother is very sick and his father can't handle the task of raising a child on his own.

Chapter 1: Finding Out

Sirius flushed the toilet in the Sixth year boys' bathroom, he had just been throwing up again, he had been doing that nearly every morning for the past week and he didn't know why?

"Siri?" A knock sounded on the door.

Sirius pulled himself up off the floor, "What?"

"Are you all right?"

"I'm fine Jamie…" Sirius ran his hands through his short raven hair. "I just feel about a bit off that's all."

"Are you going to go back to bed?"

Sirius started brushing his teeth to get rid of the taste in his mouth, "I think so yeah." He spat the toothpaste out. "After I go to Madame Pomfrey."

"Okay." Replied James through the door. "Will you want some company at lunchtime?"

Sirius smirked, "Yeah sure. Try not to bring Peter with you though, I don't think I could handle him today…"

"All right. I'll see you later then."


Sirius put his hands on the sink and stared into the mirror, what the hell was wrong with him? He felt awful and looking at his reflection in the mirror right now he could see how pale he was.

"What is wrong with me?"

Sirius left the bathroom after he had a shower and climbed back into his warm bed, he curled up under the covers and closed his eyes. He was still trying to figure out what was wrong with himself, he couldn't have eaten something that disagreed with his stomach every night for the past week. Could he?

Did he have food poisoning? Had he caught the flu? Was he terminally ill? Was he pregnant?

Sirius opened his eyes wide, Pregnant…no way…I'm a guy!… He quickly got out of bed and pulled some warm clothes on, as it was winter. I have to go to Madame Pomfrey now!

Sirius pulled his heavy winter robes on and left the dormitory.

"Madame Pomfrey?"

Madame Pomfrey came out of her office, "Shouldn't you be in class?"

Sirius nodded, "Yeah, but…I haven't been feeling well lately and I thought I should come here." He replied quietly.

Madame Pomfrey considered him suspiciously for a moment; "You do look a little off. Come and sit on a bed and let me check you over." It was quite odd to see Sirius Black so quiet and nervous.

Sirius went and sat on one of the Infirmary beds and bit his lip, "Um…can I ask you something first?"

"Of course."

Sirius picked at the blanket on the bed he was sitting on; "Um…c-can men get pregnant?" He glanced back up at Madame Pomfrey with fearful blue eyes.

Madame Pomfrey pulled a chair up in front of the bed and sat down in front of Sirius, "Well, its not unheard of for men to become pregnant naturally. No one's really sure how it happens but it does, a lot of gay wizarding couples are able to conceive their own children instead of using a surrogate mother." She searched Sirius' eyes in curiosity. "Are you asking out of curiosity or is there a specific reason?"

Sirius sighed and stared at the ground, "I-I just thought that I was sick or that maybe I ate something that disagreed with me…but, I thought about it a little while ago and…" He looked back up at the school matron. "I think I might be pregnant…"

Madame Pomfrey got up from her chair, "Okay, well I'll get you a test and we'll find out shall we?"

Sirius nodded and sniffed, he folded his arms over his stomach. "I've been throwing up every morning for the last week or so…"

"Well that does sound like you could be, but we won't know for sure until you take the test." Said Poppy as she came back to Sirius with a small box in hand. "Take this into the bathroom and follow the instructions. Tell me when the result shows up."

"Okay." Sirius took the test off her and went into the bathroom. He read the instructions on the back of the box before taking the little stick out. Two cauldrons is positive, one is negative… Please if there's a God, make it one!

Poppy knocked on the bathroom door, "Sirius?" No answer. "Sweetie, come on out."

Sirius opened the door, his bright blue eyes shining with tears, "Its positive…" Poppy led him back over to a bed. "It never would have happened if I wasn't gay…"

Poppy frowned slightly, "Do you plan on telling your boyfriend?"

Sirius crossed his legs on the bed and rested his chin on his hands, "I don't have a boyfriend…" He glanced up at Poppy again. "…I've slept with seven guys recently though…and I don't know who's baby it could be…"

Poppy nodded, "Listen, as wrong as I think a teenage pregnancy is, I will help you." Sirius gave a small smile. "But, I will be informing the Headmaster, he has to know and perhaps the Potters as they are your adoptive parents now."

Sirius sniffed, "Okay…They'll hate me, but Dumbledore will kick me out and the Potters probably won't want me anymore!"

"I assure you Sirius, they are all far more understanding than that." Said Poppy, stroking his hair. "You are not the first sixteen year old in this school who has fallen pregnant and, as you weren't aware that men could get pregnant it isn't entirely your fault."

Sirius wiped his eyes on his robe sleeve and smiled a little, "Can't you be my mum?"

Poppy smiled and hugged Sirius, "I'm already a foster mother to Remus, I'm not sure I can handle another teenage boy."

"Hey Si, how you feeling?" Chirped James as he came into the dorm with Remus behind him.

Sirius kept his back to his friends as he curled up in his bed and stared out the window opposite.

"Siri?" Remus went round his bed and looked curiously at him. "What's the matter?"

Sirius sniffed, "I have something to tell you…you both…"

"What is it?" Questioned James as he sat down on the end of Sirius' bed.

Remus followed suit and sat down on the bed next to James.

Sirius sat up in his bed and wiped his eyes, "Um…I'm not saying this has anything to do with you two at all…but just in case…"

"What are you trying to sa-"

Remus whacked James in the arm to make him stop talking. "Go on."

Sirius bit his bottom lip, "It's my fault…perhaps if I didn't sleep with everyone I fancied it wouldn't have happened…" James and Remus both looked very confused now. "…I'm pregnant…and I don't know who the father is…"

Remus just stared at his friend in shock while James passed out in a dead faint, falling off the bed backwards and onto the floor.

Sirius just put his face back in his hands and tried not to cry, he didn't want to lose his friends over this, although he thought they might be supportive of him.

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Next Chapter: Sirius goes through a process of elimination to find out who the father is, but he's still left with four possibilities.