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Say What?

Ch1 'good morning sunshine!'

Butterflies gently floating lazily on a breeze, forget-me-nots scattered about the pathways, even a little bunny nibbling on some fresh greens. All lit by the newly rising sun as it shines through the emerald leaves of the surrounding trees. Yes, it was turning out to be a beautiful day.


Outside that is, inside the Winner mansion how ever was a different story. In the kitchen we find Relena with her head on the table contemplating on why making loud thudding noises with her head was a bad idea.

"Why me?"

"Why me what?"

Relena jerks her head up, and enjoys the little colored splotches as she focuses on Quatre.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you."

"That's ok Quatre. I was just lost in thought."


She smiles. Leave it to Quatre to subtly offer help with out making you feel bad about accepting it.


Quatre pulls a chair over to the table.

"Does this have anything to do with Duo locking himself in the bathroom last night and refusing to come out?"

"Yes. It took me until" she looks at her watch. "23 minuets and 34 seconds ago, to talk him in to leaving the bath room."


"Which was all rendered useless by mister Chang 'I'm-oh-so-caring' Wufei. Who said, and I quote, 'INJUSTICE! Duo you baka! I've been waiting for 3 hours to get in there. The world does not revolve around you, you braided baka!'. So now Duo has locked him self in his bedroom."

"Oh my. I'll ask someone to take him some breakfast."

"Quatre you're a saint." Relena says with a smile making Quatre blush.

"Well you have been up the entire night coxing him out of the bathroom. You deserve a little break before you attempt to get him out of his room."

"argh... life would be so much easer if only..."

But before she could finish her sentence a very grumpy Heero Yuy decided to stalk into the kitchen.



"Does it have to do with...?"


"Ah... I with you the best of luck."


Through out this whole understanding Heero just scowls at them and begins to pour himself a mug of the thick, black, caffinated goodness known as coffee. They just cringe seeing him chug down that syrupy goo.

~!~!~ 5 minuets later ~!~!~

"RELENA! Wufei is calling me names!" Duo yells as he quickly enters the kitchen and hides behind Relena. Soon after him enters an upset, sword swinging Wufei and Trowa whose wearing fuzzy lion slippers.

"I am not you baka!"

"Ha! See? Make him stop!"

Sighing, Wufei takes a seat at the table and puts his sword down. Trowa pulls a seat over to Quatre. Duo, seeing the danger dissipate, begins his quest for food.

"Damn... I don't remember babysitter and counselor being part of a vice-foregn minister's job."

"Well, you did want to stay with us."



"Bite me."


"Now Relena, that's not the way a pacifist should talk."

"Your right. Quatre?"


"Fuck off."

"As you wish. Come on Trowa, you heard the lady." he makes kissy faces at Trowa, who's trying not to laugh.

"My god, I'm surrounded by hormones with legs..."

"What do you mean by that onna?"

"Trust me Wufei you don't want her to answer that. She's a bit edgy today." Duo says from the refrigerator.

"Stupid onnas with PMS."

"Wufei omae o korosu!"

An enraged Relena grabs Wufei's sword that he so kindly set near her after he came in. also a faint whisper of 'my line' can just barely be heard. A small eep is heard right before Wufei runs away as fast as he can.

With a sword swinging Relena hot on his heals.

"So much for not being afraid of women."

"If you were in his lace would you just stand there?"


"Typical answer for you. Do you even know how to carry on a conversation? You know with people? Talking? God, Trowa talks more than you do."

"Do you always have to be so emotional?"

"Why? You never mentioned anything before? But then again you never spoke more than two words before also."

Hearing the start of yet another fight between Heero and Duo, Quatre and Trowa head out to the foyer in the hope of finding some peace.

*ding dong the witch is dead*

"Quatre you really have to change that door bell."

"What's wrong with the 'wizard of oz'?"

Trowa shakes his head with a sigh as he opens the front door. Only to be greeted by his sister Cathy and Duo's friend Hilde, making out. And for someone that doesn't get fazed by such small things as total war, watching his jaw hit the floor definitely made Quatre's morning.


They both look over to Sally who's giggling and holding a camera.

"Morning boys! Enjoy their surprise?"

~!~!~ TBC ~!~!~

~Note: hello all you happy people! Well... I like yaio and I thing ménage twa's are cute. So I came up with this. This is not related to any of my other stories. Even though I'm pulling some things from them. Example: a sword swinging Relena. As for Relena's nasty attitude in the beginning, would you be a happy, bouncy person if you had just spent the entire night talking someone out of a bathroom? I think not. Oh, and if you couldn't tell this is AU (alternate universe).

I apologies to everyone for my sparatic ramblings, I now have(counting this one) 4 stories that I'm working on. My tastes in things are strange and varied. But please be patent. I'll have the next chapter up soon. Along with another one-shot story.