It is night in an arena. The crowds are at capacity. People worldwide are watching this battle erupt. Two men stand on opposite sides of the field. One is a boy with blue spiky hair and white clothing. The other is a boy with black hair wearing a hat. On the display, five pictures of Pokemon are faded out. Only one remained on each side. This was the battle that would determine if Ash Ketchum could beat Calvin of the Pokemon Elites and become a Pokemon Master.


"I haven't begun to battle yet. Come on out, Venusaur!"

Calvin's Venusaur was ready to battle as it was stomping its foot on the ground.

"Only one win away from becoming a Pokemon Master. ALL RIGHT! Pika, I choose you!"

Ash's Pikachu, Pika, was ready to battle as electricity surrounded him.

Venusaur, use Body Slam, but watch out for Pikachu's speed!"

Venusaur charged swiftly, possibly the swiftest a Venusaur ever charged, towards Pika. The crowd was astounded by Venusaur's speed. Ash, however, just kept his crazy smile on his face.

"Fast, but not fast enough. Dodge and use Iron Tail, Pika!"

As Venusaur jumped, Pika disappeared and reappeared behind Venusaur, his tail glowing. There was a bone-shattering SLAM as Pika slammed Venusaur with his tail. It was thrown to the other side of the arena, barely missing Calvin.

Calvin saw that Venusaur could barely stand up. Apparently, Venusaur's right hind leg was broken. He was losing all hope until he looked up and saw the full moon and all its glory. He then thought of an idea.


Venusaur, who had stopped struggling to get up but was still awake, looked at Calvin.

"Look at the moon up there."

Venusaur then looked at the moon.

"Ya thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"

Venusaur smirked along with Calvin and nodded its head.

"All right then. This is it. If this doesn't work, it's over. Venusaur, Moonlight Solarbeam!"

The crowd gasped at this move that no one had ever dreamed of doing before. Yet they saw the power for themselves.

This Solarbeam attack was far bigger and faster than any other Solarbeam attack seen. It was so white and bright that everyone had to close their eyes. Except Ash, that is. He still had that crazy smile on his face.

"I'm gonna win, he he! Now, Thunder! Thunder like you've never
Thundered before, he he!"

Pika sent out an unprecedented number of volts at the Solarbeam head on. The resulting impact was a BOOM sound so loud that windows shook miles away. When the dust cleared, the Thunder was still going and the Solarbeam was nowhere to be seen.

Calvin knew that it was over. However, he was smiling as the Thunder hit Venusaur. A crisp, blackened Venusaur was left.

The referee waved the green flag, announcing the new Pokemon Master.

"Venusaur is unable to battle. Challenger Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town is the winner."

The crowd rose up from their seats as fireworks blew up and confetti fell. The announcer was ready to announce to the whole world about the new Pokemon Master, Ash.

"You've seen it here, folks, live, around the world! What an upset! After many years, we have a new Pokemon Master! History is also set as Ketchum, at only eighteen, has become the youngest to be crowned Pokemon Master!"

Ash and Pika were doing a victory dance and posing for the cameras as Calvin showed up behind him.

"Congratulations, Ash. You have surpassed me in strength, and as proof of your victory, here is the Red Pendant.

Ash received the Pendant from Calvin and did a victory pose.

"Oh yeah! I'm a...POKEMON MASTER! HA HA!"

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A/N: I used Ash's character, but I used Red's (from Pokemon Adventures Manga) Pokemon. I just think that Red's Pokemon are better than Ash's. This might not seem it, but it is relevant to the story. Very relevant, in fact. I also used this battle scene as a pilot for my other battle scenes. If you didn't like it, tell me about it in a review and I will try to change my battle scene styles. This is my first fic, after all. If you liked it, and even if you didn't like it, please review.

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