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Summary: Kai thinks he finally found the right person for him and is head over heels for her. Ready to ask the big question he goes back to Russia to check up on his long-time best friend Tala for help. Taking her along with him, what happens to Kai when his love and best friend start to get along in ways that are more than just a friend?

AU/OOC/And an OC pairing: Kai/OC/Tala

Defining Together

: Chapter One

"You freak, it's colder than you s-said, I'm freaking freezing."

A dual toned haired man walked up from behind the shivering girl and chuckled, "You're the one that said that you can take it. Who's the shaking tree now? Huh? Loser…"

"S-screw you Kai."

He walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders, "There, feel better?" He smiled kissing her cheek.

She shrugged him off and turned to face him, "Get away from me, you're just adding more to the cold. W-where the hell can I buy more jackets!"

Kai laughed, "You're already wearing three, you still want more?"


"Don't worry, once we get indoors again you'll be warmer."

She glared at him, "I hate you. Why aren't you getting as cold as me? It's just not fair."

He pouted, "You want my jacket?"

"No. I don't need your stupid pity, okay?" She looked around and changed the subject, "What's taking so long?"

Realization dawned him, "Oh yeah I forgot about that, I should go call a cab or something." She looked at him wide-eyed, "What the hell? I've been standing out here for no reason?" He nodded dumbly.

"You're lucky I'm cold, or you'll be shit right now."

The taxi driver looked at the mirror to see the couple cuddling each other, "So newlyweds huh?"

"We're not married, just together."

The driver chuckled, "Heh, not just yet." He turned the vehicle and changed the subject, "You know? You look very familiar." He stated directing his gaze to the young man in the back seats but shrugged it off as the couple's stop was near. "Okay here we are." The two people exited as the driver waved good bye.

"Wow… Kai, you live here?"

He shook his head, "Nah, this is my friend's house. Remember the one I want you to meet?"

She nodded then looked at him, "House? If this size to you is considered a house then what do I live in? A tent?"

"No…" He trailed, "You live with me."

She looked back at the extensive building, "Wait, what exactly are we doing at your friend's mansion? Don't you have a place to live? And you said I was gonna finally meet your family. What's going on?"

"Yeah, yeah, I have a place to live, I just don't want to go there yet. My family is just the reason why we're going to stay with my friend for a while." He took her hand into his and slightly tugged her forward, "Come on let's go."

She stood there as the two friends spoke to each other- in Russian, a language she really really couldn't understand. "So you must be the girl Kai doesn't seem to stop talking about." They smiled at each other pulling into a hug. "I'm Tala. Nice to finally meet you Robin."

"You too Tala."

As soon as greetings were done Tala led them to their room. He pushed opened the two doors revealing a large room with light gray walls and a dark gray floor. Large windows that scaled the walls covered by thick blue-gray curtains. She turned her gaze to the large bed; it changed the theme to the room, white with dark gray metal poles holding up the canopy.

"Umm there's other colors, I just put your things here because this is Kai's room, which he designed himself. I don't know why, it's kind of depressing. But it's up to you two; you have a lot of rooms to choose from. Anyways it's 7:55 and dinner should be served so anytime you two are ready, Kai knows the way around." With that the redheaded Russian left closing the door behind him.

Robin made her way to the bed and sat down, "You like a room that's gray? Maybe if you stood by the wall and I squinted my eyes maybe I could picture you bald." She giggled as he made his way over to her.

"Want a different room?"

She shook her removing her first two jackets before Kai interrupted and placed his lips on hers putting the two in a deep kiss.

He pulled away softly rubbing his thumb on her cheek, "I love you."

"I love me too. I'm just joking, I love you too." She wrapped her arms around his neck and the two continued what they started.

"What? Hiwatari's back and he didn't even say 'Hi' to us? Where is that piece of shit?" A lavender haired guy asked looking around.

"In his room." Tala replied following the lavender-haired man to the room where he had left the couple earlier. "Bryan what are you going to do?"

"I don't really know." He shrugged opening the door, "Hiwatari you-" He stopped and closed the door behind him as he saw that the two were busy at the moment. Bryan turned to his friend, "Fuck you Tala! You didn't tell me he was having sex, I wouldn't have gone in."

Tala opened his mouth to say something when Kai walked out and looked at the two, "We weren't having sex you dumb assess, more like making out so shut up."

"You're just mad because you had to stop, hn, you have all the time later to fuck. Lets go eat."

"Yeah you're right, you guys go ahead we'll come down in a few."

Bryan smirked, "'We'll', it's a nice word for newlyweds. See even people you don't know can see that you want to get married. Tala told me about what happened in the cab, tsk, tsk. I can picture it, five years from now. Sixteen kids will be rushing to me yelling for their uncle Brian. Two batches of quintuplets, triplets, twins, then one."

Kai looked at his friend in shock, "Sixteen! Why don't you and Tala try that and we'll see what happens." He said entering the room with the sound of his friends' laughter.

That night Robin met a few of Kai's closest friends and heard their stories. Dinner was chaos, while the guys talked to each other like they were all deaf; the ladies had a quiet chat amongst each other. And food was not meant to decorate the walls.

But while the so-called war was taking place Kai and Robyn had their six-minute moment under the table until Kai's friend Spencer found them.

After dinner they all headed to Tala's rec. room for some tranquility, but that didn't last.

The night ended with Tala being the first to fall asleep. They all headed to their rooms including Mr. Sleeping Beast; and Kai got his 'later time' with his girlfriend.

Morning soon came, and all the guys headed out to attend some business. Kai insisted that she should have a little exploration of Moscow to past time and that's when Tala introduced Hillary. She was one of his maids and that she'd show Robin around while the men all get a bore at their work…

"Hey Hillary, can I ask you a question?" Robyn asked the brunette standing next to her.


"Do you know anything about Kai's family? Because every time I ask he says that that isn't important at the moment. It's like he's hiding something from me."

She looked at the ground, "Ma'am I do know things Master Kai's family. But him hiding something from you is all your opinion. If you trust him then you shouldn't be thinking that way. Now it's my turn to ask a question. Do you trust him enough to not doubt him and what he says?"

Robin smiled, Hillary was right. She trusted Kai and everything he'd have up his sleeve. There was no reason why she would ever doubt Kai, the man that held her heart. "Yes, I trust him."

Hillary smiled.

"I wanna buy flowers!"

Hillary and Robin held bouquets in their arms to give to the people in Tala's estate. Robin was so cheerful that fine but still cold afternoon that she practically skipped all the way to the mansion. Aside from skipping she sang, hopped, and spun causing people to look at her. But she didn't care because her feelings for Kai would always put her in this mood.

"Kai, Kai, my Kai, my retarded Kai, mine, mine, mine!" She sang as she hopped on a fountain with frozen water with the biggest grin her mouth could pull.

"You two must be really happy!"

"I am! I don't care about him! Wait, I do! I love Kai! Kai! Kai! Kai!"

Hillary giggled, "Anyways you can tell him personally, we're here." Robin looked at the front door and turned to Hillary, "Yeah I'll tell him but I want to surprise him from behind, can we go through the back door?"

"Sure, we can go through the garden then past the study and we'll be in the kitchen. After that we can make our way into one of the rec. rooms."

"Okay, but one thing, there's a garden in the back? I thought it was only in the front."

"Yep! There's not much since the temperature is so low…"

The two girls walked around the vast pied-à-terre and finally made it to the back garden; they opened the door and walked quietly almost making it to the entrance of the study. The two of them still holding their grins.

They passed the entrance, large doors with large circular windows. Robin turned her head to catch a small glimpse of how the study looked like when a familiar figure caught her eye. Two shades of gray hair, pale, stalwart body. Just the person she was looking for. She came closer to get a better view when she noticed that Kai had another body on his.

A girl with exceedingly short hair was locking lips with Kai.

The same Kai that she thought had the same feelings for her as she did to him. The same Kai that she's been with for two years. Two years, wasted? On someone that didn't even care. Was this why he had brought her here? To smash her into the dirt for being and idiot for falling for him? Everything was a lie.

No matter how cold she was she could still feel the burn of her tears as they trundled down her face. Like an inferno they burned her heart, her soul, the girl that fell in love with Kai.

She dropped the flowers and dashed to the room her and Kai shared. She didn't want to stop for anything she just wanted to bawl her eyes out.

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