By: Megumi Skylark
Edited by: Camille

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My name is Rei Otohata.

Prince, actually.

No, that's not right. It's His Royal Highness, heir to the Phoenix throne, Prince Rei Philip Alexander Lacour Otohata.

Quite a mouthful, ain't it?

Personally, I think it sucks.

Blame it on my mother. She insisted that I get, "at least", 3 names. Well, you should listen to her struggle with my name when she gets mad.

My sisters got off easy. Cleossandra Eliza. Megumi Aria. See? Two names. I got twice as much. Aren't the guys sort of, you know, minimalist?

Not when you're royalty, looks like.

I am prince of a relatively large nation. Raegaia - the sister nation to Gaea, but is somewhat smaller than the latter. It has 24 orblis - city - which is ruled by a count/duke/old fat guy. And, each of those 24 fat guys somehow always have, at least, one spindly, chicken-like, horse-faced blabbermouth of a daughter that wants to marry me.

Hey, I'm a lot of things, but I'm not egotistic, nor am I a liar.

Man, are they ugly.

I think even ogres would have gone into hiding at the sight of them. I shudder to think what would have happened to my sanity if any one of them were my wife. Gods, save me.

Almost every other week, a "duke" knocks on the big stone door of Otohata Hall, and brings along this, this...thing and says that that...thing wants to marry the prince.

How do I survive?

Well, being a (underappreciated) genius of a boy of sixteen, I run and hide.

Brilliant, huh?

Thankfully, I have two sisters that have amazing powers of persuasion, and convince dear daddy that, that...thing isn't what I was looking for to be happy, what the family wanted to uphold the Otohata honor, what Raegaia needed to survive and become greater...Told you they were good.

So far, this has worked for the past 8 "dukes", so it's going great.


Hey, I don't hate women. They're really cool - and useful for many, many things. I'm fine with them. I don't know. Maybe it's like what Cleo said - "Rei, you're not ready for a relationship yet." Is she right?

No. That's wrong. I can love. I can see myself in love. But, I can't see the one I'm supposed to love. The "Right One" just hasn't come yet. All the girls that are worth looking at are either my friends, taken, not royal or all.

Hell, I wouldn't mind having a girlfriend. I mean, a guy has to feed the ego every once in a while, don't you think? Moonlight talks, walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, make-out sessions - can't wait for that - one of the many things I'm missing out.

Two weeks ago, my parents held a ball here.

All my royal friends came.

With their consorts. See the s? Yep, plural. All of them had a girlfriend or wife.

Heero and Relena. Duo and Hilde. Trowa and Middi. Quatre and Dorothy. Wu Fei and Sally (still can't believe this one). Van and Hitomi (I personally handled this "getting together"). Tamahome and Miaka. Dryden and MIllerna. Ukiya and Ruriko. Kenshin and Kaoru. Recca and Ana. Arika and Belmont. Koji and Karen. Sanosuke and Megumi (not my sister). And the list goes on and on and on.

As I watched all of them dance that night, hold hands, lose themselves in each others' gaze, I couldn't help but feel a slight twinge of jealousy. And loneliness.

Did I mention my sisters are in the same boat?

Cleo is "supposedly" working at the stables, taking care of the horses. Ha, working, my ass.

More like making out with the son of the Duke of Muave City, Henry.

And even Meg! Meg! Hey, I have no idea who the guy is, but I'm sure I saw her sneak off two nights in a row to meet someone over at the pond. A male someone. Geez. What a blow to the ego, man.

Why am I like this? I have no blamed idea why I sound Depressed. Unhappy. Despondent. Glum. Whatnot. Most of the peasants would kill to eat what I eat for one meal. I'm damn rich. There's one vault for the family treasures (not that one. The other one.), another vault for gold, one for diamonds, one for the other, "less valuable" jewels, and (Can you belive this?) one for PETTY CASH. I have everything I want. Fame, fortune, glory, power, company -

Okay, you got me.

I have no friends.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not antisocial. I'm not a loner. I do not have the social skills of a dead slug. I know how to say "Hi" and "Bye" to people. I know when to smile. I can laugh. I can crack a joke.

It's just...there's no one.

Seeing as I'm the frickin prince of this entire frickin country, and I can chop anybody's frickin head off whenever I frickin want, non-royals cower at the sight of my frickin shadow. It frickin sucks, honestly.

But I had friends. It just so happens none of them were my age, and are now currently occupied with running their respective nations, or go smooching with their wives. Which is the lesser of the two evils, I do not know.

Take the Gundam Princes. They were one great bunch, especially the triplets, Heero, Duo, Trowa. You'd never expect they were brothers, let alone born all the same time, but that's the royals for you. Quatre was very, very, very kind for a human being, and Wu Fei...well...let's just leave it to that. But the triplets were 19. Quatre was 18, and Wu Fei was 17. They had responsibilities. And wives.

Van Fanel was another excellent "playmate". Or co-chaos-causer. He was the heir to the throne of Fanelia, a nation in Gaea. Plus, he brings along his friend, Dilandau, who by the way, is the next in line for the top knight force in the world, the DragonSlayers. Neat, huh?

But they're eighteen. And Van just got married three months ago, to Hitomi Kanzaki, a girl from the Mystic Moon (so they say). (Did I say Hitomi pretty cool, too?)

Another welcome visitor to our kitchen was Tamahome. Yeah, okay, he was kinda old, and he came to see Cleo instead of me, (Cleo's the best friend of Miaka, who Tamahome has a thing for, so there you go.) but still, he was one heck of a fighter.

There were many others, actually. A lot of princes loved coming by the palace. One, my sisters were hot. Hey, I just quoted that. To me, they're plain annoying. Two, we have a huge backyard. Okay, more like, a backyard the size of a town with no houses just grass and a river, kind of backyard. Three, of our thirty pantries get stocked daily. Thirty?! I can barely make it through one, and mark you, I am a growing teenage boy! I need vitamins! Not that much, though.

So, why am I complaining?

I'm lonely.

I'm bored.

It's the same people I see everyday. It's the same TV shows, same movies, same video games where blood oozes out of a grotesque skull and scares the bejeezus out of my cousins (whiny, irritating brats, they all are), same food, same servants, same Raegaia Idol, same old soppy soap operas (what is it with mermaids? What is it about obviously fake fins that reaches out to the masses? Personally, I think that the mermaids should cut their hair. It kinda gets in the way, if you get my drift.), same everything.

I want to see a new face. I want to hear a different tune. I want something, anything to happen. When Dilly was here, you can expect a building to go up in flames within 20 minutes of his arrival. Not that I want to burn down the palace...But I crave for excitement.

But nothing ever changes here.

There's something...missing.

I quote, "An empty place in my heart, a lost piece of my soul, a star gone from the studded sky at night...One nail missing from the table, one voice absent from the choir...If one bolt is gone from the machine, it may never work." Crap, I know...But, turns out, crap is true.

I wonder, will there be a change in the wind?



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