Kriinnngg!!!!!!! Kriinnngg!!!!

An alarm clock sounded and the man sleeping next to it holds out his hand to stop its ringing. Half awake, he looked at the time: 4:30. He reluctantly got up yawning and stretching his body to relieve himself from sleepiness, and then he arranged his bed.

After that, he went to the bathroom and washed his face then brushes his teeth. He's completely awake now and looked himself at the mirror, while his thoughts run to his mind about the previous events; his marriage, her family, her history, her things and lastly he's going to meet her today. For some unknown reason this made his heart beat faster.....

Taking a deep breath, he left the bathroom and headed towards the dining room and prepared his breakfast. He ate quietly but quickly. After he's finished he washed his dishes immediately then had gone to his room and pick out his clothes – a navy blue long sleeved sweatshirt, black pants and black shoes – which he put on his bed. Afterwards went to the bathroom again to take a quick shower because he knew that time is running out. The school is still an hour and a half away from here.


He's ready. He checked if he forgot anything: house keys, his car keys, important documents and his bag – all seems to be ok. He turned off the lights and closed the door. He didn't bother to close the windows because the house is located in a private area and no one would dare come inside of it. Also, Hiashi told him that everything is taken cared off which means a servant would come to see to their needs.

He got into his car and drove away. Luck seems to be with him because there is no traffic. Then, he saw a billboard saying that he's entering the Konoha University. And glancing at his watch, he's quite early for its only 6:30. The university is a lot bigger than he expected, just right for its description of being one of the most prestigious schools in the country.

He stopped at the main gate and a guard came to him asking where he's headed. Sasuke said that he's looking for the office of the school head.

"Sir, can I ask for your i.d.?" Sasuke showed it.

"Sir please, wait a moment while I contact the information desk" Sasuke waited and after a few moments, the guard returned and told him the location of the office.

"Sir, the school head Tsunade-sama is waiting for you. Good luck sir" and the guard bowed to him. Sasuke nodded and drove to where the office is.

Sasuke observes his would be surrounding and smirked "clean, the air is quite fresh for a city school because of the well cared off trees, and the buildings are very nice too. Just my taste"

"Is this where the office is located?" he asked to himself because it isn't what he expected to see. He thought of a big building but the one he sees not far from him is generally a house. A traditional Japanese house with Zen gardens and surrounded by a high fence. He parked his car on the parking area located near to it and got out. He shuts the door and walked all the way to the house.

"No one seems to be around....huh?! An intercom...heh..traditional house but have high-tech equipments"

Sasuke pressed the push button. The intercom asked who it is.

"Uchiha Sasuke" he replied

After a few moments the door opened and revealed a masked face silver haired man.

"Come in, she's waiting for you. By the way, I'm Hatake Kakashi" and held out his hand which Sasuke shook. He ushered him into the sofa.

"Please be seated and kindly wait a moment" Sasuke nodded.

Kakashi left and after a while he returned accompanied by an older but a very beautiful woman who took a seat across from him. Sasuke held out his hand which she took gladly.

"I'm the head of this university as well as the head doctor of the medicine department. My name is Tsunade."

"Please to meet you ma'am. I'm Uchiha Sasuke and here are my files" and he handed it.

"I know who you are. You've been enrolled here since last week. Hyuuga Hiashi did it and he explained to me your circumstances with his daughter. But don't worry anybody else but I knew about it. So, you're going to start your studies today but first you must be introduced to the school"

Sasuke kept his face blank and nodded. Tsunade looked at Kakashi and said "Call upon the teachers for an assembly with the students. Make it 9:30 and also see if Shikamaru is awake now. He will be the one to tour Sasuke into the university" Kakashi nodded and left. Tsunade turned back to Sasuke and said "Nara Shikamaru is the genius of this school but lazy as ever. You'll be touring the whole university so that you'll be familiarized to it. Be sure to be back by 9:30 for your introduction, is that understood Uchiha?" he nodded.

Tsunade studied him for a while and thought "jeez, this boy would be the new heart throb here. He seems to have a cold nature and to think Hiashi married Hinata to him. I wonder if Naruto knew of this already..." after a while she spoke, "wait a bit more for Shikamaru" and looked at her watch "it's 7:10 already and he isn't awake yet" "pls. excuse me for a moment. I have to do something" and left.

Sasuke thought "that bastard Hiashi thought he could control my life. Well see about that." His thought were interrupted when a pretty woman came in with a tray in her hands which she put down on the table.

"Tsunade-sama asked me to keep you accompanied till Shikamaru arrives" and she placed a cup of hot tea near Sasuke.

"Thanks" he replied

"I'm Shizune by the way, Tsunade-sama's assistant doctor. You've probably met Kakashi already" he nodded "well you see, thre are five persons living in this house, Tsunade-sama, her husband Jiraiya-sama who is a writer, his assistant Kakashi, me, and their ward Naruto-kun" this caught Sasuke's attention "Naruto?" "hai. Actually the reason why Tsunade-sama left you is to wake him up..he's always late like Kakashi" they were startled when they heared a loud crash and a yell "itttaaaiiiii!!!!"

Shizune looked apologetically at Sasuke's questioning gaze "It's always like this..every morning" then they both cringed when a shout rang in the house sounding Tsunade

"Wake up you idiot!! You're always late!"

Then an equal shout of a young man is heard "ouch! Baba! That hurts! All right! I'm getting up!"

The voices are getting nearer and nearer to the listening two "I told you never to call me baba again!" then "ouch!" "Naruto have you no shame?! You're always making her late for my class. This is my last warning! If you ever make Hinata late again, I'll throw you out of this house is that understood?!!"

"So what if you kick me out?! I'll just ask her to let me live in her dormitory. She won't refuse me!"

Tsunade screamed "why you over bearing idiot!!!!!" "iiittttaaaiiii!!!!"

Then Sasuke and Shizune heard somebody falling off the stairs and they both run to see it. Thud! Their jaws dropped when they saw a rather tall, whisker marked face, blond haired young man in his sleeping garments lying at the bottom of the stairs. It seems like Tsunade kicked him from the top. Then a door slammed. Sasuke just stood there not believing at what he's seeing and thought "this is one crazy family". Shizune run to help Naruto up whose looking cross eyed.

"My world is spinning.." he mumbled and grabbing hold of Shizune who led him into a chair and seated him.

"I told you never to get her mad" she said while checking if there is an injury. After a few moments Naruto's mind is cleared then he turned and saw a tall man looking at him with a cold expression. They felt an instant dislike to each other.

"Who are you?" he asked glaring at Sasuke

"That was quite an entrance Naruto, I'm Uchiha Sasuke" he smirked

"Never heard of you. You're probably new here and how did you know my name?"

"Ruri-san mentioned you to me" he replied coldly

Then instantly he remembered Ruri-san's words last night "you'll meet him tomorrow because he'll be studying here too" then his eyes widened and said "Then you're Hinata's....." he's rudely interrupted "Shut up dobe!" "Don't call me dobe Sasuke teme!" he retorted.

Shizune was shocked at what she's seeing, an argument out of nowhere. Naruto and Sasuke's glaring contest is interrupted when they heard a knock on the door. She answered door and there stood Nara Shikamaru (looking bored as ever) and ushered him in then introduced to Sasuke.

"Umm..Sasuke-san this is Nara Shikamaru he'll be the one to tour you around the school" Sasuke nodded to him. Then she turned to Shikamaru "Shika-kun this is Uchiha Sasuke. He's a transfer student from another country" Shikamaru nodded to him then said "Time is running out since its 7:45 already. We have to be on our way "and went of the house. Sasuke nodded to Shizune and smirked at Naruto saying "dobe!" and left.

After those two left, she turned to Naruto – whose still glaring at the door which Sasuke walked out – and tapped him on the shoulder "Naruto, you have to hurry; eat you're breakfast and take a bath quickly. Remember you have to pick her up before her class starts so that Tsunade-sama won't be mad at you anymore. And also, be at the auditorium by 9:30 because Sasuke-san will be introduced to the school ne? I have to go to the hospital now. Ja" then she left.

"So that bastard is Hinata's husband. He's as arrogant as Neji!"

Then he went to the kitchen and prepared his breakfast. He was currently eating when the front door opened revealing a rather old man with long white hair and walked to where the latter is.

"I ran into Shizune on the way here and told me what had happened. You're lucky that you're still in one piece you know coz' she can do worse and most of it I've experienced already"

"Ne..Jiraiya-jiisan, why didn't you you wake me up instead of her?" Naruto complained

"Heh, it's for your own good and after all you never listen to me"

"Hah! If you let her be the one to wake me up again, I'll tell her that you've been peeping on the females dressing room and taking pictures of them as well" Naruto threatened Jiraiya

"Oi you baka! If you do that I'll also tell that you've been reading Icha Icha Paradise you borrowed from Kakashi every night that's why you're always late. And also, Sakura and Hinata wouldn't like you anymore if I told them that I've seen you peeping on their dressing rooms rooftop while they are changing their clothes for P.E. class" Jiraiya smiling evilly

Naruto panicked and begged "Pls. don't tell them. Pls. don't tell them. I'll miss my chance to be Sakura-chan's boyfriend if you do. And especially Hinata's friendship means to me a lot"

Jiraiya smirked and said "I'm considering it" Naruto's shoulder slumped and mumbled "You won"

Seeing this, Jiraiya draped his arm on Naruto's shoulder and ruffled his hair "Ok. Here's the deal, if you don't tell her, I won't tell them and don't worry about waking you up. I'll be the one to do it starting tomorrow" Naruto smiled at him and they both turned their thumbs up as a sign of agreement. However they didn't see a blazing eyed Tsunade standing in the shadows. She heard every bit of their conversation and then....

"So, that's what you two've been up to lately huh?" the two froze at these words and both warily turned around to see a very pissed off Tsunade...

"Ah...Tsunade koishii...ano..." Jiraiya stammered and is slowly backing off with Naruto

"Tsu-Tsunade baba...." He's trembling with fear and hides himself behind Jiraiya's bulky frame. Tsunade walked slowly "Peeping at girls eh? Reading a perverted book..." then suddenly she yelled "You bastards! How could you?! Both of you are very same!!! Perverts!!!" and she grabbed the things nearest to her and started throwing them at the two.

Naruto and Jiraiya made a run for their lives but the two couldn't help to be hit by the things flying at them. Outside the people passing by the house just shakes their head and sighs at the racket their making and continued walking.

Meanwhile, Shikamaru took Sasuke to the main gate.

"There are two gates here. This happens to be the main gate. The University is rectangular in shape. The place where we came from, Tsunade-sama's house is in the western part from where we stand" he stopped talking when he saw a person running at full speed straight up to them.

"Another one.." Sasuke thought.

The person stopped just in time not to collide to them. Sasuke studied the new comers appearance- clad in a green suit, tall and quite lanky, has a shining black hair cropped short, and has thick fuzzy eyebrows.

Then Shikamaru spoke "What are you doing here?"

"Nothing. I've been up earlier than you and I just had my training with Gai-sensei. He also told me that we would have an assembly at 9:30 because a new comer would be introduced" turning to Sasuke "I bet it's you isn't it?"

Sasuke nodded "I'm Rock Lee, pleased to meet you" and he extended his hand to Sasuke then they shook each other's hand however, Lee applied pressure to his grip to test if the other one is strong. Sasuke felt a little pain and thought "heh..this guy surely is strong and it would be a good thing if I spar with him" "ahh..he's strong like I thought" "Uchiha Sasuke" "Uchiha? I've heard of your family. You seemed connected to the Hyuuga's aren't you?" Sasuke didn't reply.

After the introduction Shikamaru again spoke "I am currently touring him Lee, and you're disturbing us" "no I'm not. Well, if you want I could tag along and be of assistance to you" "whatever" "Yes! Ok. Hey Shikamaru, have you told him of our famous four angels?"

"Four angels?" Sasuke asked

"Uh huh. This school is known not only because for being one of the most prestigious school but also because of the most popular girls here known as the four angels of Konoha University" Shikamaru just sighs and let Lee be the one to talk.

"The four angels each has a common domain meaning where they could be seen always"

They walked to the left and Lee pointed a grey building which have a large F crest attached to its front "That is the fashion department. Yuuhi Kurenai is the dept. head. The second one to its side is the gallery and museum. Those two buildings are the domain of the first Konoha angel"

"Ok. Lee, I'll be the one to describe the 4 angels' ne? Knowing you especially when it comes to her, you exaggerate"

"Iie. She's just the love of my life.."

"So Sasuke, Konoha's first angel – named Haruno Sakura dubbed as the Angel of Beauty. Daughter of a fashion house owner; stands five feet eight inches tall, has pink hair that comes all the way down to her mid-back, emerald green eyes and has a perfect body. Currently studying fashion and modeling, smart but temperamental" "I agree" Lee commented. Sasuke's still silent and Shikamaru led them to the eastern side and pointed the library.

They continued walking and they stopped at the far end of what looked like a private garden, but if you look closer in the middle of it stands a big white building.

"Konoha's angel no.2 domain: the Biology department. Yamanaka Ino dubbed as the Angel of Flowers stands five feet eight inches tall like her best friend Sakura, has long light blond hair, blue eyes and has a perfect body too. She was given that title because her family owns a plantation of diff. kinds of flowers and the Yamanaka flower shop belongs to them"

Lee interjected "That store is one of the biggest here in the country. She's also temperamental like Sakura-chan and she's also Shikamaru's girl friend"

"No she's not! And that woman is troublesome" Shikamaru snapped

"Come on Shika, admit it you love her" "No!" "See Sasuke? he's guilty" and Lee laughed. Still no reaction from Sasuke, then followed them. They were seeing more and more students along the way and met 3 boys. Lee introduced them to him. The fat one is Akimichi Chouji, Shikamaru's best friend; the silent boy who wears glasses is Aburame Shino and the other one who has a small sleeping dog on top of his head is Inuzuka Kiba. They greeted Sasuke briefly who nods back and they decided to tag along with them. They passed the engineering building where Chouji and Shikamaru studies. After a bit more walk, they made a U turn and suddenly were facing different sports buildings.

"This is the sports area. The one to the right is the kendo dojo, next to it is the kyudo dojo,the one in the middle is the basketball court and behind it lies the swimming area. And this one in front of us is the auditorium where you'll be introduced"

Shikamaru said "These buildings are the 3rd angels' domain. Ten Ten dubbed as the Angel of Arms. An expert in weaponry; she knows how to handle and use different weapons. Stands five feet nine inches tall, has braided long brown hair, brown eyes and has a sexy athletic body. Currently Hyuuga Neji's girl friend" Lee and Kiba frowned at the said name and sasuke raised an eyebrow questioningly.

This time it's Chouji who explained "every guy in here is wary of Hyuuga Neji. Tall, very good looking, has long straight black hair tied at the end of it; he's every girl's fantasy but what hled them back is his cold nature: harsh and arrogant, the martial arts genius of the Hyuuga clan. He alone here in this school had a grudge on his cousin Hinata"

Kiba said "I wanted to bash his face so many times but luckily he had Ten Ten; the only one who could control that temper of his"

Sasuke thought "Interesting. A genius of the Hyuuga style martial arts" and they walked again but Kiba and Shino stopped suddenly when they were nearing Tsunade's house.

"Why did you guys stop? I thought you're coming with us" Lee asked

"I don't want to see that idiot. We might bump into him" Kiba complained while Shino just sighs.

Chouji said "No we probably won't. He's always a late riser anyway. Come on it's already 8:45 and you want to see Hinata don't you?" Kiba run up to them "Yeah. Haven't seen her yet since I have to feed Akamaru first" and he pat his dog that's still sleeping on his head.

They continued walking when suddenly Lee run ahead of them to hail a platinum haired boy who's playing a soccer ball. They caught up with Lee and he introduced him to Sasuke.

"This is Uchiha Sasuke" Lee said to the boy who nodded "Sasuke, this is Satoshi Kamiya one of our soccer star players"

"New blood eh? So you're the cause of the immediate assembly. Oi you lot, prepare corks now before we go to the auditorium. You'll need it"

"Why would we do that and what for?" Lee asked

"Are you daft man? Look at his face"

"What's wrong with his face?" Chouji asked

"Baka! He's too handsome for his own good and once he's introduced, the girls would scream like a banshee, enough for our eardrums to break" turning to Sasuke "The girls of this school are suckers for pretty faces except Ten Ten and Hinata-sama. Neji's also handsome and many consider him to have a fan club but he's off limits now because of Ten Ten. Plus no one messes with those two. And also even that cold face of yours won't help you for they will consider it a challenge. You'll have a fan club by noon, mark my words"

Lee, Kiba and Chouji nod their head in agreement. "It wouldn't matter to me. I believe there is still one angel you have to tell me about" Sasuke said nonchalantly.

Satoshi spoke "Ah, you knew about Sakura, Ino and Ten Ten already?" he nodded "but haven't seen them yet huh?" he nodded again "ok, before I let you see their pictures, let me be the one to tell you about the 4th angel. Do you see that church? "hn" "from that area all the way to the hospital and medicine department, that's her domain. Konoha's fourth angel dubbed as the the Angel of Innocence and Kindness, Lady Hyuuga Hinata" his voice is filled with pride and Sasuke can see his eyes seem to shine.

"Heh, you seem infatuated with her"

"Of course I am!" Satoshi and Kiba said in unison .Lee burst into laughter because the two flushed with embarrassment

"Pls. continue..." Sasuke said and he cannot help but wonder why they call her that. She intrigued him very much

Satoshi cleared his throat and said "She stands five feet six inches tall, slim, elegant, soft spoken and shy. Blue hair with lavender eyes, porcelain skin and has a..ah...ah.." he cleared again his throat "a body to die for" Sasuke's eyes widened a bit at this information.

"How did you know? She never wore revealing clothes! Oi you baka, speak up" Kiba said and grabbed Satoshi by the neck "Unhand me will you? I didn't see her actually. It's in a picture along with Sakura, Ino and Ten Ten (Shikamaru glared at him when Ino's name was brought up). Somebody took a picture of them while they are changing their clothes. I wonder why Hinata-sama's covering that body of hers" he looked like he's going to drool any moment.

Sasuke felt anger stirring in his heart because the conversation is taking a wrong turn and he didn't know why "damn. Why am I feeling this? It's as if she really belongs to me now...."

"Where did you get that picture? Where is it?" Kiba asked

"Heh Kiba, you wanna see that picture huh? Too late man, I burned it already" Satoshi said smugly

"Why you.."

For the first time Shino spoke "Stop it Kiba. It's not good to fantasize about her since she's not yours and she wouldn't like it you know" and he looked at Satoshi warningly. The latter paled. He's not a fool to cross a silent person, who knows what they could do to you. He coughed a bit and continued "erm..everybody likes her except Neji –don't know why- and she's currently under the tutelage of the head medic Tsunade-sama because she wants to be a doctor. She lives at the biggest room of the dormitory and last of all, she has that loud mouth and idiot of a best pal Naruto"

"Hn. I've met a man named Hatake Kakashi and a doctor Shizune"

"So you've met them huh? Naruto is an idiot which makes me wonder why Hinata-sama likes him. They became best friends years ago and he always makes her late for her classes but she doesn't seem to mind coz she's too kind"

After glancing at his watch, Shikamaru said "It's almost 9:30; we had to head back to the auditorium. And Satoshi is correct, if they see your face, girls would likely to stampede us so we are going into a secret passage that we few only knows. It held a gallery of the 4 angels so you may see what they look like"

And the boys headed to the back of the church and found a small door concealed by a large tapestry. They got in and true to his description, there are portraits hung every where; an under ground gallery. As they go farther, he saw 3 large oil paintings of girls.

Lee said "Those three portraits are painted from their pictures of last year's festival. Look there's Sakura-chan" Sasuke thought "exotic beauty" . Chouji spoke "The second one is Ino" "A blond beauty. Model type" Kiba pointed the 3rd portrait which had two persons in it. "That is Ten Ten. The one to her left who looks like a girl is Neji" "strong beauty and Neji does look like a girl"

The Satoshi said "Come on, we have to hurry. Tsunade-sama will not like it if we'll be late"

Sasuke couldn't help but think this boy seem to be in a hurry. Yes, they are getting late but there is something in his voice that makes him feel he doesn't want to show him Hinata's portrait.

"Where's the 4th portrait?"

"It doesn't matter. She doesn't want anybody to see her portrait anyway. Come on"

Sasuke just sighs and run after them but as that go to the right, something caught his eye; a single portrait hanging on the far side of the 3rd painting. He stopped and walked to it. The others too stopped when they felt that he isn't following them anymore and gone back to where he is. On the other hand, Sasuke felt rooted on the spot. He couldn't seem to move and his heart is beating wildly on his chest as he gazes into a portrait like the one he had seen before.

"Why is Hyuuga Hikari's portrait here?"

"Ne..that's the 4th angel, Hyuuga Hinata"

Kiba then said "She was praying then when Naruto called her. Then her hair became unbound when a sudden gust of wind filled the area. It's a perfect image, there we took her picture"

Sasuke didn't answer and stared again at the portrait as if he's memorizing every detail of the girl in it – clad in a lavender printed kimono, small hands clasped in a prayer, unbound long blue tresses lifted by the wind, and a half turned face at her caller, she's a sight to behold. "Ruri-san didn't even bother to tell me she's this beautiful. It's a good thing that I've seen this before I face her or else I would look like an complete idiot gaping at her face when that time comes"

Shikamaru said "Come on. You'll meet them later"

Sasuke nodded and they run all the way until they come to a door which leads them to the auditorium.

"Wait we need corks remember? Hmm..where did I put them before?" satoshi said and looked around some boxes at the corner of the passageway. "Ah! Here it is!" and gave them two each. Then he opened the door a crack to see what's happening outside and saw that the auditorium is so full and many teachers are waiting for them.

Kakashi saw him peeping and walked to them while reading a book "Yo! Come on it's already 9:45. Tsunade-sama's patience is wearing thin"

"Hai. Ne, Kakashi-sempai is the 4 angels here?"

"Nope. Naruto and Hinata haven't arrived yet. We will start now without them. Hey, what are you guys holding?"

"Ear plugs. Girls you know..."

Kakashi grinned "Yeah I got it. Can you give me too?"

Kiba laughed "sure sempai, here" and handed 2 pieces to Kakashi. Then they got out but Sasuke remained at the back. A sudden hush filled the area as Tsunade walked to the microphone "The reason for this assembly is to introduce a new student. He came from a noble family and is taking Business Management course. He grew up in a foreign country and decided to study here. Everyone, please welcome Uchiha Sasuke"

Sasuke then walked to Tsunade . The girls gaped at him especially Sakura and Ino. Then Kiba, Shino, Chouji, Shikamaru, Lee, Satoshi and Kakashi put on their ear plugs and waited. Suddenly, the teachers were taken aback by the girls screams. Satoshi gave Sasuke "I told you so" look and smirked.

He sweat dropped when he heard what the girls are screaming about.

"Be my lover!!" "He's gorgeous!!" "I love you!!" "You're so hot!!" "You're more beautiful than Neji!!" "I'll give you anything you want!!"

Then more screams. The boys are staring at the girls sulkily. Sakura and Ino are arguing.

"He's mine Ino-pig!" "No, he's mine!" "I saw him first" "No you don't big forehead!"

But Sasuke wasn't listening to the screams that make his ears ring because he's scanning the crowd for the particular person he wanted to see "Where is she?"

Tsunade had had enough of the raucous and shouted at the microphone "BE QUIET!!!" the screaming suddenly stopped because seeing Tsunade angry is not a pretty sight.

"Shameful behavior girls. Really disappointing." Heaving a great sigh "Well, that's all for the day. Go back to your classes. Now!" and they started to leave but before that the girls gave him sexy smiles. Sasuke had a sinking feeling that girls would be breathing on his neck starting this day onwards. Then Tsunade took his arm and led him into the teachers to be introduced.

"Uchiha Sasuke, this is Maito Gai; he's a martial arts teacher"

Sasuke thought "I can see that. He's the older version of Lee". Then he looked at the man who wears a confident smile beside Gai "This is Sarutobi Asuma. He's the soccer team head coach. If you want to play, just approach him. You've met Kakashi before. He's the assistant soccer coach. Then this is Yuuhi Kurenai. The fashion department head" the pretty woman with crimson eyes smiled at him and shook his hand.

"And the last is Jiraiya, my husband. He teaches history" he nodded at the white haired old man. The Tsunade said "I haven't seen Naruto yet. Where is he?"

"He's probably with Hinata. Don't worry he'll show up"

"Kakashi, go and find them and bring them to the house" Kakashi nodded and left along with the other teachers. Lee and the others also started to leave "Ja Sasuke"

They returned to the house and Tsunade took Sasuke to her office saying " Naruto will be out of your way when you and Hinata talks. I will leave you now. She'll be here any moment" Sasuke nodded as she left then seated himself on the sofa. He couldn't explain why he's getting more and more agitated as the minutes pass by. Then he chided himself that he should be calm and cool. So what if he's going to meet her now? Leaning back on the sofa, he feels tired all of a sudden and closed hie eyes and instantly fell asleep.

TBC next...Sasuke meets Hinata...

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