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Summary: When Yami finally finds a way to get a body of his own, the plan backfires and turns him into a kitten instead. And what a coincidence that the one to take this kitten home is none other than Anzu Mazaki. (YamixAnzu)

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Black Cats Are Bad Luck

Chapter One: The Unexecuted Plan

Everything was prepared. Yami stood in the middle of the room in his spirit form. Six of the seven Sennen Items were placed around him in a circle. Today was the day. Finally he would be able to have a body of his own. He would now be able to really live again.

Yugi stood off to the side, a worried expression on his face. In his hands he held the Sennen Puzzle tightly. "Are you sure you want to do this, Yami?" he asked, concern evident in his voice as he moved to place the Puzzle on the floor next to the other Items.

Yami smiled reassuringly at his Light. "I want this, aibou."

The short teen nodded and hesitantly back away again. He started biting his fingernails as thoughts of the upcoming ritual swirled around in his head. "What if it...goes wrong? What if something bad happens. I don't want you to get hurt."

"I appreciate your concern, aibou. But you shouldn't be so worried. Everything will turn out fine. You'll see."

"I hope you're right."

The Spirit closed his eyes and began to chant softly under his breath. The Sennen Items each began to glow a bright golden color. Slowly, each of them rose into the air, levitating a few inches above the ground before starting to shine brighter.

Yugi sucked in his breath, his own violet orbs closing tightly together. He was very afraid of this. He didn't know much about the ritual. Yami had been vague with the details about it. But the former Pharaoh had assured that it was completely safe. After all, Bakura had gotten his own body in the same way.

Still, he was worried. The procedure seemed too easy, from what Yami had said. Surely a ritual for manifesting a body would be more complicated than this. Bakura said it just gave out any type of body at random. He was lucky to get a replica body of Ryou. Who knew what type of body Yami would receive.

The Spirit began to recite louder. The Items rose higher into the air, circling him as a black smoke emitted from each of them. It completely covered the other from view. This made the tri-haired boy even more frightened. The chanting grew louder, almost to a deafening point. And then it stopped completely. The dark smoke cleared to reveal....

Yugi's eyes grew wide. Nothing. There was nothing standing where Yami had once been. "Y-Yami...?" he ventured, looking around. He took a step forward. "Yami?!" What had happened? Where had his other gone?!

'I knew this was a bad idea! Yami could be injured...or worse...'


The small teenager blinked a few times, trying to decipher what and where the noise was. Then he heard it again. In the circle of the Sennen Items. Taking a few more cautious steps forward, he gasped loudly.

In the middle of the Items, covered in silky black fur, was a small kitten with glowing amethyst eyes. The kitten 'mewed' at the sight of him and sprang forward, nuzzling against his leg.

Yugi giggled and picked the kitten up. He stared at it intently. Was this really his Yami?

The sound of his grandfather banging on his bedroom door made the boy drop the kitten onto the floor. It hissed at Yugi and scampered across the room. Jumping off the window and down to the first level, it ran off from sight. Yugi gasped again and looked out the window. Yami was nowhere to be seen.

'Oh no...'

Anzu Mazaki smiled as she walked home from dance class. She was glad it was Friday and that she had no school for two days. The past week had been exhausting. Between arriving home from the Battle City tournament and trying to catch up with school, her and most her friends were very tired out. The brunette just couldn't wait to relax for a while.

As she was walking, she was startled to feel something soft and fuzzy brush up against her right leg. Looking down, she saw a small black kitten. She frowned, remembering that one superstition about black cats being bad luck. Normally, she wasn't a very superstitious person. But with all the weird things with the Sennen Items and Spirits, she couldn't help but wonder.

There was something about the kitten's bright amethyst eyes that made that made her forget the fallacy. Those eyes...they were so soul-searching. And they were very familiar. She had seen those eyes somewhere before. She knew them very well. But, for some reason, she could place whom they belonged to.

Brushing the thoughts aside, Anzu picked the kitten up. She rubbed her nose against it's and giggled. "Why aren't you a cute little-" she stopped for a moment, checking the gender, "-boy!"


The teenager laughed and cradled the animal in her arms. "You're so adorable! Oh, and you have no collar. Are you homeless?" The kitten only cocked its head to the side in response. She smiled. "I guess so. How would you like to come live with me?"

The black kitten mewed happily and licked the girl's cheek. Anzu chuckled. "Alright, alright. I take that as a 'yes'. Now...I need a name for you..." Looking the small cat over, she grinned widely as it came to her. "Let's see...you're a black kitten so...I'll call you Yami. Do you like that name?"

The kitten licked her cheek again.

The brunette smiled and rubbed the kitten behind his ears. "You know," she whispered. "There's this Yami I know...he's very handsome. He's a Spirit that lives inside Yugi's Sennen Puzzle. I like him a lot, but I don't know if he feels the same way about me as I do about him..."

Yami the kitten only meowed as a response.

To Be Continued...

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