Chapter 2 - Real World

"Wow..." said Truman.

"What is this place?"

Truman looked out from the entrance to Seahaven to see an aerial view of Los Angeles. It was 12:00 midnight in LA, but in Seahaven it was still daytime because Christof cued the sun.

The city lights were still illuminated, and the skyline was beautiful.

Suddenly, a car drove up to the parking lot in front of the dome. A rushed woman got out and started running towards the dome.

"Truman! Truman!" said the woman.

"Lauren? I mean...Sylvia?"

"Yes! It's me!"

Sylvia Garland ran up to Truman and the two embraced.

"It's been so long, Truman."

"How long has it actually been?"

"Almost seven years, Truman. It's been that long."

"Where have you been?"

"I have an apartment in downtown L.A."

"Does L.A. stand for Los Angeles?"


"I heard about it once on TV, but not much otherwise. I only knew about certain cities like Chicago, London, New York, Tokyo, and some city in Florida."


"That's it."

"Can we go to your house?"

"Of course, Truman."


"Do you know who my real parents are?"

"The parents on the show are your real parents. They signed the contract with Christof before you were born."

"They're my real parents?"


Truman sighed.

"Come on, let's go."

Truman and Sylvia got in the car as she drove off to her apartment. The lights glowed a little bit brighter in Los Angeles that night. The entire nation was going wild having just seen Truman exit the Seahaven Dome and watch the show end with their own eyes.

Christof remained in the Ecosphere, with a couple of other employees. The rest of the cast and crew were down on the "land" working and packing things up. One of the employees reluctantly approached Christof with a question.

"What are we going to do with this...dome?"

Christof did not answer, he just continued to look at the open door of which Truman waked out of. The employee began to walk away, but then Christof came up with a response.

"We can do whatever we want with it. Hell, we can make a new Truman show!"

"Sir, I don't think we can start a new show..."

"Why not? Who can stop us? Truman?"

"It's just...I don't think all of the cast will want to sit down and start over with a whole new show, and have the main character be born, go through childhood, become an adult, etc. We did what we could and it lasted 30 years. All good things eventually come to an end."

Truman and Sylvia drove up to a local LA restaurant.

"You want to go in?" asked Sylvia.

"I guess so...are there going to be alot of people?"

"Probably, and I think they have a TV, too. All of these people might have just watched you walk out of the dome, so you'll get a lot of attention."


"But then again, you would get a lot of attention anywhere else, too."

"Maybe we shouldn't go to a restaurant."

"Well, I'm starving, and I'm sure you are, too, but I don't have any food at home."

"Let's just go in...if they ask for an autograph, simply say 'no'."

"Okay, I will."

Truman and Sylvia walked into the restaurant. Back at the dome, people were already beginning to leave via boat. Meryl, Marlon, Mr. and Mrs. Burbank, and all of the other main characters had already packed up everything that belonged to them.

"This feels...weird," said Marlon.

"It does for me, too," said Meryl.

"Where's Christof?"

"Probably still in the ecosphere, but the rest of the crew is around getting all of the cameras. That'll probably take a while."


Meryl and Marlon boarded the boat. The captain came on the intercome and said:

"Next Stop: the Real World."