Operation: Fatal Chapter 3

Operation: Help Needed

Wally had been at the hospital for 3 weeks now and Kuki still was not good. Nigel came to visit and everybody was very tense. Kuki was losing a whole lot of blood an the cut still hadn't healed. Everybody was seemed to know what was going to happen but they didn't admit it. Kuki had developed large purple splotches all over her body and the doctors thought she might have picked up a parasite when the gash was fresh. Wally went to visit Abby and Hoagie who where married at age 16. They had a kid and her name was ... Bertha. She was a fat, bratty girl with short, dyed red hair the color of blood (no offense to red heads). Wally through open the door right as Abby was hitting Bertha.

" You run over my girl friend, you get married at age 16, and you hit your own daughter and you betray the Kids Next Door. Abby... You are....You are.... a filthy snake woman!

"Wally. I ran over Kuki for a reason. In 8th grade you dumped me for that...that ...that#&%! You are a...." Before she finished Wally had punched her and hit her in the back.

Bertha was listening in on this odd conversation and was in awe of what her mother was doing so she just kicked Wally in the shins. To help her mother.

" YOu freak!" Abby yelled. "Get of my house!

Wally fled back to the hospital and told his father what had happened.

"Wally. I have something to tell you." His father interrupted.

Wally was in dread of what his father was about to say.

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