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Say What?

Ch3 'Operation: Get Heero.'

"Are you sure there isn't an easier way?"

"You could always tie your self to his bed with a neon sine above saying take me now, but then again I don't think you want to send him into that kind of shock."

"Point made. Next question, are you sure you don't mind doing this relena?"

"I'm sure."

"Duo, do you think anyone would pass on the chance to go out on all expense paid date's for an undetermined length of time? Anyhow, she's single. She has no life out side of work."

"Gee... thanks for making me feel good." she pouts.

"So I use Relena to get my heero back? Brilliant I insult the only one that can help me.::sigh:: this is going to be hard. I really don't like the idea of using relena like this."


"But you don't really have a choice."

"That's not true."


They all look at Sally.

"Yeah, you can always have Wufei."

All cringe.

"Ok, enough about Sally's scary boyfriend and depressing topics ok? Let's work on figuring out what the first date should be."

"It should be something that hit's a nerve."

"I'm liking that idea."

"Maybe something reminiscent of your fist date with him duo?"

"I guess..."

"Wait, how about going somewhere that heero would never have thought to take you?"

"That could work."


Two days later, the first date...

Heero walks in to the mansion only to see duo standing at the foot of the stairs, dressed in a pair of kakis and a black sweater, and not his normal garb.

"Hn. Why are you dressed up like that? Get tired of the priest garb?"


Pause. Duo looks at his watch.

"Who are you-"

"Sorry I'm late duo, I couldn't find my other earring."

"That's ok"


Heero follows duo gaze to relena and stares. Relena is walking down the stairs wearing magenta to orange flower pattern sundress while putting in an earring. At the foot f the stairs she puts on a pair of high-heeled sandals that match her dress.



"Does that mean my outfit meet with your approval?"

Duo nods.

"Thank you."

Duo shakes his head.

"Sorry about that. By the way Q is letting me barrow his car."

"Great, but where are we going?"

Duo takes out two tickets and hands them to her so she can read them.

"Stomp? Don't you do that with your feet?" she says looking at the ticket.

"It's an American musical thing. Trust me Lena, you'll like it."


"Shall we go then?" he says as he holds his arm out to her.

"Yes we shall." she smiles as she takes his arm.

And with that they waltz out of the mansion, leaving a confused heero standing at the foot of the stairs.

"Hey heero, you ok?"

"Quatre, what just happened?"

"Well it looked like duo jut took relena to go see 'Stomp'. I heard it really good. Why? Is something wrong?"

"No, nothings wrong..."

"Ok if you say so, but I wouldn't worry. Duo's a responsible person and Relena can beat up anyone that makes fun of him." he walks off to find Trowa. And Heero is left standing alone.


Much latter that night...

"Wow that was great duo! I never knew people could be that creative!"

"That's great Lena. By the way, I hope my driving wasn't too bad."

"No it was fine. Though when you mooned thoughs punks I was a bit shocked."

"You were shocked at my actions? If I recall correctly they crashed after you flashed them. Care to explain your motives?"

"Uhmmm... I wanted to see their reaction?"

"Right, you are so not sweet and innocent."


They start laughing.

"So, you two had a good night?"

They jump.

"Heero? What are you still doing up?"

"There was a good movie on."

"Right, since when does the perfect solder watch movies?"

"Speaking of which, you wana go see 'crouching tiger hidden dragon'?"

"Sure, when?"

"How about tomorrow after noon?"

"Cool, see you then."

She kisses duo's cheek before she dashes up stairs. Duo just grins.

"Anyhow, hope you liked your movie heero. Night!"

He dashes to his room. Leaving heero standing at the foot of the stairs yet again.

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