Mikey hit the ground hard. "OW!!!!!" He yelped, as he sat up, rubbing his head. He started to stand up, when he slipped on something cold.

"YEOW!!!!!" Mikey yelled again, before looking to see what he slipped on. He gasped in horror.

It was a thick trail of frozen blood.

Mikey gulped before letting his eyes slowly follow the trail backwards. The trail led to a fallen heap of snow. Mikey cocked his head before standing up and carefully making his way to the snow.

He went around the snow, examining it, before realizing that a part of the snow was red. He paused before reaching over and placing his hand onto the snow. The snow crumpled under his hand, revealing a frozen hand.

Mikey gasped and backed away, hitting the wall. Suddenly, he realized that his brothers were calling for him.

"MIKEY!!!!!!!!! GODDAMN IT!!!!!!!!! ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"MIKEY!!!! ARE YOU OKAY????!!!!!"

Mikey nodded before realizing that they couldn't see that. "Yeah." He yelled back, wincing at how shaky his voice was.

There was a pause. "Mikey!!!! We're going to throw down a rope so that you can climb up, okay?"

Mikey shook his head. "Don't Don!!!!"

A stunned pause. Then, Raph yelled down. "ARE YOU NUTS MIKEY???!!!!"

Mikey, despite the situation, giggled. "NO!!!! But you'd better get down here, guys!!!!"


"'Cause Leo's down here!!!!!!!!!" Mikey yelled back.

There were immediately two soft thuds as both Don and Raph landed. Raph looked over at Mikey. "Why didn't you say so?"

Mikey giggled, before looking serious. "Leo's over here. But he's trapped under a whole bunch of snow!!!"

Don paled. "That's not good. Show us where, now Mikey!"

Mikey nodded and led them there.

Don paled even more at the sight. "There's so much blood..." He whispered.

Raph gritted his teeth. "Yeah well, let's get started!!!"

Don nodded.

&&&&&&&(after three minutes)

They had managed to dig Leo out, but they weren't happy about it. Don had run a quick check on Leo, and he said that Leo was still breathing, but barely. He was also dangerously cold, and his heart beat was too slow.

There was also numerous wounds on Leo's arm and a big one on his head. They hadn't healed, but were frozen instead. Don tisked. "We have to get him out of here." He said, before looking at Mikey. "Call the others. Now."

Mikey didn't need to be told twice. He grabbed the shell cell from Don and called the others.

Raph and Don, meanwhile, lifted Leo up. Raph swore. "Damn it. Why's Leo so goddamn light??!!"

Don bit his lip as he answered. "Because he's been here for so long. Without food and everything! His body has got to live somehow! So it fed on itself..."

Raph bit his lip. This was just like the dream he'd kept on having. Leo, lying helpless and bloody, on the ground covered with snow and ice...

Raph was brought back from his thoughts when Mikey spoke up. "They're on their way."

Don nodded. "Good. Raph," he turned to his brother. "Can you carry Leo?"

Raph nodded. "Yeah." He bit back the part that Leo had always been lighter than any of them, even though he had been the bigger and elder. For some reason, Raph could always carry Leo. Leo could carry them as well, but they were always much more heavier. It was kinda depressing that Leo was now even more lighter.

Raph heaved Leo up, cradling him to his chest. Raph winced. He hadn't realized just how light Leo had become.

Suddenly, there was a soft thud behind them. All three of them whirled around to see an Elite standing behind them, holding his swords in an attack stance.

There was another thud, only this time it was much louder, and Hun came up behind the Elite. He grinned evilly when he saw them.

Mikey looked confused. "Okay." He said. "How did you get here so fast?"

Hun smirked. "That's my little secret, freak. Now give us your brother."

Raph tightened his hold on Leo. "If you want him, you'll have to go through us!!!!"

Hun shrugged. "Have it your way." He snapped his fingers, and the Elite jumped at them.

Donny jumped in front of Raph and blocked the Elite. Mikey drew out his nun chucks and rushed to help Don.

"Raph!!!" Don yelled. "Get Leo outta here!!!"

Raph hesitated for a bit, before running past his brothers and the Elite.

Hun jumped in his way. "Oh no you don't freak!"

But Raph skidded to the right and then turned sharp to the left, thus evading Hun. Then, he jumped up and out of the underground cave.

Leo's breath hitched as Raph landed, and his breathing became shallower. Raph looked down at him, before placing him onto the ground. "Hold on, bro!" He said, before running back to the hole and jumping down again.

Down the hole, he was met by his brothers furiously fighting Hun, and the Elite being fought by none other than Leo.

Raph gritted his teeth, before drawing his Sais and jumping at the Elite. The Elite jumped away, though, and Raph's Sais slashed thin air. He landed next to Leo. "Leo! We can handle it here!"

Leo hesitated for a second before shaking his head. He seemed more pale and translucent...

Raph growled. "Leo!!! Get back into your damn body!!!!!"

Leo shook his head again, before blocking a swipe that was aimed at Raph. Raph sighed an angry sigh, as he jumped up and kicked the Elite into the cave wall.

The Elite hit the wall with a nasty crack and he fell to the ground not moving.

Raph looked back to where Leo was, but Leo had already jumped to help his brothers defeat Hun.

Raph gritted his teeth as he jumped after Leo.

Leo punched Hun, so that he staggered backwards, and Raph did a jump kick at him, sending him into the wall with another crack.

"NOW will you go back?" Raph growled at Leo. Leo laughed silently, before suddenly turning worried. He looked up at the hole before fading out of sight.

Mikey, Don, and Raph exchanged worried looks before jumping out of the hole. And seeing why Leo had looked so worried.

Because above Leo, stood an Elite, raising his weapon for the killing blow.

Raph paled and jumping at the Elite, before realizing that he was too far away to stop him. "LEO!!!!!!!!!"

The Elite's weapon began to descend, when a brown blur jumped at the Elite, knocking him to the ground.

It was Splinter.

Splinter stood up, his eyes blazing with anger. "You. Will. Not." He hissed, looking very, very, very furious.

Mikey cheered.

Don sighed in relief as he saw that the Elite began to retreat. But then he paled. Leo seemed awfully pale...

He quickly rushed to Leo's side, checking his pulse. It was barely there.

Splinter looked at them. "Mr. Jones and Ms. O'Neil are coming—"

He was interrupted by a large truck coming to a sudden halt in front of them. Casey jumped out of it. He looked worried. "Ya guys okay?"

Splinter nodded. "Yes, I believe we all are."

Don looked up at Raph. "Raph, can you get Leo into the truck? And hurry..."

Raph nodded and lifted Leo up again.

Don followed quickly. "Everyone, get on quick. We need to get Leo home, NOW."

&&&&& (ten minutes later...whoa. Fast aren't they?)

They made it to the Lair fast. Very fast. They had run a whole bunch of red lights, almost got into a few crashes, but had made it.

Don was thanking his lucky stars that he didn't put a license plate number onto the truck. Otherwise, they'd be getting a note from the police...

But as soon as they got home, Don had Raph carry Leo into the lab, while he had Mikey run off to get him his medical supplies.

He, himself, got busy with trying to get Leo warmed up, and back to the living world again.

&&&&&& (two days later.)

Leo groaned as he opened his eyes. His head hurt and his body felt strangely numb.

He looked around the room dazedly. He blinked a few times. Where was he? Oh yeah. His mind slowly clicked as it identified the familiar surroundings. It was Don's lab.

Leo slowly sat up, before looking around again. He was bandaged up pretty tight and had an iv tube hooked up to him. Leo blinked. Where had Don gotten an iv tube?

Leo sighed before shaking his head slowly. Thinking was too tiring.

Suddenly, he realized that the door had opened and someone was talking to him. He looked over and saw a blurry green shape with a purple blur near its head. Leo blinked a couple of times, before his mind realized that it was Don.

Leo looked away from Don before looking down at the iv tube again. He was confused. He let out a sigh before letting himself fall down onto the bed again.

He stared up at the ceiling, when the blurry shape came into his view. Leo blinked for a couple of minutes before he realized what was happening. Don was looking down at him.

The blurry green shape spoke again, but Leo this time heard it. Well, sort of. He only heard part of it. "—okay?"

Leo stared up at Donny, not really understanding what he was asking.

Donny sighed. He asked again, this time looking worried. At least that's what Leo thought. Or maybe he could be sad. Or angry. Or disappointed.

Leo didn't know. His brain wasn't really tuned in yet to reality.

Suddenly, he realized that Donny wasn't looking down at him anymore. Leo looked around, before realizing that Don had left the room. Leo looked at the closed door before he suddenly fell asleep again.

Don sighed as he left the room. But he was smiling happily. He walked into the living room, and grinned. Everyone was sitting there, doing his or her thing. Don cleared his throat to get everyone's attention.

"Leo's awake!"

Everyone looked at him before the information struck them.

Mikey jumped up excitedly, wanting to see Leo.

But Don shook his head. "I don't think anybody should really see Leo yet."

Raph cocked his head. "Why's that?"

Don sighed sadly. "Because when I talked to him, he didn't answer. I don't think he even realized that I was talking to him! His mind's still not tuned in to reality, yet. I think we should give him a few more hours or so."

Mikey sighed as he sat down, disappointed.

&&&&& (a day later)

Mikey looked into the lab. Leo was there, sitting up in bed, watching Donny who was talking to him. Leo would sometimes answer, but all the other times he would just be staring off into space.

"Hey Don! Hey Leo!" Mikey called out happily. Don whirled around in surprise before smiling at him.

"Hey Mikey."

Leo just looked confused for a second before looking at Mikey. He smiled, but then began to stare into space again.

Mikey looked at Leo for a second before looking at Don. Don sighed, he looked a bit tired but happy. "Leo's doing well. His mind is still in a state of confusion, but it's starting to become better."

Mikey nodded as he accepted Don's explanation.

&&&&&& (the next day)

Raph went into the lab and looked in. "Leo?" He questioned. Leo was sitting up in bed, examining his wounds. He looked up.

Raph hesitantly stepped in. "Don said that you were much better now. I was just...you know...um—"

Leo chuckled. "I know Raph."

Raph grinned. "So you are much better!"

Leo nodded. "Yeah. I'm not so confused anymore."

Raph sat down next to Leo. "You okay bro?"

Leo nodded again. "Yeah. Just tired."

Suddenly, the door opened and Don stepped in. He paused when he saw Raph inside, but smiled. "Oops. Sorry Raph. But I need to run a quick check on Leo, while he's awake."

Raph nodded and got up, but stayed near Leo.

Don nodded his thanks before turning to Leo. "Okay. Can you tell me the multiples of two?"

Leo looked at Don for a second before looking confused. "Err...what? The whats of twos?"

Don laughed gently. "Don't worry about it. Just checking to see if your brain is working alright. It just means that you need a few more days to get warmed up more."

Leo nodded.

Raph looked at Don. "Why?" He asked. "Why's he like this? And how did he survive that long?"

Don sighed. "It's complicated really. He survived because of an animal instinct we call hibernation."

Raph stared. "Leo hibernated???!!!"

Don laughed and nodded. "Yeah. Once his body realized that it was cold and all, it shut down and forced itself into a deep sleep. That's why he was able to survive. And he's like this because hibernation shuts down most of the brain, so it's still not completely revived. But don't worry. He'll be fine in a few days."

Don finished, as he left the lab.

Raph looked down at Leo. Leo couldn't hold back a yawn. "Sorry." He said before rubbing his eyes. "I've been asleep for so long..."

Raph nodded. "But how did you manage to you know..."

"Get out of my body?" Leo finished for him. Raph nodded.

Leo shrugged. "I really don't know. I guess it's just that I worry too much about you guys, so I couldn't really stay put. So I just tried what I could to get to you guys...it's hard to explain really."

Raph nodded. "But I'm glad you're okay bro. Just don't ever do that again!!! Next time you're leaving, I'm coming with you!"

Leo laughed. "Trust me bro. It wasn't my idea of getting chased by the Elite there and getting beat up and falling into that hole. And trust me. I don't think I'll be going away for quite a while!"

Raph laughed as well. "I've missed you bro. I'm glad you're back."

Leo nodded before laying down again. "Glad to be back." He replied before falling asleep.


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