Accidentally in Love

Rated: PG-13. I don't foresee it changing much, but there will be some mild adult situations.

Spoilers: This is a Marauders story based on characters as depicted in Snape's Worst Memory (OotP) Ships/Slash: No Slash, but mild adult situations between two consenting adults/teens.

Notes: I realize that Lily and James didn't hook up until seventh year, but for the purposes of this fanfic I changed that to the end of sixth year. The main reason for this was that I wanted to focus more on other relationships, and wanted theirs established.

If anyone is interested in beta reading, please pm me and let me know. I'm sure there are things that I need to change grammatically, etc.

I: The Surprise

"Myra...Myra," Lily whispered into her friends ear .

"Uhh?" Myra rolled over in her bed so she was facing away from Lily seated on her bed.

"Come on, we've got to go!" Lily whispered insistently and touched Myra's shoulder gently, trying to stir her.

"Go?" Myra asked, still in a daze. She sat up and found herself face to face with the emerald green eyes of her best friend at Hogwarts, Lily Evans.

"Remember?" Lily asked impatiently as she climbed off the bed, "James said he had a surprise for me."

"Oh, yeah...," Myra vaguely remembered Lily mentioning it on the train over to Hogwarts two days ago.

"Wait. Why do I have to come?" Myra asked, raising an eyebrow. "Well, I don't want to go by myself!" "But it's the first night of the school term!" Myra protested, "I don't want to get in trouble already." "You won't," Lily assured her. "Besides, Sirius will be there," she added with a sly smile. "Why does that matter?" Myra tried to sound casual but her reddening face betrayed her. Lily just smiled and then tugged on her bed sheets.

"Come on!" she insisted. "Ok, fine," Myra finally gave in and slid off the bed, her socked feet slipping into her black fuzzy slippers.

"Lumos," Lily whispered once Myra had grabbed her cloak. A light appeared at the end of the wand. Together they padded down the stairs to the Ravenclaw common room, decorated in navy blue, and through the opening at the other end.

"So, you really like him, huh?" Myra whispered, glancing over at Lily as they waited for their revolving staircase to fall back into place.

Lily smiled and nodded, "I really do."

Myra felt a pang of jealousy, much to her dismay. All through the summer she had been fighting with herself, trying not to be jealous of her best friend and her love affair with James Potter. So what if he owled her all summer and sent her presents? she thought to herself, You were busy all summer anyway, no time for boys. This second part was true. Myra had been selected to undertake a potions apprenticeship in London. Between her work with Professor Cyrill and her summer reading for her seventh year at Hogwarts, she had been quite busy indeed. In fact, if she had wanted a boy writing her all summer, she would have had no problem finding one. She was quite pretty with her fair complexion and dark ash blonde hair that fell straight down her back. It wasn't only her looks that drew boys to her though. She was very smart, as evidenced from her placing in Ravenclaw first year. Still, she wasn't able to find a boy that really intrigued her, made her stomach flip-flop with butterflies, save one. That one was the ever-so mysterious Sirius Black.

The two girls hurried down the stairs from the Ravenclaw tower as quietly as possible and soon found themselves in the entrance way of Hogwarts.

"James said he would meet us here," Lily said nervously as she looked around the deserted entrance. Myra subtly checked her watch and noted that it was three in the morning on a school night. She was longing for her bed when James, Sirius and Remus appeared from seemingly nowhere in front of them.

"'Evening ladies," James said with a grin as Myra and Lily jumped a little at their sudden appearance from behind James' invisibility cloak. Sirius was also smiling and all three looked pretty pleased with themselves, even if Remus kept glancing around nervously.

Lily and Myra eyed them suspiciously as they approached. James took Lily's hand and Myra, Sirius and Remus fell behind them.

"Where's Peter?" Myra asked. Peter Pettigrew was always hanging off James and Sirius, and it seemed odd that he had not also come along for the surprise.

"He looked so nice and peaceful in his little bed we didn't want to wake him up," Sirius grinned.

"By bed, we mean hospital bed," Remus said quietly with a hint of a smile at Sirius.

"Oh, is he alright?" Myra asked in concern.

"He will be," Sirius nodded. "Just trying out some new pranks and"

"Madam Pomfrey says his skin should return to normal colour in a few days," Remus said, trying to retain a straight face while Sirius started snickering.

Myra sighed, much accustomed to the Marauders pranks from their first six years together at Hogwarts. Even if they hadn't been close friends until James and Lily had started going out last year, she had always known them by reputation.

"How was your summer?" Remus asked Myra, trying to change the subject.

"It was fine, thanks," Myra replied, glancing at Sirius. Her heart almost skipped a beat when he returned her glance briefly. Truth be told, Myra was better suited for Remus with her quiet intelligence, but it was Sirius that attracted her the most. Easily one of the most attractive male students at Hogwarts, he constantly had the ladies attention. It wasn't just his good looks that attracted Myra though. She sensed that there was this deeper side to him; a side that he didn't show often, but one she had glimpsed last year when she occasionally saw him alone without his fellow Gryffindors James, Remus and Peter. It was this deeper, darker side that made him a bit of a mystery. It was this deeper side that she wanted to know.

The three of them walked in silence behind James and Lily until they reached the Forbidden Forest. While the forest looked a little forbidding in broad daylight, it looked downright terrifying in the dark of the night. Between the sound of their footsteps were sounds of the creatures within the forest. An owls hoot was followed by a distant shriek and Myra felt her hair stand on end.

"What are we doing here?" Myra asked apprehensively. "You'll see," Sirius replied mysteriously with the trace of a smile. "Close your eyes," James said suddenly to Lily. "You too," Sirius nodded to Myra. She reached out and grabbed his arm to lead her way. Suddenly the shivers running up her back weren't from the sounds in the forest.

They walked a few yards ahead, behind the groundkeepers cottage where the surprise was waiting impatiently.

"Okay," James said finally, "You can open your eyes."

In front of them stood a full grown unicorn. Lily and Myra simultaneously gasped and immediately started swooning over it. James winked at Remus and Sirius who just shook their heads, chuckling at the success of their surprise.

"James, how did you do this?" Lily asked in amazement as she patted the unicorn.

James shrugged nonchalantly and ruffled his hair with his left hand.

"He had help," Sirius intervened, giving James a bit of a push. James pushed Sirius back with a laugh. "Okay, I might have had a bit of help," he admitted.

"A bit?" Remus asked with a raised eyebrow, a bemused smile playing on his lips. "Okay, so I had a lot of help," he grinned at his friends.

"Well, I think its beautiful," Lily said, still in awe. She wrapped her arms around James with a sigh.

After patting the unicorn for a while, Myra glanced at her watch. "We should probably get going," she said softly, suddenly painfully aware that they weren't allowed near the Forbidden Forest at any time, but especially after dark.

"She's right," Remus agreed, and turned to go back to the castle. "Suit yourselves," James shrugged, still holding Lily. Myra threw Lily a pleading look and Lily unwrapped James' arms around her, surrendering to her friend.

"I better walk Myra back to Ravenclaw," Lily said softly to James. "Sirius and Remus can do it," James volunteered his friends.

"No, it's fine. I can walk back by myself," Myra insisted, seeing that Lily wanted to stay with James. She turned to walk back to the castle at a brisk pace. A few moments later Remus and Sirius had caught up, one on each side of her.

"We don't want a pretty girl like you walking alone on a night like this," Sirius grinned. "Right," Myra rolled her eyes but was secretly pleased. Much later after they had dropped her off at the Ravenclaw dormitory and she had crawled back into bed she retained the image of Sirius in her mind. She loved his gray eyes and his dark hair and his...She fell asleep while his image lingered in her mind.