Vacation Time!

Chapter 10

1st Section

Created By: SpiritDetectiveYusuke

SpiritDetectiveYusuke: It's the last chapter!!!! It is kind of sad though... I enjoyed writing this fic.

Yusuke: Me too. I enjoyed writing more then anyone.

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Hiei: I did!!

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It was the day of the Grand Ball. Of course it didn't start until a few hours later so everybody who was going to attend had enough time to get ready.

Hiei sat in his tree, looking at the tux he had bought during the vacation. It was on a hanger, covered with plastic so it really had no risk of getting dirty. Digging in one of his secret pockets a bit, he took out a small case and opened it, revealing a ring. The light from the sun reflected off of the clear crystals, making it look a bit magical.

The fire demon had also bought this item during the vacation, but only to play pretend with it for a little while. He knows it sounded weird for a mature demon like him, but after he saw the ring Kurama's step father had handed Shiori, and how happy she was, it made him feel like he wanted to do that for someone he really cared for.

Another thing is... he was already in love with Botan. It all happened at the Dark Tournament. He didn't know how, I mean, they barely spoke or anything. Just watching her though, and how she treated everyone, and how she could be a little bubbly at times made him feel happy.

The red-eyed one sighed, and put the ring away and back into his pocket. After today, he and Botan would be spending the rest of their lives together. First, he had to know how to put on a tux. So, off to the kitsune's house he goes!!!


"Are you serious, Hiei? You've never worn a tux before?"


"Well, it doesn't seem all that surprising, but still, I'm a little stunned." The redhead took the tux from him and set it gently on the bed. Quickly removing the plastic, he too the nice satin-feeling item out. It was neat, looking brand new, not like it was bought two months ago.

Grabbing the pants and holding it up a bit for the spiky headed demon to see, Kurama told him how to put it on.

"Now, you go into my bathroom and put it on how I showed you."

Handing it to him, Kurama sat down on his soft sheets as he waited for Hiei to come out of the bathroom.

A few minutes later, he came out, wearing the pants, but still had on his blue top that was hidden underneath his black cloak.

"Hm, it looks very nice. Now it's time for the top part."

Next he grabbed the said clothing, and carefully and slowly talked how Hiei should put it on.

The shorter male just rolled his eyes and grabbed it form his best friend, and once again went into the bathroom.

When he came out, well let's just say that Botan would really be impressed. It fit him perfectly, and he actually put it on right.

"Wow, now I'm really surprised... do I know you?"

"Shut up, fox!!!"

It was true; wearing that tux really didn't make him seem like the regular Hiei. He looked different, much more respectful looking and a lot more manners looking and... I can't think of anything else right now.

"Hn... do you think Botan would like this?"

"I don't know, she'll tell you that. She'll probably faint as soon as she sees you though, seeing as how much she's in love with you."


"I need to tell you one thing before we go to the Grand Ball."


"Stop saying 'Hn'!!!!"

"I always say 'hn' though."

"I know but I bet Botan wouldn't like it if you kept answering her with a 'hn'."

"Fine, I won't say 'hn' for the rest of the day."


"Starting now!!!"



"Botan, I hope you have something to wear for tonight." The small Enma said while stamping another paper.

"Actually, I was just about to do some Spirit World shopping." She replied while jumping on her oar, one of her hands holding the front end just to keep balance.

"Alright, but hurry up. The Grand Ball starts in a few hours."

"I will." Saying goodbye to her boss, the ferry girl headed off and out of the door of Koenma's office. Soon she was out of the 'palace' and was now flying over Spirit World. Looking down at all of the people, and looking around, trying t spot her favorite store.

She looked back up, flying a bit faster. The wind pusher her light blue bangs out of her face. After a little while, she looked down to spot one familiar face. A smile graced her lips to see someone she knew, also doing some Spirit World shopping.

The pink eyed girl flew downward, and once she reached at least three feet off of the ground, she got off and stood up straight, and then ran over to the person she had spotted, tapping her lightly on the shoulder.

She turned around, revealing soft ruby-colored orbs. She gave a small smile to the person before her and bowed a bit.

"Botan, what are you doing here? I thought you would be getting ready for the Grand Ball."

"Well, I still haven't bought a dress Yukina, so I came to do a bit of shopping. Are you here for the same thing?"

"Yes, it's not that I forgot about the ball, it's just that I had so many things to do around the temple. Genkai tried to get me to stop doing them, but you know how I can't leave my work undone."

"Hm, yes, I do. Say, how about we go looking for our dresses together?"

"That's a good idea; maybe you can teach me some of the best stores around here."

"I know the perfect one!!"


"Wow, this is a really nice shop." Yukina said as they entered. The place was a pink color, but the variety of colors of the dresses is what made it seem fantastic.

"So, Yukina, what kind of dress are you looking for."

"Something that Kazuma would really like. Then again, he likes anything that I wear, but I want this dress to be the most wonderful looking for him."

"Wow, that's deep."

"I don't really think so. Anyways, what kind of dress are you looking for?"

"Something that would really impress Hiei. I know he likes dark colors so I'm going to get the best black dress that I can find. We'll start looking for yours though, first."

The sea green haired girl nodded, as they set out into the store to look for their desired outfits.

After a while of looking at some boring old fashioned dresses, they finally found the perfect one for the small ice maiden.

It was green silk, going a little above her feet. There were no sleeves, and the outfit came with a see through thin sweater, and a red ribbon to go around the waist.

Yukina grabbed it and headed toward the dressing room. She was satisfied, after she had tried it on. It suited her perfectly, and she knew that the carrot-top would love it.

She took it off, and put back on her regular green kimono. The small girl came out of the dressing room and told Botan that she was buying that specific outfit.

"You like it that much?"

"Botan, it is the loveliest dress I've ever seen. See, we Koorime only wear kimonos, it's nice to see something like this."

"I see."

"So, let's begin looking for your outfit. You want it to be black, right?"

"Black or blue, it doesn't matter. I just don't want it to be something bright."

"Alright then, let's begin searching for this desired dress of yours."

They looked around for a few minutes, passing the wonderful bright and dark colored dresses, while smiling broadly at the sight of how wonderful they looked. They just didn't seem perfect to Botan though. She wanted to wear something that looked magnificent!!

Finally, they came across it, a nice and fantastic looking black dress. It was long, and judging by the looks of it, it would go a little past Botan's feet. It was sleeveless, just like Yukina's dress, but the piece of fabric with the diamond around it made it seem so... perfect.

She didn't need to try it on, she knew how it would look and that it would fit her.

"Yukina, I think I've found my dress." She grabbed it, and headed toward the cash register with the said girl.


Botan flew Yukina back to the Human World on her oar. It didn't take very long, and when she came back to Spirit World she was right on time. She actually had enough time to get ready and everything.

She had already showered in the morning so there was no need for that. So, she sat down in front of her mirror, after she put on her black dress, and put her ponytail into a few curls. She got out her mascara and eye liner and she quickly put it on. After waiting a couple of minutes, she took the curls out and set them atop the dresser. She got on her black fancy looking sandals and headed toward the Grand Ball room.


"Kurama are you almost finished putting on your tux!?" He wasn't taking very long, in fact he had only been in there for about thirty seconds. The fire demon was just so nervous and was getting a bit impatient.

"Hiei be patient!!!"

The caused a low growl to come form the said person's mouth. He frowned and sat down on the bed with his arms crossed and his eyes closed, thinking about what the future was going to be like with Botan. All of a sudden, two little children popped into his head and his eyes widened.

"I wonder if Botan would want kids."

The green eyed teen came out of the bathroom, looking sexier then ever in his black tux. He looked down at himself, fixing the clothing and neatening it out a bit.

"Now, are you ready to go Hiei?"

"I've been ready to go, Kurama."

"Well then, we shall take leave."

Getting up from the bed, he followed Kurama out of the house, and toward Spirit World.


"Botan, you're looking quite nice tonight." The toddler complemented her. They were in the Ball room, by their selves. It was a bit early anyways, so they didn't expect anyone to come right now. Plus, the guards were blocking the entryway until Koenma gave them the 'okay' to let the guests in.

"Thank you Koenma sir."

"Yes well, you're welcome... I've been meaning to ask you about Hiei. How did that talk go?"

"Well, we're together."

"That's good news. He's going to be the one proposing to you, right?"

"I hope he does. I mean, he might not want to get married yet so..."

"Ah, knowing Hiei he will propose." The blue ogre spoke form behind his now teenaged boss.

... WHACK!!!

"Koenma sir!!! What did you do that for!!??"

"That's what you get for not finding my communicator!!!"

"I thought you got over that!!!!"

"Well, now you know I haven't."

The ferry girl sweat dropped as she watched this little verbal fight about some communicator or the other. She looked at the humongous clock in the ballroom, frowning at the time. It was still too early, and she still had to wait an hour into the little gathering to see if Hiei would propose to her or not.

She needed to do something to kill some time. Looking around, she noticed that the place wasn't even set yet!!

"Uh, Koenma."

"What is it Botan?"

"Why haven't you set up the Grand Ball room yet?"

"... Gah!!! That's what I forgot to do!!! Botan will you-"

"Yes sir. I need something to do anyways. I'm not going to just sit around all bored and everything."

So, the girl began to set up the large room, and even added some decoration to it. Surprisingly, it only took forty-five minutes. There was till fifteen minutes before the party started.


"Yusuke what are you doing up there that you're making so much noise!!??" The mother of the delinquent, Atsuko, shouted.

"Nothing, mom!!!" He shouted, obviously lying.

Frowning, and not believing him one bit, the brown haired woman slowly and sneakily walked toward his bedroom door, just so he wouldn't know that she was coming in the room and so that he wouldn't hide anything before she reached.

Still hearing the noises, she slowly turned the knob, and bam!!! She opened the door. What she saw almost brought tears to her eyes.

Yusuke's room was a mess, but he was standing before her, looking like a perfect gentleman wearing that black suit.

The teen smirked at the sight of his mother and asked, "How do I look?"

"You look wonderful!! I never knew my son was so handsome!!!"

He didn't know whether to take that whole thing as a compliment or an insult. What he did know, was that he was proud of himself for putting on the suit, after fifty tries.

"Yusuke, you look nice and all, but, where are you going?"

"I'm... uh... I'm taking Keiko out to dinner."

He was surprised; he didn't expect her to believe that. She did though, and she smiled, telling her son to go on ahead and that she'll clean up the mess he made.

"Thanks mom." Giving he a quick kiss on the cheek, he headed for the door as he said goodbye.


"Shizuru, do you think Yukina will think that I look sexy in this suit?"

"Bro, Yukina doesn't even know what sexy means. In fact, she doesn't even know what love means!!!"

"What are you takin' about? Of course my love knows what love means!!"

"Kazuma, think about it. You know that Yukina has a brother, right?"


"You know that he was thrown off of the Koorime Island, right?"


"Do you know why?"

"Because he's a guy."

"Yes Kazuma, he's a guy and guys are not allowed on the Island. Yukina's people do not know what love is because they never make contact with males!!"

"Then, how do they have babies?"

"They reproduce every one-hundred years, bro."

"So, when Yukina turns one-hundred years old in demon years, she's gonna get pregnant?""

"Well, it doesn't have to be a hundred years if you teach her the meaning of love. Oh, and as for your first question, I think Yukina would say you looked nice."

"Heh, thanks sis."

"Yeah whatever, just hurry up and put your shoes on so we can leave."


Everyone was waiting outside of the Ball room door, waiting for the guards to open it up. They had to wait five more minutes though, and soon, the crowd became impatient.

Koenma was in the Ball room, relaxing in a chair from the quick decorating him, Botan, and Jorge did. Hearing the people outside, he took out his little walkie-talkie and told the guards to let them in.

"Yes sir!!" They said quite loud, causing Koenma to block his ears.

Both stepping in opposite directions, one grabbed one handle while the other grabbed the opposite handle, and the both, at the same time, slowly opened the door.

Everyone came rushing in as the music started to play. Everyone automatically, and stunningly, got onto the dance floor, searching for the person they were going to dance with.

Yusuke, spotting Keiko, walked up to her and stuck out his hand.

"Will you dance with me?"

She gave him a warm smile, and a small nod, and then said "Yes."

Kuwabara walked over to Yukina, and instead of asking her to dance, he told her to sit down. She listened, a bit confused. He didn't seem happy, nor sad and angry, His expression was blank.

"Yukina, Shizuru told me all about... the Koorime."

"Oh, I hope you get it all and how we have children and everything."

"I do, and I also understand that you're not allowed to make contact with males."

"Oh... I never really obeyed that rule. I see nothing wrong with the opposite gender."

"That's good to hear... but I also heard that you don't know what love is."

"Yes I do, Kurama told me all about it. And Kazuma, before this night is over, even though it has just begun, I want to tell you that I love you."

He looked up at her, a bit flabbergasted. He wasn't expecting that. He soon got over his state of shock and smiled, responding with "I love you too. By the way, you look really beautiful in that dress."

That caused the girl to blush, yet feel happy that she picked out that exact one.

"Thank you."

"Will you dance with me?"

"I'd love to."

Kurama and Shizuru watched all of this, feeling happy for the couple. They also felt happy for all the other couples who were out there, dancing. That's when they figured out that they were the only ones not dancing. Looking at each other, and then laughing a bit, Kurama took Shizuru's hand in his and asked "Will you dance with me?"


So, they got on the dance floor with everyone else.

I shouldn't really say anyone because there was one couple that still hadn't met up. Finally they did when the fire demon spotted her. Walking up to her, he took out the small rose that he put in his pocket, and held it before her.

"This is for you."

Her face turned red, but she gave him a light kiss on the lips.

"Thank you. It looks lovely."

"I'm looking at something even lovelier."

Now that caused her to blush even more. She looked down at the ground, trying to hide it. She didn't know it though, but Hiei had given a small hand signal to the Rekai prince behind them. He nodded, obviously understanding the message.

Taking out a microphone, he called for everyone's attention.

"May I have your attention please!?"

Everyone one got quiet, but while the noise was fading away, Koenma could've sworn that he heard someone say that he was going to sing the 'Slim Shady' song.

"Anyways, would you all turn your attention to this couple right over here?"

You could hear the noise as everyone turned to face Hiei and Botan.

The blue haired girl knew what was coming, and her heart began to race as her breathing began to quicken.

He kneeled down, right in front of her, holding a small case in his hand. He opened the lid, revealing a beautiful gold ring with clear and sparkling diamonds. He took a deep breath before asking the big question.

"Botan, will you marry me?"

She just stood there, not answering. She's wanted to hear this since two months ago, on the vacation. Now, closing her eyes, all of the memories of the two of them came flowing back for a quick second or two. She opened her eyes, revealing bright pink, and a smile graced her lips. She kneeled down in front of Hiei, being eye-level with him, and then hugged him, telling the fire demon her answer.


The crowd cheered as hands flew into the air.


"You may now kiss the bride." The Priest said, and so Hiei did, kissing his now mate on the lips. The guests clapped at the beginning and ending of the kiss.


"Hey, kids, wake up!! It's time for school!!!"

There was no answer.

"Hiei, can you go and wake the kids up please? I need to make breakfast."


Giving his wife a quick kiss on the lips, he headed upstairs to wake up the twins.

The End

SpiritDetectiveYusuke: Don't worry, I'm coming out with some new HB fics... and a sequel if you want one.

1st Section

Created By: SpiritDetectiveYusuke