Howdy y'all! Well this here is a rather pointless little fic I typed up out of sheer boredom. It has no significant value whatsoever. It's just used to pass the time by. Well anyways, It's about the first night Yuffie joined AVALANCHE. Unfortunately she's has to keep watch that night with Cloud as the others sleep. Heh heh, who knows maybe if I feel really stupid I'll continue this.

Disclaimer- I don't own Final Fantasy 7.

Watch Duty Sucks!

The flames dance across the logs in the night, giving the clearing a faint red glow. The only sounds of the night are the night creatures and the crackling of the fire. Two people sit around the fire, watching the mystical dance of the flames. One is the leader of the rebel group AVALANCHE, the other is the groups newest member. A energetic teenage ninja.

"I'm bored." Yuffie whines as she draws figures in the dirt with a stick.

Cloud gives a half smile a bit from his spot on a log, "So am I."

Yuffie let's out a miserable sigh, "Why did I get stuck with watch duty on my first day?"

"So you can prove your worth." Cloud replies.

"I kicked your guys asses didn't I?"

Cloud raises an eyebrow and crosses his arms, "If I recall correctly, I managed to beat you."

"Ah.. I let you win." Yuffie says defensively.


Yuffie pulls out her pinwheel, "Wanna a rematch?" Yuffie asks with a smirk.

Cloud sits on the ground and leans his back a bit on the log. He closes his eyes, "Not interested." Cloud replies.

"Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk! It's because you're afraid of me isn't it?" Yuffie says proudly.

"....Petrified." Cloud mumbles to himself.

Yuffie blinks as a thought crosses her mind, "This sounds familiar."

"Uh huh.." Cloud agrees tiredly.

Yuffie's brows lower as she notices him falling asleep. She picks up a rock that's sitting next to her. A mischievous grin spreads across her face. She closes one eye and raises her hand that's holding the rock up so she can aim. Her tongue slips out of her mouth as she concentrates. With one quick flick of her wrist she sends her stone flying across the fire and hit Cloud in the forehead.

"YEOW!" Cloud jumps to his feet, rubbing his forehead. Yuffie clutches her stomach, laying on her back as she laughs at Cloud. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR!?" Cloud yells.

Yuffie stops laughing long enough to answer him, "Cuz you were gonna fall asleep."

"SO YOU THROW A ROCK AT ME!" Cloud yells.

"SHuDDUP OUT THERE! I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!" Barret yells out from inside his tent.

"Really I can't sleep with all this noise." Tifa says annoyed that she was woken up.

"Cloud could you please be quiet." Aerith asks from inside her tent.

"But.. I... she... threw a rock at me!" Cloud says defensively.

"I don give a damn. She can keep throwing them at yo as long as she remains quiet. Now shuddup!" Barret says, the sound of him falling down on his sleeping bag follows.

Yuffie contains her laughter, "Yea spikes. People are trying to sleep." Yuffie said. Cloud just glares at her. Yuffie let's out a happy breath, "I feel better now." Yuffie says grinning. Cloud rolls his eyes at the ninja.

Fifteen minutes later

"Bored. Bored. Bored. BORED." Yuffie complains.

Cloud sighs as he rubs his temples. Here he was, Ex- SOLDIER first- class, leader of the rebel group AVALANCHE, stuck with an annoying teenager. He'll have to remember not to assign himself watch duty with the female ninja ever again. He has no patience for energetic teenagers. "Just go to sleep." Cloud says wanting something that'll make her be quiet.

"Um..." Yuffie tapped her chin in thought, "Nah.. I'm not tired. Besides you're pretty fun to hang out with." Yuffie says amusingly.

"I thought you said you were bored." Cloud says.

Yuffie nods her head, "Oh yea. I am bored. But that doesn't stop me from having fun at the same time."

Cloud raises an eyebrow, "That made no sense."

Yuffie smiles, "I know."

Cloud rolls his head and shakes his head. 'I wish morning would come quicker.' He thinks to himself.

"I know a way to pass time quicker!" Yuffie suddenly exclaims.


Yuffie grins like a manic and pulls out a deck of cards, she walks over towards Cloud and sits in front of him. "We can play cards!" She exclaims.

"Oh joy..." Cloud says sarcastically.

"I only play cards when there's money involved or some sort of deal or something." Yuffie explains.

"We'll go with a deal since the money needs to be used for supplies." Cloud says, then as an after thought he adds, "I'm dealer."

Yuffie shakes her head, "No I'm dealer."

"I don't trust you."

"And I don't trust you." Yuffie snaps back. "Tell you what, we'll play for it, a rock, paper scissors game. Whoever wins is dealer." Cloud shrugs his shoulders and holds out his fist. Yuffie raises her fist, "Okay. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!"

Yuffie, "Rock"

Cloud, "Paper." Cloud smirks, "I won."

Yuffie shakes her head, "No, rock rips through paper." She begins shuffling the deck of cards.

"What!?" Cloud says. Yuffie just grins as she begins to deal the cards. Cloud just shakes his head, giving up with arguing.

"The game is poker, oh the stakes are um... whoever loses has to do something the other person says. This is for each hand that is played." Yuffie says explaining the rules.

"Fine." Cloud says then thinks, 'I can have her be quiet for the rest of the night and leave me alone.' He looks at his hand to see that he has three kings, he smirks.

"Want to exchange any cards?" Yuffie asks hiding her own smirk.

"Two." He says, giving her two cards. Yuffie gives him two cards.

"Ok what do you have?" Yuffie asks.

"Cloud raises an eyebrow, "Aren't you going to exchange?"

"Oh yea!" She exchanges one card. "Ok, now what do you have?"

Cloud smirks and shows his hand, "Three of a kind."

Yuffie frowns a bit a seeing his hand, she scratches the back of her head, "I only have two pair." She says without showing him her hand.

"Guess I win." Cloud says.

Yuffie smirks, "Not quite. I said I have two pair." She shows him her cards, revealing to him that she has two pairs of aces. Yuffie laughs as Cloud glares at her hand. "Now what will I make you do?"

Cloud rolls his eyes and waits for the order. Yuffie snaps her fingers, "I got it!" She says with an evil grin. She glances towards Cloud, "You like Tifa don't you?" She questions. Cloud raises an eyebrow, then shakes his head, "Then you like Aerith?" She asks. Cloud shakes his head again. Yuffie's brows raise in disbelief, "You mean you've been traveling with two women like that and you don't like either of them?" Cloud nods his head. Yuffie's cheeks puff up as she contains her laughter, "Oh... so you like Barret then?"

"NO!" Cloud replies quickly.

Yuffie laughs waving him off, "Ok I don't believe you. You got to like one of them so I'll just choose one. Let's see here.... Tifa's stronger then Aerith so I choose Tifa."

"What's all this about?" Cloud asks suddenly feeling very uncomfortable.

Yuffie grins, "I'm thinking about what I'm going to make you do....duh!... Ok.. this is what you'll have to do." Yuffie tells Cloud, the whole idea makes him blush in embarrassment.

Five minutes later inside Tifa's tent.

'I'm so going to get that ninja for this.' Cloud thinks as he stands still in his spot. He can already here the ninja's giggling from outside the tent. Cloud looks at Tifa's sleeping face, her arms are at her sides of the sleeping bag as she sleeps on her back,

"Do it!" Yuffie whispers from outside the tent.

Cloud covers his face with a hand, 'I'm never going to here the end of this from Tifa.' He thinks to him self as he walks over towards Tifa. As silently as he can places his feet on each side of her. He kneels down so his knees are on each side of her waist, 'Go this sucks.' Cloud thinks to himself. He places his hands on the floor of the tent, on each side of Tifa's head so his face is hovering above hers. He begins blowing into her face trying to wake her up.

Tifa groans tiredly and her face scrunches up as Cloud continues to blow into her face. She slowly opens her eyes. Her eyes lock onto the mako blue orbs hovering above her. "Cloud!?" She calls out in confusion, "What the hell are you doing?"

Cloud gives her a nervous smiles, 'Just say it and get out.' "H-hey baby" Cloud begins, his voce cracking in fear. "I can't help myself any longer." Cloud says, Tifa looks at him weirdly wondering if he's on drugs or something, "I can't deny it any longer. I need you so badly." Cloud says, "Come on Tifa I'll make your dreams come true." 'Oh my god I am so dead.... I'll die after I kill Yuffie though.' Cloud thinks to himself. He waits for the smack that he knows he'll receive.

Tifa blinks in confusion as she stares up at him wondering what he meant. Then it finally dawned on her what he was talking about. Cloud watches as Tifa's face turns bright red from what he guesses is most likely anger. Tifa raises her arms up, Cloud closes his eyes waiting to be punched. Instead he feels Tifa's arms snake around his neck and pull him down as she crushes her lips against his.

Cloud eyes widen in surprise, "WHOA!!!" Cloud exclaims once he jumps up to his feet.

Tifa looks at him in confusion, "Why'd you do that?" Tifa asks disappointed.

"Why did you do THAT!?" Cloud says. He can hear Yuffie walking away from the tent, faint choked laughter following her.

"You said you were going to make my dreams come true." Tifa said shyly.

Cloud eyes widen, "Whoa.. ok first thing Tifa I don't wanna know what those dreams are and secondly... you know what? Let's just forget I was even here. Goodnight, pleasant dreams." Cloud says as he slips out of the tent. Once he has the tent zipped back up he walks away, a chill going down his spine. Yuffie is near the fire, her hands trying to muffle out her laughter. Cloud shakes his head in disbelief, "God... Tifa is a fricking sicko."

Tears run down Yuffie face as she struggles to breath through her laughter, "That... worked.. out better then... I would of thought!" Yuffie takes a deep breath, calming herself down, "Ready for another hand?" Yuffie asks innocently.

Two minutes later

"I swear I'm not cheating!" Yuffie says suppressing a smirk that's threatening to appear across her face.

"Yea right." Cloud says frustrated, 'Like she'd actually get a real royal flush without cheating.' "What are you going to make me do this time?" Cloud asks, wanting to get it over with.

"Nothing, yet. I can't really think of anything right now. I'll make you do something some other time." Yufffie says before grinning. "Wanna play again?" She asks.

Cloud gives her a look, "No."

Yuffie rolls her eyes and puts her cards away, "Soar loser." She walks away to sit somewhere away from Cloud. She picks up a small twig and begins making doodles in the dirt again. She let's out a sigh, "Bored. Bored. Bored. BORED."

Cloud groans, "Could you STOP that?"

"You're the one who assigned me to watch duty with you." Yuffie points out.

"And it's never going to happen again." Cloud says, and meaning it.

Yuffie glances over to him, "Why'd you assign me for watch duty anyway?"

Cloud blinks a bit in thought, "Uh.. because I figured it'd get you into the swing of things."

Yuffie's eyes glance to the ground. Then a smirk spreads across her face as she looks over towards Cloud, "I think you're lying. You assigned me to have watch duty with you because you have the hots for me." Yuffie declares.

Cloud raises an eyebrow at her. The smirk widens across Yuffie's face as she stands up and begins walking back over to Cloud, "I can't blame you though. I mean, what man can resist my beauty? Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!"

"You laugh like a jackass." Cloud points out, an amused smile spreading across his face.

Yuffie pauses in thought. She leans down so she's eye level with Cloud. She grins at him, making him raise an eyebrow, "You're just trying to change the subject. But you can't hide the fact you wanna kiss me. I can see it in your eyes. You are so desperately in love with me." Yuffie says laughing a bit.

Cloud snorts disgusted, "Oh yea I sure am. I just wish you had the dreams that Tifa has about me." The same chill goes down his spine at the thought.

Yuffie straightens up and smirks, "Kiss me." She says.

Cloud raises an eyebrow, "Um... no"

The smirk widens, "That's what I'm telling you to do for losing the hand in poker. So you got to do it." 'Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk! Messing with people is fun.'

Cloud rubs his chin in thought as he looks at her. Shrugging his shoulders he stands up and smiles down at Yuffie. "Ok. Fine. If that's what you're going to make me do then I'll do it." Cloud says as he wraps his arms around Yuffie's waist, pulling her closer to him.

"Um.. uh.. heh heh." Yuffie fumbles with words as her face heats up, 'GAWD I was just joking!' She stares into Cloud's eyes as he leans down. 'Oh what the hell.' She lifts her head up and closes her eyes.

Cloud smirks at her and kisses her forehead before pulling away. "There. Now you have nothing on me."

Yuffie blinks in confusion, "What the hell was that!?" She asks angrily.

Cloud smirks, "You told me to kiss you. So I did. You didn't specify where I had to."

Yuffie's eye twitches, "You're a dumbass!" She walks away and plops down on the ground. Cloud laughs enjoying Yuffie's annoyance.

Five minutes later

"Bored. Bored. Bored. BORED!" Yuffie says.

Cloud groans in frustration, 'Watch duty sucks!'

Heh heh heh.. ok y'all that's it. Sorry if character are OOC but this was simply a stupid little thing I typed out of shear boredom. So what did you think? Good? Bad? No comment? Want me to write more? LOL Maybe if I feel really bored and dumb I will.