A/N: Ths is my first shot at writting Van Helsing, although I have thought about it be fore. Hope you like it. please review

She died because of me.
I was sent to save her and yet she died because of me.
At first she didn't want help.
She thought she was a big girl and could handle herself.
I thought otherwise and went with her.
I fought her brother, Velkin, and killed him but before he died he bit me
So then I was going to become the Werewolf as Velkin did.
She was mad that I killed him but I tried to make her see,
That he was no loner her brother but a monster, who would have killed many
We,( Carl, Me and Her) went to kill Dracula in his own castle.
Close in side we found Igor.
I threw my blade at him and porously missed.
I told Igor that he would lead my friends to the Werewolf cure,
He argued and then I told him that if he didn't I would kill him for sure.
He agreed and went to Carl.
I pulled her aside and we had our first and only passionate kiss.
"Don't be late." I told her and she nodded her head and went to find Carl.
When I next saw her I was the werewolf and she was,
Lying motionless on the bed.
She came in from behind and I heard her, she stuck the cure in me to save
my life and
how do I repay her?
By taking her life away. The life we could have shared, the life we could
have had
together but in that life I would have to worry about her every moment.
My job and my life is to protect everyone from monsters and evil like
My curse is that I can never be happy. I will walk threw this life alone,
never be married, never have children and never be happy.
Why is it going to be this way?
She died because of me.