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Chapter 32: Sometimes, it is just time to let go

Bruce sighed as he looked at the his diary, his time was up, his notice had been handed in a couple of weeks ago, and he was finished.

He knew the only way to get over Amy, was to get away from her.

His resignation was accepted, and he felt his chest tighten. 'Now all I have to do is tell Amy.' Making his way slowly up to her chambers, he thought about everything that had happened in the past year.

How close he had come to having her for himself. His own stupidity being the only thing that stopped them. Then with David coming into the picture, everything had gone wrong. She was no longer looking at him in the same way, and it was only when David made a mistake that she wavered in her resolve. But deep down, he had known it was too late for the both of them to be anything, but good friends. He had known that she had finally found the person that she trusted enough to give her heart to.

'Because I never really had it.'

Bruce bit his lip. Being upset would just make things worse; he knew it would be hard enough to keep his 'mask' in place with Amy crying.

Arriving outside her chambers, he knocked quietly, half hoping she wasn't there.

"Come in." He heard her call out.

Opening the door, he paused to take in the picture she made, sitting behind her big, messy desk. With the sunlight streaming through the window, bouncing off her wild curls, and making her face glow.

Amy looked up at him, making his breath hitch."Are you all right, Bruce?"

"Fine. I'm fine." He took a deep breath and continued walking into her chambers, only stopping to close the door behind him. "I have something I need to tell you though."

He could see the concern on her face, the worried look in her eyes, she was only making this harder on him. "What is it?"

Bruce took his time, walking to the chair in front of her desk. Lowerin himself into it, he finally looked Amy in the eye. "I'm leaving."

"Huh?" The confusion on her face would have been amusing, had it been in any other situation.

"I'm leaving here.I am no longeryour CSO."

"Are you going to work for another Judge?" She asked, he could hear her voice cracking slightly.

"No. I'm leaving here, completely. I'm thinking of going to visit some family in California."

"California? So far away?" Her voice sounded so small, so child like, that shebroke his heart all over again.

"I can't be here any more. Watching you, being so close to you, but not able to touch you, kiss you. It's torture, I have to get away."


Bruce closed his eyes. "So I can get over you."

"I thought you were happy for me?"

"I am happy for youAmy. All I have ever wanted, is for you to be happy. I had just always hoped that it would be me to do that."

"But you do make me happy, Bruce. Youmake working here fun."

"Amy, you enjoy want you do here. You do it for the kids, you don't do it for me."

He watched as the tears he knewso well, fell, from her sweet,blue eyes. "But I need you here."

"You don'tneed me. You have David, he will bethe person you tell allyour secrets too. Not me, it isn't right for me to be here any more."

"Will you come back?"

"I don't know, Amy." Bruce stood slowly, opening his arms. "A hug for old times sake?"

Amy moved quickly around her desk. Throwing herself into his arms. Knowing that this would be the last time, that everything in the world that was crazy, would disappear. That this was the last time that Bruce would make the world stop meaning anything. The last time, she would know the safety of his arms.

"Why did you wait till now to tell me?"

"Because I was hoping the something would change, not knowing that you and David really are meant for each other."

"I'm sorry." Amy burst out crying, breaking down into sobs , tightening her hold on him, as if her grip alone would make him stay.

David opened the door quietly, and on seeing the scene before him, felt anger and jealousy bubbling up inside of him. But when he saw they were both upset, he was let with a deep pity for Bruce, and the feeling that no thanks would ever be enough, for how he looked after Amy.

Both Amy and Bruce looked up, when they realised they were not alone.


Amy, for the first time since Bruce began comforting her, since becoming a close friend; left his arms and moved into anothers. And as she moved, he felt his heart being ripped from his chest.

"Goodbye, Judge Gray, Amy." Bruce turned and walked out the door. He could hear Amy calling him back, but he had to leave now, or he would never leave. His fists clenched as he walked out of the Courthouse, he didn't even notice the tears that were steadily making their way down his cheeks, or the fact that Amy had run after him. Nor did he hear her desperate whisper; "I never got to say goodbye!" as David wrapped his arms around her, to comfort her, for the pain he was causing.

He didn't look back, and he knew why; there was no way, he was ever going to be able to come back and look at Amy, without falling in love with her all over again.

...The End...

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