A Father's Sins, A Father's Sons

By Fool's Gold

Disclaimer: Garou Densetsu (Fatal Fury) and all related characters are the property of SNK-Playmore. No profit has been made from this fic.

In the SouthtownCemetery, a solitary tombstone stands.

They would have put up a memorial. It would be a fitting tribute to the man who lived – and died – in the name of justice. He gave his entire life for the good of all, relentlessly pursuing the unapproachable ideal of righteousness. And he was cut down in his prime, his last actions a final testimony even as his death reflected his life: a shining light, the flame of justice that burned long after the candle died.

It would have been the least they could do, they said.

But in Southtown, only the mighty rule. To them, justice is but a delusion, easily twisted and perverted to their own gain; their only reality is might. And they have no sympathy for those who would fall by the wayside, lost in their fantasies of truth, justice and the Southtown way… and especially those who would oppose them.

And even as the good intentions of the people were turned into Hell's paving stones, their hero was lost to the caprices of a forgetful town's memory. Now all that remains of the legacy of Kim Kaphwan is a tombstone, tucked away in some forgotten corner of the graveyard. And there it remains, worn away by rain, snow, and time, neglected by all save kith and kin.

Upon that tombstone rests an angel, its wings spread in a vain attempt to shield the grave beneath it, donated by those who remembered the man. To them, he was their guardian angel, dressed in white – now he is but a fallen one, lost to the people he had strived to protect.

And under the overhanging angel lie three envelopes.

They rest there, bone-white on slate-grey, illumined by the moonlight. And they bear messages, words from the living to the dead. Untouched, unopened, unread they lie, their contents unknown to all.

Now, let their tale be told.