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Chapter one

Ginny sat on the floor of the stage; chin resting on her knees, as she watched Draco run his hand through his perfectly groomed hair, an action she'd come to learn was an indication of frustration and confusion for him. In the turbulent months they'd been secretly meeting, and then not so secretly, in this abandoned music room, she'd watched him do it hundreds of times, when he wasn't sure of what to say or do, when he wasn't sure of how he felt about something. Like how he felt about her right now. She grimly wondered to herself what the hell she was doing here, with Draco Malfoy, of all people.

It had started innocently enough. Ginny had taken to exploring the endless halls and corridors of the castle at the beginning of fifth year. Her obsession with Harry Potter had finally ended, quite suddenly, when he'd finally noticed Ginny. When Harry finally asked her to go to Hogsmeade with him, that year, she'd been delighted and excited. But after spending the day with him all to herself, she hadn't found him nearly as captivating as she'd been dreaming he was. Instead, she'd discovered that she liked Harry, but he was only Ron's dear friend, and like another brother to her. Harry, on the other hand, seemed to feel differently. After considering Ginny a little sister, an extended family member for almost six years, he found himself suddenly in love with her. When he'd kissed her that day in the back of Honeyduke's by the chocolate frogs, Ginny had decided that it was like kissing Fred or George and was quite disgusted when Harry had attempted to deepen the kiss. To everyone else's and much to Harry's surprise, she'd turned him down flat when he'd asked her to go only with him from now on. Harry was hurt, and Ron and Hermione had cornered her in the common room and berated her for being a tease, running after Harry all these years, then playing with his emotions. She'd gotten so angry, she didn't even try to explain, and had stormed out of the room; wandering the corridors she didn't usually venture down, blowing off steam.

It was that first night that she heard the piano. A beautiful haunting tune filled a hall. She wasn't sure where she was. Somewhere near the Astronomy tower, but not exactly. Hogwart's shifted and changed daily, and it was easy to get lost. Ginny didn't mind being lost just now; it meant no one would be bothering her about how she'd done "poor Harry". The piano music intrigued her, taking her mind off her anger, and she'd tried to follow it. The music faded though before she could place where it originated.

The wandering became habit for Ginny. When she couldn't bear the sad puppy eyes of Harry on her, or the malevolent glares from Ron and Hermione when they noticed those sad faces he made, she'd escape by getting lost in the castle. And she heard the piano again one night. She got a little closer to finding it that night. She was sure it was just around the next corner when it stopped. It became a mission to find the music from that night on. Ginny wandered often enough to know that the music usually played at certain times of the night. And she had a general idea of where it was coming from now. Each time she heard it, she narrowed her field of search just a little more. The tunes were always melancholy, but breathtakingly beautiful. Once or twice, as she hurriedly searched, she had wept with the sheer despair of the song. Ginny though someone must have a very sad soul to play so emotionally.

Finally, one night, after a blazing row with Ron about Harry, again, she finally found the music. And the music maker. She burst through the door of a long forgotten music room. Ginny looked around and took in the old room, draped in once-lovely, but now tattered and dusty silk curtains, the once- gleaming wood floors, the huge floor-to-ceiling dormer window with leaded glass, and the ragged velvet chairs arranged in semi-circle around a small stage with an ebony piano in the middle, then she gasped. Sitting at the piano, in the dark, glaring at her, was Draco Malfoy.

"Malfoy, what are you doing here?" she asked, stunned.

"I was here first, Weasel. I think I have a right to ask that question of you." He spat at her hatefully.

"I...I was following the music." She said, then realized where he was sitting and asked astonished, "Did you play that song I just heard?"

"And what if I did, Weasel?", he said, stepping away from the piano. "I wasn't bothering anyone, and you shouldn't even be in this part of the castle. Go back to your brother and his girlfriend, and your ninny boyfriend Potter."


Draco looked at her with his mouth momentarily agape. Then he remembered who he was. Malfoys did not hold their mouths agape. He snapped it shut, studied her like she was suddenly an interesting specimen in a jar, then raised a perfectly arched blond eyebrow and said "Harry FRIGGING Potter?"

Ginny had the good grace to look a bit shamefaced and said "I like Harry, I really do, but not like that. He's like Ron or Fred or George. Well, to be quite honest, he's more like Percy. I love them both dearly, but they're rather annoying to spend any extended length of time around."

Draco burst out laughing. Ginny, startled by his laughter, real laughter, something she'd never heard from him, grimaced, then slapped a hand over her mouth when she couldn't contain a snicker.

Draco looked at her sharply and said, "No need to hide your feelings from me Weasel. I can't abide Potter, and the way everyone bows at his feet. Perfect Potter, and the red haired weasel king, and that nasty mudblood-"

Ginny cut him off. "Don't call Hermione that ugly name, and don't talk bad about my brother, or Harry either for that matter!" she half shouted.

He narrowed his eyes at her. "I thought you didn't like Harry Frigging Potter."

"I don't like Harry, not the way he wants me to. But I do like him as a friend, as family even, and despite the fact that Ron is just about as big a prat as you, I love him, and Hermione is my friend and she doesn't deserve to be called ugly names. You are an arrogant, bigoted snob Draco Malfoy!" said Ginny.

"Just because I think that pure blood ought to be preserved, just because I think mud...muggle borns ought not be allowed to just contaminate wizarding blood, that makes me a bigoted snob? As for arrogance, I can't help it if you feel inferior to me, Weasel girl. And...did you just compare me to your brother?" Draco drew close to her as he ranted at her calmly, never raising his voice, but it had a silky dangerousness to its tone that made Ginny shiver. He stopped only a few inches from her.

With Draco so close to her, Ginny couldn't help but notice how stunning he was. His blonde hair, looking so soft, just tempting someone to plunge her hands into it; his silvery gray eyes, now alit with anger and a bit of amusement, made someone wonder how they'd look in the heat of passion; his sharp features, forming a face that looked sculpted by an ancient roman, smooth and perfect at every angle, a work of art for someone to stare at and loose her head; his slender but muscled body, left someone wondering what it would feel like to be held in those strong arms. The boy was simply scrumptious to look at. Ginny was happily gazing at him, then he spoke and ruined it.

"What's the matter Weasel, got nothing to say to that?"

Realizing suddenly that he was mere inches from her, Ginny looked around and snatched up a dusty music book lying on the nearest chair and flung it at him. As it bounced off him, she said, "Get away Malfoy, you're invading my personal space."

Rubbing the spot the book had hit on his chest he said, "Actually Weasel, you're invading my personal space. I was here first. Get lost."

Ginny suddenly remembered the reason she had sought out this room to begin with. "No. I don't think so. I bet if I told, oh say, a teacher, that you were in here, you'd be in trouble."

Draco looked as if he was about to tear into her again, but then he looked at the piano and sighed. "What do you want to keep your mouth shut and go away?"

Ginny considered. What did she want? Nothing really, and she almost took pity on him and left but to have Draco Malfoy over a barrel was simply too good to pass up. And she really liked his music. It soothed her. "Only to be able to come here sometimes and listen to you play."

Draco studied her a moment, then just nodded. He went back to the piano and began to play. Ginny quietly sat down in one of the chairs and listened.

Since that night, Ginny had often slipped out and gone to the music room to frequently. At first it was with no regularity, and sometimes Draco would be there, and sometimes he wouldn't. The first three or four times she went, she would just sit quietly and listen to him play. Then she began to bring a book, or her homework with her when she came. She would spread her work things out on the stage next to the piano and work while he played. One night, when she came in laden with books, she noticed a stool had been placed at the end of the piano. She looked the question at Draco. He shrugged and said, "No sense in sitting in the floor. Must be awfully uncomfortable." Ginny sat on the stool and didn't ask any more questions, but she did sneak a quick look at Draco when she thought he wouldn't notice. Tonight he was doing more than just playing. He had a stack of paper with him, and a pencil, and he would play a few odd notes on the piano, then stop and scribble, muttering to himself softly.

Finally, he glanced up and caught her looking. "What?!" he asked, sounding annoyed.

"What are you doing?" Ginny asked, curiosity getting the better of her.

Draco's face became guarded. "What's it to you, Weasel girl?"

"Nothing, Ferret boy, I was just curious." Ginny snapped back, going back to her homework. "Forget I asked."

"I'd be delighted to." He replied, eyes going back to the piano.

He continued his banging and scribbling for a few more minutes till Ginny could stand it no more.

"Alright, Malfoy, I admit defeat. I have to know. What are you doing?"

Draco sighed, rather theatrically. "If you must know, I'm composing."

"Composing," Ginny said, surprise in her voice." A song?"

Draco sneered at her. "Not a song, Weasel. There will be no singing to ruin a perfect piece of music. A sonata. Not that you'd know what that was. I see ignorance runs in the family."

Any consideration that perhaps her idea of Malfoy was slightly wrong, that perhaps he actually had some interests in life other than making her's and Hermione, Ron and Harry's lives miserable, flew out the window.

"Right Malfoy. And here I was ready to think that maybe there was something more to you than that hateful sneer, or those nasty comments. That maybe there actually was a soul inside that shell of yours. But once again, you've shown your true colors. My own fault though. Always trust first impressions. You're noting more than an arrogant, insolent prat, on his way to follow in Daddy's footsteps as a death eater and a narrow minded snob."

Draco swiftly approached her, a menacing look in his eyes. Ginny unconsciously leapt from her stool, and she found herself backed up against the wall as he spat at her, "You don't know me, you don't know anything about me, you dirt poor, freckled little twit."

"I know all I need to know Ferret boy." Ginny put her hands against his chest, shoving at his immovable bulk. "Get off me Malfoy, you're in serious violation of my personal space."

Draco's eyes developed a dangerous gleam and he said, "You've been in violation of my personal space for weeks now Weasel. Maybe its time I was due a little retribution."

"What do you me-"Ginny was cut off as he fisted his hand in her hair and kissed her.

Ginny stiffened as she tried to sort out in her mind what was happening. 'Oh my God', she thought, 'Malfoy is kissing me!' His mouth was pressing against hers brutally, his tongue invading her mouth, and she knew she should be fighting him off, but damn it all, she couldn't get her body to move. Suddenly, a lightheaded wave of euphoria washed over her and her knees began to weaken. Draco seemed to sense the change and pressed in closer to Ginny. His arm slipped around her waist to drag her up against him, and the kiss softened. Of their own violation, Ginny felt the hands she had been shoving at his chest with, slide up and wrap around his neck. As her breasts crushed up against his chest, she heard a deep rumble come from Draco's throat. One leg drifted up to wind around his shin, and he reached down to caress her thigh, then ran the hand back up the length of her body, stopping just below her breast. Gingerly, almost as if he were sneaking, he slid his hand over the side of her breast, then over the top of it. He traced the outline of her nipple with his thumb, causing Ginny to gasp in pleasure. Just as suddenly as it stopped, Ginny's brain began to work again. She snatched her head and body back quickly, and shoved Draco. Being caught up in the moment, Draco was caught by surprise and nearly fell over backward.

He looked as dazed as she felt. "Ginny I-"

"Just what did you think you were doing? What, I ask you? Don't you ever touch me again, do you hear me? EVER!" Ginny shouted at him and fled the room.