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Thirty minutes later, Nancy was sitting in the cab of the ambulance. The paramedics kept insisting that she got to the hospital in case she had head trauma, but she refused. She promised she would go if she started to feel bad. Frank held her hand as the medics cleaned and bandaged the cuts on her neck and checked her head where she had hit it.

After clearing her of any serious injuries, they finally let her go, but told her to get plenty of rest.

"So, how do you feel?" Frank asked, helping her out of the ambulance.

Nancy gave a heavy sigh. "Grateful." Then she let out a big yawn. "Exhausted."

Frank smiled lovingly at her. "Don't worry, baby." he said. "We'll get you home soon enough. And ten you can sleep as long as you would like."

"Sounds heavenly." Nancy said, smiling. "Too bad it won't happen."

"Why not?" Frank asked.

"Because I have to get to work on my story for the paper." Nancy explained.

"You can't have someone else do that?" Frank asked.

"I don't want to tell it to anyone else. I want to write it myself while everything is fresh in my mind." Nancy said.

Frank smiled at her. "Glad to see you're still the same."

Joe walked up to them. "They say that we can go. They're getting everything wrapped up. They said they'll call us if they need anything else from us."

"Great." Nancy said.

Just then the morgue attendants rolled out Fitz's body on a stretcher. Nancy watched as they loaded him into the coroner's van.

"Come on, Nan." Frank said, guiding her to their car. Nancy started to walk away with him, but watched as the attendants close to doors to the van.

It was just as she felt at that very moment. The doors had been closed on this nightmare.

Nancy smiled to herself.

"What are you smiling at?" Frank asked.

Nancy looked up at him. "What do you say we get married in a month..."


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