Chapter One

Written by: Chibi Sephy

Author's notes: This is an 'Advent Children' fanfiction, of sorts. However, it is not my take on what I believe will happen. I just wanted to clarify

Disclaimer: I don't own Advent Children, or any of its characters. Thank you.

Two people were standing in a long forgotten church, staring at each other, neither moving. One was a woman, with long black hair, clothed entirely in black, a pink ribbon tied around her arm, in memorial of a lost friend. The other was a man, with short silver hair, also clothed completely in black, though the top was exposed a bit to show his chest.

The woman's expression was that of great seriousness, with only a small trace of worry. The man's, on the other hand, seemed amused, with a gigantic smirk on his face.

"Who are you?" The woman finally questioned, her crimson eyes filled with extreme distrust.

The other shrugged, and shook his head, not bothering to reply.

"Tell me," She said coldly. "I know you're one of the three that attacked Cloud in the forest. It was lucky that he escaped with Marlene."

"It was," The man admitted, "But I don't think you, Tifa Lockheart, or that little girl will be as lucky as he was."

The woman, Tifa, gasped, surprised that he knew her name, and the fact that Marlene was in the church with them. After all, she had told the six year old to hide when she realized a threat was amongst them both.

"What did you do with her?" She shouted angrily, hoping that he hadn't harmed her. She wouldn't have known, since the church was so large.

"Nothing..." The man responded, and Tifa couldn't help but let out a small sigh of relief. "Yet." He added shortly afterwards, with a tiny chuckle.

"And you won't, now that you've come across me," Tifa said, trying to sound as confident as possible, though she was actually feeling incredibly nervous.

"Oh, really?" The silver-haired man laughed, "Well, we'll see about that... Now, perhaps?"

Then, as calm as he could possibly be, he cracked his knuckles, and shook his head, trying to get rid of any cricks in it. Tifa simply blinked in surprise, surprised by his total lack of haste.

"Good-bye, sweet lady," The man then shouted, dashing towards her, his turquoise eyes wild with malice. He then attempted to knock her off her feet; by kicking her around her ankle. Fortunately, she was able to dodge it, and then countered with a swift punch to the side of his face.

This didn't seem to bother him whatsoever, Tifa soon discovered. She was able to continue dodging all of his attacks, and able to throw in some of her own, but they didn't affect him the way she hoped they would. Occasionally a few seemed to hurt him, but the ratio of this was low. If this continued, she would eventually run out of energy, leaving him as the victor.

"No!" She shouted aloud, causing the unknown man to grin broadly, as he threw an array of punches upon her. She was no bruised in several areas, and blood was flowing freely from her nose.

"Scared?" He said slyly, "I can't say I don't blame you."

Tifa, instead of answering, simply scowled—however, his talking had apparently made her a bit distracted, and cut into her ability to avoid his punches and occasional kicks—and the next one he made, once again aimed at her ankles, hit, and sent her crashing down to the ground with a noisy 'thud', and a small cry of pain.

"I knew you wouldn't have a chance against me," The man said arrogantly, as he quickly bent over and grabbed her legs, slowly starting to go in small circles, planning on throwing her against the hard church wall. Tifa struggled as he did this, trying with all her might to force him off. But no avail. He continued to gain speed, and then, when he deemed there to be enough to send her flying, he let go.

Now that she had control over her body, and knew exactly where she was going to land, she prepared herself, turning a bit in the air, so her feet would hit first, absorbing the impact in a small area.

Luckily, this plan worked, and she was able to hit the wall gracefully, holding onto some of the rough ridges for a moment, before jumping down and landing on the rotten wood floor.

Tifa looked over at her new enemy, pleased to see the smirk he had on his face was slowly starting to disappear.

"Surprised?" She said, grinning at him, pulling herself up into an absolute standing position.

"I think," He said quietly, tone of amusement gone. "That it's time to end this fight,"

Tifa took this as a threat, and stood glaring at him, her gloved hands clenched into fists. However, he didn't rush at her this time—and instead walked over to her slowly, his right hand hidden a bit from behind his lower back. Tifa didn't move from where she was, not understanding his new plan. Why was he coming towards her so slowly?

"I might as well tell you now..." He said, once he was about a meter or so away from her, "That my name is Loz."

In response, Tifa's mouth fell open slightly, being as she wondered why he would tell her at such a random interval.

Unfortunately, this left her unprepared for his next move—which was knocking her down to the floor, pinning her down with his own body, and placing his right arm into view—which revealed a syringe, which was filled with a reddish-green liquid.

"I hope," He said quietly, plunging the needle of the syringe into her upper arm, right below the ribbon, "That the Geostigma virus isn't as bad as they make it out to be. Otherwise, your life won't be too great in the near future."

By the completion of his small speech, Tifa was already unconscious, her eyes closed tightly. Loz simply stared down at her for a moment, before looking for a place to leave her. He knew Cloud would come for her soon; and he wanted to make sure he noticed her quickly, and in a 'dramatic' place.

He soon found the perfect place. In a perfect circle, was a bed of flowers, the sun shining down upon them eerily.

Loz smiled, and then picked Tifa's surprisingly light body up with both arms. Then, he soundlessly strolled over to the flowerbed, and laid her right in the center of it. Once this was done, he stood up, and took a step backwards, crossing his arms. The sun seemed to cast a heavenly like glow upon her. When he noticed this, he wondered what Cloud would do when he discovered her like this. The very thought made him smirk once more.

"You killed her!" A voice cried suddenly from behind him. Loz calmly turned on his heel, not worrying about it whatsoever. His eyes met a six-year-old little girl, her black hair held up in a ponytail. "You killed Tifa!"

When the little girl reached him, she started hitting him with her fists. Loz couldn't help but laugh—loudly at that.

"Don't worry, she's not dead," He told her, and she suddenly stopped hitting him, as if shocked that he actually spoke to her.

"R-Really?" She gasped, voice hopeful. Loz only nodded.

"Yes, and I won't kill her, as long as you come with me willingly." He explained. "I don't want to take a screaming brat with me everywhere, after all."

The little girl frowned, and glowered at him.

"I don't like you," She said spitefully, gazing up at him. "You're a bad man. Daddy said not to trust people like you."

"I see..." Loz said sadly. "Such a shame..." Then, without another word, he picked her up by the back of her neck roughly.

"Let me go!" She shouted, her face turning a vivid red. Then, she started to scream at the top of her lungs, hoping someone would come and rescue her from this 'bad man'.

Loz sighed heavily, shaking his head, holding her close to him, being as it was easiest for him that way. Even if she was screaming like mad, and wiggling insanely.

"Be quiet," He ordered shrilly, his deep voice indicating anger. "Or I will kill your friend here... And you... Marlene Wallace."

Marlene immediately stopped and looked up in his eyes, which were now literally right above her. He stared back down at her, his turquoise eyes cold. She knew, just going by those eyes, that what he had just said was no lie. So, she fell silent, ceased all movement, and placed her head against his chest, knowing there was no more she could do for Tifa.

"That's a good girl," He said once she did this. "Now, let's go introduce you to my dear siblings, Kadaj and Yazoo. I'm sure they'll love to see you, little Marlene..." He then chuckled once again, and started to head out of the church, to go meet up with them.

Marlene was shivering in fear, and closed her eyes tightly, wishing dearly that this wasn't happening. What could they want with her? A normal six- year-old girl, whom could hardly read?

Then, suddenly, thoughts of three silver-haired people, whom all looked like Loz, began to boil up within her mind. They carried long, bloody knives, and they were all looking down at her, their identical cold turquoise eyes flashing within darkness.

Clear tears began to run down Marlene's face, but she stayed quiet, not wanting herself, or Tifa, to be harmed....

End Chapter One