Dear Princess,

I know you're wondering why I sent you this letter when I just saw you yesterday in Hogsmeade. I have to tell you what I've done, and I couldn't tell you to your face. Now don't frown like that, it's not what you think.

You know I passed audition to play in the magician's national orchestra, but what you don't know is that Snape approached me in the Ministry office a few weeks ago and recruited me to join up with the forces for the light, now that the war is full blown. I found myself talked into it somehow. I did the auror's training they are putting new recruits through and when it came time to learn potions and antidotes, who should be assisting the head auror but Granger. I ended up spending quite a bit of time with her, and discovered to my dismay that her annoying know-it-all attitude can quite grow on you. Blaise Zanbini wandered into the ministry one day, on some sort of errand for his father, and called her mudblood. I found myself most outraged about this and ended up escorting him from the premises, none too gently. I find myself more and more beginning to believe what you've been telling me all along. Maybe muggles and muggle borns aren't that bad. Shocking, isn't it?

I've been assigned to command a unit. There are four units, a dragon wing, a supply line, and explosives team in each division. Ironically, I find myself commanding a unit, with your prat brother Ron, (who still isn't acknowledging my existence) and that git Potter commanding two of the others. The fourth unit is under Dean Thomas. Your brother Charlie is over the dragon wing in our division, and of course George and Fred are over the explosives team. No ones quite sure who outranks the other one, and just between you and me, I think they're swapping places at random. Percy is our ministry liaison (who was quite crestfallen to find out father had disowned me) with Neville Longbottom assisting him, and Seamus Finnigan is heading the supply line. Big brother Bill is division commander. So, you see, it seems I am destined to be surrounded by Weasleys, no matter where I go. Ah, I see you laughing at me even as I write this.

Please don't be too angry with me Princess, for not telling you sooner. I knew you were worried about your brothers joining up and I knew you were hoping I would avoid it and remain a neutral bystander, but I find I can't ignore my conscious any longer. I know you will understand. Who knows Princess, maybe I am turning into a Knight in shining armor after all.

I was very pleased when you told me about Poppy Pomfry recruiting you to do you're medi-wizard training in the school in Scotland. You will be a wonderful medi-witch. And Scotland is much safer than home these days.

By the way, I thought you were quite lovely as a bridesmaid for Ron and Granger's wedding. Cho Chang showed me a picture the last time she was here, visiting Harry. (Those two seem to be quite and item these days.)

Anyway, the point of this letter, besides it being the most cowardly way I could think of to tell you what I had done, was to ask you a question.

I was wondering, if when you got back from Scotland, if I managed to keep myself alive through this war, if you might consider doing me the honor of being my wife?

Ever your loving Ferret,


Dear Knight,



Weasel girl

P.S. I'm very angry with you for joining the war and not telling me!