Vacation Time!

Chapter 1

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"Botan, will you please report to Koenma's office?" The speaker said.

Botan had been getting dressed for the day. She already had taken a shower and put on her pink kimono. Her hair was still down though because she hadn't put it up yet.

"Hm, I wonder what Koenma wants now."

The pink eyed girl quickly put up her hair in a ponytail and left to go towards the small Enma's office.

"Botan here!!" She shouted as she busted through the door.

"Botan, nice to see you again." Koenma greeted her.

"Alright, so, what did you call me her for? Is it a new mission?"

"No, actually, you have some mail." The not-so-young toddler held up an envelope in his small hands.

"But mail day isn't until tomorrow!!!" The blue haired deity walked up to Koenma and took the letter from him. She didn't open it, but instead looked at it in a quizzical way. She wondered why she had gotten mail so soon. Rekai mail was only supposed to come once a week in human days.

"Are you just going to look at it or are you going to open it?" The toddler had been looking at her and had been patiently been waiting for her to open it.

She gave him a cat face and said, "Oh, yeah."

She turned the envelope around and slowly started opening it. When it was completely open, she gave a surprised gasp. Her eyes sparkled with delight. Yet, she wondered how she got it.

"Well, what is it?"

"I just won... A VACATION FOR TWO AT THE MOST FAMOUS BEACH IN FLORIDA!!!!" Botan started jumping up and down while she was saying that.


Botan stopped jumping and looked at her tiny boss. He had a huge grin on his face and seemed extremely happy.

"Koenma, you can't go." She said bluntly.

Koenma's face faltered at what she had said.

"Why not?"

"Don't you remember that you're the son of King Enma? Do you really think he'll allow you to go on a vacation?"

Koenma thought about it for awhile, and then sighed.

"You're right Botan, he wouldn't."

"So then, who will I go to this vacation with? ... I got it!!!" Using her energy, Botan made an oar appear out of nowhere and jumped on it.

"I'll see you later Koenma!!!" Her voice faded as she flew out of the office.

"I'm sorry Botan, but I can't go. Shiori was planning on all of us going on a vacation this weekend." Kurama gave her his sincerest apologies.

"Oh alright, I guess I'll have to ask someone else." Botan lowered her head a bit and flew away from Kurama's window.

"Botan, I can't go. I promised Keiko I would go out with her this weekend. Why don't you go ask Kuwabara? I'm sure he has nothing else to do."

Botan brightened up at Yusuke's idea, but then looked down again.

"Don't you think that he'll be going out with Yukina? Yusuke, I can't go on this vacation if I don't have two people!!!"

"Well then, I don't know what to say." The spirit detective didn't really care. He wanted to go on the vacation, he could use that, but he did promise Keiko.

"I guess I just won't go on the vacation then." Botan flew away from Yusuke's house with her head, once again, lowered.

"Sheesh! Everyone has plans!! Everyone has something to do!!! Everyone has to go out!!! Everyone... has someone." Once she thought about it, Botan was the only one out of all her friends who didn't have someone to love and love her back.

"How come I don't have anyone like that?" The blue haired girl looked away from where she was riding and looked down at the green grass below her. Her eyes went blurry and she knew she was about to cry. Before the tears could fall, she shut her eyes and wiped them away.

"I'm not going to cry over something silly like that!!! I'm just going to go back to spirit world and do my job!!!" When she looked up, she took note of the tree in front of her.

'Hold on, oar... tree... crash... CRASH!!!!' Before she could pull away, her oar crashed right into the tree. She was so startled that she had let go and was now hitting many branches. Just when she thought she was about to hit this humongous branch, someone had caught her bridal style.

"Huh? ... Hiei!?"

The spiky haired demon looked down at her and gave her a simple 'hn.' He let go of her so she could drop on the branch anyways, just... not as hard.

"Ow!!! Hey!! That's not how you treat a woman!!!"

"Well, I don't know how to treat a woman because I've never been with one and I don't intend to be."

Botan just stared at him with amusement in her eyes. Hiei seemed to notice this because he glared at her.

"What are you looking at, baka onna!?" He yelled in her face.

Botan didn't get scared or anything, she just started to laugh.

"You've never been with a woman before!!! That's so funny!!!! No wonder you act the way you do!!!" Botan had tears in her eyes. She never knew of a guy who hasn't been with a woman.

Hiei was angry and embarrassed.

'It seems that the glare is no good. I need to think of a come back... got it!!'

"Well Botan, I bet you haven't been with any man." He shot back.

The ferry girl slowly started to stop laughing. She looked at him, the look soon turned into a glare.

"W-Well that still doesn't change the fact that you haven't been with ay woman."

Hiei smirked, knowing that was the best thing she could think of. But suddenly, something caught Hiei's eye. Sticking out of one of Botan's Kimono's pockets was an envelope.

Unconsciously, Hiei reached down to grab it but a sharp smack in the face stopped him.


For a second, Hiei wondered what the hell she was talking about, but then noticed where his hand was about to touch. He quickly pulled his hand away and blushed a deep red. He was about to touch her thigh.

"Don't get the wrong impression you baka!! I wanted to see what was inside that envelope."

Botan's eyes widened, she had forgotten about her trip and that she had no one to spend it with. But then she got an idea, but then thought it over, it wouldn't work. Well, it won't hurt to try.

"Hiei, I was wondering if you could come on a vacation to Florida with me."

The said demon glared daggers at her.




"Come on!"


"I'll tell Yukina that you're her brother."

"... No."

"What! But I thought you didn't want Yukina to know."

"I would kill you right now. So, no."

"... Fine!! Then I guess you don't know how to treat a woman!! Look at that!! Hiei Jaganshi doesn't know how to do something!!"

"..." Hiei was silent. He had never been insulted like that before.

"Fine! I'll go on this damn ningen trip of yours!!"

Botan's grin almost couldn't fit her face. Without thinking, Botan embraced Hiei in a tight hug and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

When it came to the hug, Hiei was about to pry her off of him, but when she kissed him, her lips felt so soft and warm. He turned a bright red once he replayed it over in his head.

"G-Get off of me!!" He finally pulled her off.

"Oops, sorry. I got a little carried away. Anyways, Hiei, do you know where the Nigenkai Airport is?"

"Hn. Yes."

"Well, meet me at the front tomorrow at eighth o' clock a.m. You better be there too!!"

She was about to walk away until she remembered where she was. Too high to jump down and no oar... never mind. Hiei just gave it to her. Anyways, she flew back to the spirit world to get everything she needed packed. She didn't tell Hiei to pack anything because... he only had one outfit.

"Alright, I think I should take this too." Botan said while packing away a yellow tank top.

"And just in case it's too sunny I'll take my sunglasses with me. Oh, and I can't go to the airport wearing this kimono. I'll have to take out an outfit to put on in the morning. Ah, here's a good one." She took out a jeans and a green sleeveless top with a white sweater to go with it.

Finally, when she was all done packing and getting ready, she lay down on her bed and looked at the ceiling. She couldn't wait until tomorrow, when her vacation begins... and when she gets with Hiei. .

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Created By: SnowFlowerYukina