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Hoping Not Knowing

Slowly he stroked her neck, laying his lips along her shoulder. She moaned and relaxed. Leaning back into him; he slipped his arms around her holding her close, as he lost himself in her hair. He loved her hair, the wild curls surrounding her head in a swirl of madness.

Slowly he turned her; slowly he lifted her face to his and kissed her, gently at first, then more intensely. She moved her arms up around his neck, holding him close to her, not letting him leave her. Her angel in disguise was here, making her feel the weight of the world was not on her shoulders. He pushed his hands into her lower back forcing her hips to move into him. Their bodies rubbing against each other as they moved, he lowered his hands further, holding her up against him.

She could feel him getting aroused as she moved into him. She moaned in delight as he moved her over to her desk. Laying her down, he moved back, so he could look at her face, her eyes showed her deep sense of naivety....

"Where's Amy.... Hello, Bruce?" Bruce who had been sitting on Amy's couch in her chambers looked up embarrassed.

"Um, she's out to lunch, with a" He cleared his throat "with a friend"

"Do you know where she was eating lunch?"

"Um no, sorry. It was more of a last minute thing."

"Ok, um do you know anything about her cancelling our date for this evening?"

Bruce looked at David in surprise. Amy had agreed to go out with him tonight, but she hadn't mentioned cancelling a date. Hope started to rise up inside him, could she be feeling the same way he was? Could she be thinking the same way he was, that she couldn't live without him, like he couldn't without her. He wasn't sure what to say to David, he couldn't say that she had broken their date so she could go to dinner with him! Or could he? No, i must control myself.

"No i am sorry, i know nothing about it! Maybe she just needed some alone time or something." You two have been going out every night, but.... He stopped in his thought as David replied.

"Maybe.... I'll speak to her later," he turned towards the door. "And Bruce,"


"Thank you, you would tell me if there was something wrong wouldn't you?"

Bruce looked down before replying "Of course, i just want Amy to be happy!" David smiled at this before leaving.