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Awake in an Infinite Dream

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Chapter One: Words Are Weak Against Time

Inuyasha sat on a sturdy branch of a tree near the well. He remembered how he had always sat on that same branch to wait for Kagome to come back from her time. 'That was a long while ago.' He thought. And it was too. Kagome has now been living in Inuyasha's time for about five months now.

Miroku and Sango had gotten together as well. Inuyasha remembered when he and Kagome arrived back from her time the next day and saw that they were very close. Then, Inuyasha explained everything to them about how he and Kagome were together now. Miroku and Sanog were'nt really that surprised, much to Inuyasha's annoyance, because they said that they "knew it would happen sooner or later."

Inuyasha remembered how they called him predictable, hardheaded and so on. Inuyasha chased them for a long time till Kagome used that blasted spell on him.

Inuyasha sighed and gazed at the setting sun, admiring its radiant beauty. The hanyou had always loved to watch the sunset and rise everyday. He was not one to take the beauty of his world for granted.

'I still can't believe Naraku is finally gone, after all this time, he's finally dead and will never harm another soul.' Inuyasha thought contentedly. He brought his right leg from hanging off the tree and bent it on the branch so that his arm leaned on his knee as his other leg remained hanging off the branch.

It took everything they had to overpower Naraku. They had to battle him a few days after Kagome and himself had arrived from her time of those fateful two days. It was he and Sesshomaru who had finally killed Naraku in the final blow. Kagome had purified him and completed the Shikon Jewel. Kikyo had departed her life from the living world, and with a heavy heart, Inuyasha had to agree that it was the best thing for both of them. Kagome was also saddened by the great woman's departure. They had grown somewhat an odd friendship and understanding of one another, it was truly a sad time when she had to go.

Another thought made Inuyasha now became dismayed at remembering that day when Kagome had been separated from her family forever.


It was the day after the jewel was complete and everyone was joyous. Miroku and Sango had announced that they were to marry and couldn't be happier. Miroku's curse was lifted and will not suffer from it any longer, wondering each day if his life would end the next.

Kagome had purified the jewel completely and let Sango wish for Kohaku to live. The demon exterminator was so happy that day. The happiest Inuyasha had ever seen her. She just got married and brought her brother back from the dead. Who wouldn't be happy about that?

It was Kagome who was not the cheerful one as always when she discovered that the well had only a day's time until it seals forever.

Her grandfather had died from old age a few days before and now she couldn't see her mother or brother ever again? She couldn't take it at all.

Her mother and brother stood by the wellin the feudal era. Wishing to see that place their daughter and sister would be staying at for the rest of her life.

Kagome ran into her mother's arms as Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Inuyasha watched helplessly. Shippo wanted to go comfort her in a hug but Inuyasha shook his head no. This was a time of hardship for Kagome that she would have to face on her own. Sango was crying silently in the monk's arms, knowing the feeling of what Kagome was going through.

"Mother, y-you can't go. Don't go." She sobbed into her mother's shoulder. Souta had tears in his eyes. He would never see his big sister again and he felt his strength leave him. He couldn't handle such things and at such a young age.

"You know very well that I must." Her mother replied shakily. She held her daughter tight and whispered sweet words to her. Somehow, the older woman knew this day would come. Ever since Kagome figured out that she had fallen in love with the hanyou, she knew. She guessed it was just a mother's intuition, and knew her heart was getting ready for her daughter to take her leave from her world, but that didn't make it at all any easier to say good bye, the words she had been dreading ever since Kagome was a baby.

Kagome continued to shed her tears and now pulled away slowly to look at the crying Sota next to her. She bent down to his height and hugged him firmly. Sota hugged her back and cried in her neck.

"K-Kagome, why d-do you have t-to stay h-here forever? I want you t-to stay with me and mom." He tried to say. Kagome rubbed his back and cried even more to his desire for her to be with him.

"Sota, I cannot. My life is here now." She whispered to him. They hugged for another minute and she pulled away to look at him.

"Sota, when you are older, you are going to find just the right girl for you." She smiled now, " She will love you with all her heart and you must do the same if you love her too. You must trust and respect her...Tell her you love her everyday and don't take it for granted...because it will be the best thing to ever happen in your life." She said to him.

He nodded in understanding and Kagome pulled him into another hug. As Kagome now hugged her mother for the very last time, her mother whispered, "I wish your father was here."

Inuyasha gasped slightly at hearing her speak of Kagome's father.

She continued, "I wish he was here, so he will see that another man shall be in your life."

Inuyasha felt very depressed for Kagome. He knew she wished her father to be here too. Inuyasha now more than ever wanted to meet Kagome's father, to ask him for his blessings upon the marriage of Kagome and himself.

Kagome took a few steps back and watched as her brother and her mother descended into the well, and didn't come back. Kagome watched the light in the well start to fade. 'No, I can't do it... I need them with me.' She shook her head and her eyes were wide. She wasn't ready to be on her own yet. She felt like she still needed guidance.

"No! Don't go yet!" Kagome shouted and ran to the well.

Everyone tensed, at first thinking she would jump into the well and not be able to come back. After seeing Kagome fall to her knees and reach her hand down the egde of the well, they sighed and watched with sorrow at the heartbroken girl.

Her arm fell limp and just hung from the well top, "No...not yet, please... Mom come back to me." She whispered and let her head lean on her shoulder. As Kagome still gazed into the darkness, she watched her teardrops fall from her cheeks and own the well, shimmering in the sunlight before they disappeared.

Inuyasha immediately kneeled beside her and hugged her as he closed his eyes and rubbed her back soothingly. He didn't say anything. He couldn't say anything.

---End of flashback---

Inuyasha sighed and closed his eyes.

Then he smiled as he thought of something else that could never make him sad. Kagome was five months pregnant and always told him that the baby would look just like its daddy. Inuyasha always smiled when she said that. He knew he wanted to be a father, but was he even ready for such a thing as this? Could he actually take care of something so fragile as a baby?

Inuyasha opened his eyes and looked at the small slit of brightness setting behind the hills of the feudal era. He jumped out of the tree and walked to his home. They lived by Kaede's hut and near Miroku and Sango's hut as well. Sango was four and a half months pregnant. She as well thought the baby to look like Miroku. The monk of course, would always smile with pride.

Shippo was and would still be growing into quite a handsome young man. Kagome would always remind him of how good he looks and that girls would soon be looking his way. And of course the fox demon would always blush at the miko's comments and thoughts of that.

As Inuyasha entered the hut, he was met by a sleeping Kagome in their room. He wasn't surprised, for she would often get tired and go to bed early like this. As he lay beside her he smelt tears that had been shed a while ago. 'She was thinking about her family again.' He thought sadly.

He hugged her under the covers and kissed her cheek. He never wanted her to be like this, especially alone. He hated it when she was miserable like this, but knew thinking of her family even for a second would bring a waterfall of tears from her. The old saying 'time heals all wounds' Inuyasha felt was false in Kagome's mind, he knew, because time could never heal this wound.