Reruns of Thirty Years - The End of the Truman Show

(Final Scene of the show):

Truman: In case I don't see ya...Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night!

Christof gazed down at the screen as Truman walked out the exit door. As the rest of the world was cheering and rejoicing, The Truman Show's crew all sat in silence and shock, especially Christof. He stared at the exit door in disbelief.


No response.

Meanwhile, down in Seahaven island, stood all of the cast members in a large grass amphitheater in the middle of the town. Christof spoke into his microphone to all of his cast members, saying "It's over."

Marlon and Meryl stood alone, shocked, and slowly took their earpieces out and tossed them onto the ground. One random cast member shouted, "What do we do now?" Another said, "I guess guess we just leave..."

"The set..." said Christof, "our dedicated years constructing the useless."

All of the streets on Seahaven island were deserted, not a single soul in sight. Truman's home lay empty, only with few furniture items and 2 or 3 pictures of Truman. The cast members began appearing on the streets and walking into their designated houses, only to collect their personal belongings, leaving the furniture and appliances behind.

Up in the Ecosphere was the crew, making numerous calls to all over the country and the world. They began debating on whether they should continue to show reruns of the Truman Show or to just quit and shut down everything altogether.

"Christof...we can't quit just because Truman left. We can show reruns, we can sell copies on tape. It doesn't have to end here," said an employee.


"All good things must eventually come to an end. Instead of being sad that it's over, we should be glad that it happened."

Christof nodded.

Christof finally got up from his seat and headed over to the elevator slowly. He left the crew to clean up the Ecosphere themselves. He walked out into Seahaven island. The cast members began to make their way to the harbor with their things. There were few large boats waiting for everyone to take them back to the real world. Before they all got on the boats, Christof had to say one more thing.

"As much as I hate to say this, the Truman show has concluded after thirty years of telecasting. I would like to take this time to thank all of you for your devoted hard work towards this project, but I guess we all have to accept this. When you exit the dome, you will be in southern Los Angeles, and you're on your own. Goodbye."

Marlon sadly sighed and pondered about what he had been doing for the past 25 years on the show. Even though he was just an actor, he knew deep down inside that he had actually became Truman's best friend. Not just on the show, but for real.

The cast began boarding the boats somberly. The four boats cruised off into the fake ocean and to the mass exit door of the Truman Show dome. The crew then came down to meet Christof for a final discussion about what to do with the show. Whether to air reruns or not... "We might as well sell them as tapes and/or show reruns. But no matter what, we are not completely putting an end to The Truman Show. It must live on. That is all I have to say."

"Okay, everyone. Let's pack up."

The Truman Show: starring Truman Burbank
First Telecast: August 14, 1968
Last Telecast: May 20, 1998
Thirty years of hope, joy, and inspiration.