Operation: Fatal Chapter 1

Sixteen year old Kuki and Wally where on their first date and were heading over to the Cheese Restaurant when IT happened.

They where walking across the street at the red light when a red Porsche came soaring down the road. Wham! It hit Kuki right in the chest and knocked her to the ground.

"You idiot! Look what you did!" Wally yelled and the tail of the car. It turned around and halted right in front of him. Abby was in the car. So was Hoagie.

" Oh! I'm sorry! I thought it was a squirrel." Abby said sarcastically.

She drove of laughing.

Kuki was lying on the ground with blood trickling down the side of her head. She moaned in agony as Wally realized she had a huge gash and tire marks in her side.

" Oh crud." said Wally as he dialed 911.

It took five minutes for the ambulance to get there and as soon as the were they had lifted Kuki up and put in the ambulance. Wally got in next to her.

" He never knew it but a tear trickled down his pale and scared face.

" It's O.K. Kuki" he said a she looked up at him. " Everything's going to be all right."

But the only thing he didn't know... was if he was right.

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