My name is J.D. And I in no way own any of the characters, names, or places in Fire Emblem. I will refer to the tactician as Mark, which is his default name.

I decided to write this fanfic because there are plenty of Hector/Lyn, Eliwood/Lyn, and Kent/Lyn fics, since the game gives you the option of pairing them up. However, I feel that we should give someone else a chance. Someone the game gives a fairly low chance of pairing up with Lyn because of his personality. And most people leave him that way in their fics, even after the last battle. Yes, I'm talking about Sain. I like Sain. Sure, he's a womanizer and a show-off. But events change people. Especially events that could make or break the world.

I'll go off the normal ending, with only one pairing, one I think is supposed to happen. Eliwood and Ninian are in love, possibly to be married. Everyone else pretty much returns to their homes. Caelin has been handed over to Ostia, now guided by Hector's large and steady hand. Lyn has left Caelin in order to return to the plains of the Sacae. Hector has chosen Kent as a governer of sorts, who reports to Ostia. Sain, with his usual distaste for authority, has decided to leave Caelin and become a wandering knight, much to the dismay of his friend, Kent. We open the story on Sain's departure. So begins...

Fire Emblem

Knight Errant

Chapter 1

Setting Out

Sain sighed as he strapped on his old armor. The armor he had worn in the beginning, when he and Kent had been sent to retrieve Lady Lyndis from the plains. Before Lycia, and then the whole of Elibe, had erupted into chaos because of Nergal, and his wish to bring dragons forth. The Lords Eliwood, Hector, and even Lady Lyndis, had stemmed back the tide of destruction with help from their friends. But only at a great price. Many people had died to halt Nergal's progress, and the lands were still recovering from the swathe of destruction he had made. Now Caelin was a territory under Ostia, because it had no marquess, and his friend Kent, strong and dependable, had been removed from his post of knight captain, and made into Caelin's leader.

As Sain tied a strip of cloth around his forehead, to hold the sweat and his hair, he frowned. Removing Kent from his post had made a vacancy, one the people would expect him to fill. But he couldn't. Not now, at least. In his travels with Lady Lyndis and Lord Eliwood, he had seen people suffer and die, so that they could further a cause they believed in. Sain had been taught that this was the noble thing to do, as a knight, but had never had to truly test himself, to see if he could make the same sacrifice. It had seemed only natural for him that a knight would do such a thing for his lord, but these people had been normal people, owing the company that fought Nergal no real allegiance. And yet they had given themselves up readily so that the madman could be stopped, and peace be restored.

So Sain had decided to leave Caelin, and search for himself, while trying to help heal the gashes the war had made across Elibe. He closed his gloved hand on his swordbelt, and strapped it on. Kent had begged him to stay, and the people were dismayed that he should leave, but it was what he thought was best. Besides, while Kent was an honest man, and Lord Hector of like kind, there were too many politicians in between the two of them. He picked up the lance that leaned against the wall, and tossed it between his hands, before nodding. A good weapon, and it would serve him well, he hoped. With his lance in hand and sword at his belt, Sain began his walk to the stable.

The walk was a lonely one, and the only sound was the light tap of his boots on the stone floor, and his sword hilt clanking against his armor. He stepped out of the dreary castle, which was still in mourning for the loss of its marquess. Lord Hausen had been well loved among the people of Caelin. It pained them to think that he was truly gone. His footfalls were softer as he trod down the dirt path to the stables. It was early, and only the cooks and the stablehands were up at this hour. He stepped inside the building which housed the soldiers' horses, and the smell of straw surrounded him. He smiled a bit, and walked on down the aisle. The horses stuck their heads out eagerly, each to see if their master had come to take them on some adventure. Finally, he reached the stall that he was looking for. His own steed awaited him with a glimmer in her eye very much akin to a flame, flickering eagerly. Sain opened the door to Roshan's stall, only to hear a solemn voice behind him. "I knew you'd leave today, Sain."

Upon reeling to meet the voice, Sain's eyes were greeted by a new sight. Kent, not wearing the usual armor, but clothes fit for a marquess, all tinted in a familiar shade of red. Sain grinned a little, hoping to lighten the somber mood. The air was thick with silence for a moment, as the two friends, comrades at arms, evaluated each other. Sain nodded and broke the silence.

"I have to, my friend. I know it's hard for you to understand, but I must leave. I cannot stay here in Caelin, living out my days as a servant of Ostia. I would then become a slave to the authority I dislike so much. I never was very good at giving orders, nor at taking them." Sain took hold of Roshan's harness and led her out into the aisle, closing the door silently behind him. Kent sighed as he examined Sain's face, which had hardened somewhat since their first assignment..

"There's another reason, isn't there? Something more than your distaste for politics and orders. There must be something more drawing you away from here, for even when you were named subcommander of the knights, you stayed..." Kent had struck where Sain's iron was still glowing. He swung up into the saddle and looked down at his friend. He had been right. Kent would grow old far before his time. Already, he was taking on characteristics of Lord Hausen. Knowing, and understanding...

Sain nodded silently as he took the lance he'd chosen from against the wall, and set it in its resting place, in the right stirrup. "I can't explain it, Kent. I know I owe you some sort of reason, but I can't find words for these feelings I have. I feel like I have lived my life under the shelter of Caelin, and the fight against Nergal revealed to me what the walls of this fair city hid from me.. I must go, my friend, and I may not return. I just want you to know that you have been like a brother to me and I thank you for it. But now our ways must part."

Kent nodded sullenly. He sighed as he stood straight and looked his friend in the eye. "There is nothing I can say to dissuade you. I know you have no better sense than that." Here, Kent let a small smile slip through, and he continued on. "I want you to know that the whole of Caelin will never forget you, least of all I. Bear in mind that this fair land's gates will always be open to you."

Sain nodded, and clasped hands with the friend he had spent the better part of two years fighting beside, and murmured his thanks. Then he released Kent's hand, and spurred Roshan onward, into the sunlight. And with that, Sain, Emerald Lance of Caelin, was off.