League of Jurassic Gentlemen - Trinn
Chapter 3: Mina Loses It

Wilhelmina Harker, former wife of the late Jonathan Harker, slumped distractedly in her favorite armchair and tried to focus on the words in front of her. She couldn't remember what book she was reading, but she had been reading it (or at least the same five lines of it) over and over for the past half hour.

She gave up. Tossing the book to the floor, she stared out the rain drenched window at the gloomy London world outside. It had been raining straight for a week now. This wasn't unusual, but it was depressing for a vampire who always had to go out to eat.

Maybe she was hungry. And that's why she couldn't focus on anything. Mina sighed and turned away from the window, curling into the chair. It had once been Jonathan's. Remembering him, she also remembered her old friends and the hope they had given her for that short time when they thought they would be able to save her humanity. Van Helsing had been so kind to her, so understanding of it all. They had gathered all their papers and clues together after Lucy's "death," and Van Helsing had led them to her grave where the true horrors of immortality had awaited them. Now Lucy really was dead, and so was Jonathan, Van Helsing, and everyone else. They weren't murdered, though; they had died from old age. Growing old while Mina stayed unchanged.

She remembered her utter disappointment when Van Helsing discovered that once a vampire, always a vampire and Mina would have to learn to live on the blood of others. Jonathan had never been the same with her after that, although she always killed those who were less than innocent themselves, and she had never lost her reason as Lucy had.

Then Jonathan had died, and she had lost all hope. That is, until the League came along and offered her a chance at redeeming herself in her own mind. Surely, saving an entire country would make up for all the thieves and murderers she had killed to slake her thirst. But the League had betrayed her too. And Dorian. But she had made him pay for his betrayal.

A knock on the heavy door of her empty mansion house brought her back. She blinked a few times before realizing what the sound had been, then, hearing the knock again, got up slowly and headed for the entrance hall. Faced with the heavy door, Mina wished she were taller so that she could see out of the decorative glass windows at the top. With no spy hole, she could only imagine what was waiting impatiently for her out in the rain.

She pulled open the door.

Standing just outside, dripping wet under her small porch overhang, was a tall, cleft-chinned man who was wiping his eyeglasses on the inside lining of his coat. As Mina opened the door he looked up, and smiled broadly at her before pushing his way inside. "Mina! Mina Harker, how are you? Or is it Murray again?"

Flustered, Mina slammed the door and hurried after him. "Harker is fine. But who are you, sir? I don't believe we've met." She gripped his arm until he stopped moving down the hall. He looked down at her, bemused.

"Oh, no, I don't think we have either. So let me introduce myself." He turned to face her, draping his coat over one arm and holding the other hand out towards Mina. "Clark Kent. And I'm here on behalf of the LXG."

Mina stared at him. "The LXG? The League of Extraordinary Gentleman?" Clark Kent, an American by the sound of him, was distracted as he looked around for somewhere to put his coat. Mina grabbed it and tossed it to the side. "What do you mean, the League of Extraordinary Gentleman?"

Clark glanced disapprovingly at the pile of coat on the floor, but then looked back to Mina with a sigh. "Just what I mean. It's been... reawakened, as it were. Rejuvinated. Reanimated. Et cetera. Brought back."

"By who, exactly?"

"The president of the United States!"

This was obviously meant to impress Mina, but she said nothing until Clark elaborated.

"You see, they've been having some problems with... well, um... see..."

"With what?"

"With... dinosaurs."


"Yeah. Apparently someone invented a time machine, zipped back to the age of the dinosaurs, and brought two of them back here! And, the dinosaurs seem to really like each other, so there have been a few complications. Over a hundred baby dinosaurs running rampant everywhere. It's disgusting."


"You know... reptiles... like snakes... slimy creatures skittering around..." Clark shuddered. Then, as an afterthought, he added, "And, you know, they're killing people."

Mina sighed coldly. "And they want me to do what?"

Clark eyed her carefully. "Suck their blood?"