By Em

This is not enough…

Looking at her. Searching for excuses to touch her. Any excuse will do, but it's not enough. What will be enough? I know this isn't it.

I know her smiles, they're catalogued in my mind along with every one of her frowns, the timbre of her laughter, the gait of her walk, the fall of her hair. Her scent…

It's always with me…even if she's nowhere near me, it stays with me, tickling my nose, and if I let my guard down, it drowns me …driving me mad.

Will it always be this way?


What a way to go…

Main Story Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: Look…none of it is mine, okay? Except the brain that thought to put these words together, but even that, Puck has dibs on, so you see?
A/N: A quickie one hundred word ficlet that I did a while ago just…well…just to see if I could. So, what do you guys think? Can I? Is it good?
In case you're wondering, the song that inspired this one is All The Things She Said by…um…Tatu! Yeah, that's right. Like "The plane!". If you're too young to know where that's from, then you probably shouldn't be reading my fics. (Or at least have seen the reruns on like Nick at Night or something, cause I didn't see the original airings, either…I'm not THAT old.)

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